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  • Scott and Andrew are both correct.

    All I gotta say is I am super pumped for East. I had doubts about Enforcing both South and East so close together, but it was absolutely the right call. I think going to PAX and not Enforcing would just feel weird at this point, unless maybe I had my family with me.
  • AaronC said:
    Very positive change! I am curious if this greater barrier to entry will lead to a shortage of Enforcers. Also, will people who buy tickets as insurance get reimbursed when they get accepted?
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    1. No I don't think so, it's not much of a change really. I don't think the barrier is being raised very far. Recruitment will still happen for a show if not enough Enforcers return and can make it.

    2. Yes.
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  • Agreed. Big positive. There just comes a point where you can't openly discuss behind-the-scenes stuff or offer perks when you've got some guy who hasn't worked a show in 6 years bouncing around.
  • I see it as nothing but a positive.

    I bowed out of black shifting (unless I get offered something particularly weird/interesting), so I expect to be doing mostly a normal set of shifts this year. Hopefully night livestreaming or night main theatre.
  • I'm aiming for morning tabletop again, but main theater is my second choice. Also got my plane tickets.
  • I'm PC Deputy at East again this year, so if you want to play some Quake III I'm your man.
  • So are we slowly taking over PAX East?
  • Y'all and your enforcing. I gotta get on that train at some point. Case in point:

    Anybody have two spare passes this year they'd be willing to sell me? Me and Steph just found out we'd be clear to go.

    (waits for the slap of judgement)
  • Badges are in hand.

    Is it seriously time for PAX East already?
  • I'm sure that many of you have heard that the trains in and around Boston are totally fucked.

    If you haven't, be aware that it might take a significant amount of time to get anywhere by train or subway anywhere in the Greater Boston area, if you can get there at all. Despite the fact that there is a line that goes directly from the airport to the BCEC, it may be quicker and less of a hassle to get a cab.

    Normally we will park at the Alewife Station on the Red line and leave the car there all weekend, since parking is absurdly cheap compared to parking at the Westin, but this year we are driving right in and taking the hit at the hotel because it isn't worth dealing with the trains.
  • Ideally, I'm only taking the T from the airport to the Westin... at least I can push the pain outward to either end of the trip.
  • Luckily it seems like the Silver Line, which covers the airport and the area containing the Westin and convention center, is still running to almost all of the usual stops (with traffic delays of course, because the Silver Line is technically a bus and has traffic to contend with at points). Many of the other lines are only partly functional. If your hotel is in Boston Proper, then you should be fine. If you are in Cambridge or Somerville, or farther out than that, you'll be lucky if you can get onto a shuttle bus to take you to where the train is operating so that you can stand in line with the rest of the people waiting for the next train on the limited schedule.

    They said a few days ago that it would take another 30 days to get back to full functionality. But supposedly we are getting MORE snow this week, so it will push back recovery efforts even further.
  • Isn't PAX still two weeks away? Is more snow expected?
  • Supposedly we are getting at least one more big storm, if not two. Also they have gone on record as saying it will take another month to get the MBTA back up to full functionality.
  • Looks like I'm Deputy Manager for Live Streaming again. No black shift this time thankfully. ;^)

    I'm hoping to get either morning or night shift.

    I expect to arrive in Boston mid-afternoon on Thursday. Who else will be in town for gaming and dicking around?
  • I am mid-shift Tabletop.

    I will be driving into Boston ass early on Thursday, both to help with TT setup, and to ensure I get my room at the Westin. Although their overselling does not seem to be as bad as it was those first few years, the weather and mass transit conditions leave me not wanting to take any chances.

    My usual PAX East crew bailed this year, so aside from the fact that I'll be pulling a little more [E] time than usual, I will be more available than usual for dicking around. I plan to use the remaining portions of my new-found PAX free time to chat with TT exhibitors and work on a few freelance stories, since I haven't had time to write anything good lately.
  • I'll be there by noon on Thursday - you know I'm always good for gaming or lunch.
  • I'm up for dinner and gaming Thursday.
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    I guess I'm not [E]nforcing. Got an email that said "the requisition has been filled." I guess it's because I filled out the application so late they already have enough peeps. Oh well, I still have a badge, so that's more free PAX time for me.

    Wait: Rym got the same email. What is afoot?

    EDIT: Confirmed error in shitty system.

    EDIT: Confirmed if you got this crazy e-mail it actually means you ARE [E]nforcing.
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  • Eland thread was full of panicked Enforcers within seconds. =P
  • Yep, same e-mail. I am amused.
  • A PAX with no enforcers?
  • HMTKSteve said:

    A PAX with no enforcers?

    Thinking of this scenario just made me realize how much the [E]nforcers could demand if we went on strike.
  • Apreche said:

    HMTKSteve said:

    A PAX with no enforcers?

    Thinking of this scenario just made me realize how much the [E]nforcers could demand if we went on strike.
    Funny thing is, I would demand a lot of things we already get... so...

  • Rym said:

    Apreche said:

    HMTKSteve said:

    A PAX with no enforcers?

    Thinking of this scenario just made me realize how much the [E]nforcers could demand if we went on strike.
    Funny thing is, I would demand a lot of things we already get... so...

    TWO shirts per PAX.
  • Wow...I actually never got that email and I applied the day of...this doesn't bode well.
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