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Star Wars: A New Hope



  • Apreche said:

    Harmy's Despecialized edition is the only edition.

    Welp, I guess it's movie night.

    I don't really have the outraged moral opposition a lot of people seem to have against the special edition, and I don't mind most of the changes tbh, but it'll be a fun experience and some of that CGI has aged really poorly.

    Were I better at editing, I might try my hand at making my own pick-and-choose cut. Eliminate some of the particularly egregious stuff, but keep some of the stuff from the special editions which are legit good cleanups or additions. Like the stuff that had to be cut from the original because the tech failed, or which legit fix stuff up that didn't quite work, like the background Dewbacks, the cleanup under the speeder, the restored sandcrawler shots, that sort of thing.
  • They have the best reactions. Fraser is just over the top enough.
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