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Let's Break a Contest.

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Let me explain to you what has happened thus far:

The University Student Union at CSU Northridge (my school) started a contest. Make your own "Bernie Lean" video.
For those of you who do not know what a "Bernie Lean" is, consider the following:

In short, it's a stupid dance that makes Gangnam Style look like international ballroom by comparison. And yet, all I could think of was "Going to the Store". So I made this:

And submitted it with the team name "What the hell is the bernie lean? Screw it, I'm going to the store". In the description of the video I say that "Yes, CSUN, I think this contest is stupid and I'm making fun of this whole thing". And yet, they posted it on their website for people to vote for it.

How do you vote? By clicking an image with this url:

Now, even though I don't give a damn about the prize, being the ever-so-slightly evil guy that I am, I thought, "Hey, why don't I write a script or something that'll just hit that URL 1000 times and I'll just win?"

But then I thought, what if I gave the URL a different YouTube video? So I gave it some random one as a test and it told me that my vote was counted. Now, we can't see the backend of it to see if the vote actually counted for a video, but it's worth a shot.

SO! Does anyone else feel like joining me in some quality chaos?
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    That's fucking perfect.

    Dear C-sun:

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  • i'm always up for chaos
  • Sounds fun. What do we need to do?
  • I voted for never gonna give you up. You can too with this link
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    Sounds fun. What do we need to do?
    I voted for never gonna give you up. You can too with this link
    That. It also seems to accept any URL, so perhaps we should throw them a lemon party? *evil chuckle*
    EDIT: Haha, the schools SSH runs python! I'll just setup a few looped scripts to poll these URLS every 10 seconds so it's not actually DOS-ing them.
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  • Don't send in too many votes. Although I suppose it'll be obvious trolling anyways.
  • Just enough to win (:
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    I'll give Rick Astley 400 votes and me 500. If I win, I'll be able to take the prize, tell them to their faces that they contest was stupid, and then just throw out the prize in front of them, followed by dousing it in chocolate milk (rain).

    I just wish there were counters under them so I could tell how many were needed to win.
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  • No, send in huge numbers of votes. They're responsible for training the future leaders/bureaucrats/tech people, they should be punished severely for not considering vulnerabilities in their voting process.

    Seriously, identifying and closing vulnerabilities is a huge problem in IT nowadays. Fuck those guys for allowing it to go unaddressed at such a fundamental level.

    Also, hilarity.
  • Now i'm going to have chocolate rain stuck in my head. >.<
  • I was thinking more along the lines of
  • this is what I get for not being a brony.
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    So I apparently got this email on the 13th:
    Hello Victor,

    Thank you for participating in the Bernie Lean Video Contest. Unfortunately, your video is not admissible due to inappropriate content (i.e. naked body suit). If you are still up for the challenge, we would love to see another video that follows the guidelines:

    We understand that the video did take time and effort on your behalf, so we would like to honor the free SRC t-shirt. You will be notified when they become available for pick up.

    Thanks again for your interest in the Bernie Lean Video Contest.

    We hope to see another video soon!
    Now, this email is from someone I've had prior dealings with in the USU office. But, even if this email was sent on the 13th, the video has remained on the website all this time.

    This is the email I plan on sending:
    Ms. --name--,
    It's a pleasure to hear from you. It has been a while since we last spoke. My apologies for the late response. I don't check this email address too often.

    In response to your email: That isn't a naked body suit. That is a 3d rendered model of a non-gendered figure. In that respect, it is no more inappropriate than a Ken doll. What surprises me, though, is that, seeing how strangely that figure bends and moves, how could anyone possibly believe it was anything but a computer graphic?

    After seeing my video posted on the SRC site, your email, unfortunately, only confirms my suspicion that either:
    A. No one actually watched my video in its entirety or even read the description of it, and simply posted it on the site, sight unseen.

    B. Whoever is actually doing the work of running this contest has a massive sense of humor, is in agreement with me, and posted it to the site in support of my opinion, while those "in charge" were none the wiser.

    That being said, if it is decided that my video is still a valid entry and I do win, feel free to give the prize to the next runner up. I don't even know what an "insanity workout program" is.

    Victor Khaze
    I think that's charitable enough, don't you?
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