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Let's make a playlist game!

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Ok. So I really enjoy making playlists. There's something very enjoyable about directing the flow and movement of a person's musical experience. I was thinking we could crowdsource a playlist, in the spirit of the High Fidelity mixtape rules:

More specifically, this would be a playlist listened to in-order (not shuffled), between 60 and 90 minutes of duration, which is engaging and dynamic. The first song should definitely capture attention, and the last song should give a sense of resolution. I'm thinking a good starting theme would be "Summer Evening". If this is a success, we can vote on a new theme for the next playlist.

So each week, nominate ONE song by entering it on the "Candidates" tab of this spreadsheet along with relevant info. Nominate a song you just heard, or a classic from 40 years ago. Feel free to re-nominate a non-winning candidate (vote-count should be re-set), or vote without nominating a song. Check out other nominations before the end of the week & vote on the song you feel should be next. Now, you may be tempted to only vote for your candidate, but I implore you to be honest, open-minded, and true to the spirit of musical ebb and flow! If you feel like the playlist is complete, nominate "End Playlist".

Each Monday, the winning song will be added to publically available youtub/spotify/whatever playlists, as well as posted here. The first tally will occur June 30th.
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  • Hey, just a quick update -- we'll do this manually for now, but submit your votes as modified borda count as formula {=SUM(V1+V2+...)} e.g. your top pick adds 1 point, second pick 1/2, third 1/3 & so on for top 5.

    We currently have only 3 submissions. Clearly, no one in this forum listens to music on summer evenings.

    Let the most favorite win.
  • I'll be in a better position to do this after the WEDDING WEEKEND. ;)
  • I always cut mixtapes at 40-45 minutes, and usually give myself the entirely unnecessary limitation of 'it should work if you split it into an A and a B side'. Basically, playlists with arbitrary rules are right up my alley.

    I was coming up short with ideas for an opener, so I took a shot in the dark.
  • I don't think I've ever made an ordered playlist that wasn't just an album or succession of albums or an ephemeral "I want to listen to these songs next" queue.
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    I posted something in response but I guess it had too many links...

    Needs to be "approved"
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  • So far, I'm the only person who has voted, which means unless other people vote, I'm just going to pick my nomination (;
    MATATAT said:

    Needs to be "approved"

    Is this for the forum mods or for me?
  • Forum mods.
  • Added my 2c, but it doesn't change much :P
  • Will get you the beyond bleeps and bloops playlist once I get to a good computer and not a cell phone.
  • MATATAT said:

    I posted something in response but I guess it had too many links...

    Needs to be "approved"

    I'll just repost since I'm assuming flagged comments get lost in the void.

    Basically what I was saying was that I have a few playlists that I add music to on a constant basis on Spotify. Probably not too relevant to the conversation but I posted them.

    Mom Doesn't Understand
    Yo No Techno
    Kraft Rap Singles

  • You should apply those playlist making skillz to nominating and voting on the first song (;
  • Late to the party, but now actually AT the party. ;^)

    Styx for every song.
  • Vote top 5 (:
  • Rym said:

    Late to the party, but now actually AT the party. ;^)

    Styx for every song.

    I'll do you one better - Renegade for every song.
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