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Show Ideas and Reminders

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Rym and Scott keep saying "We should do a show on so-and-so", and then say "someone remind us in the forums"
so here it is: OFFICIAL show topic reminders thread:

jury nullification
turing machines

that's all I can think of off the top of my head, I know there's a lot more where this came from.


  • Back in the episode on web hosting they said they would do a show on Apache. I also remember them mentioning another topic, but can't remember what it was.
  • Burning wheel, finding Scott a girlfriend.
  • Not necessarily a show topic but you talked about the 2525 AMV on Geek Speak and never posted the link.
  • Son of a bitch, I was just about to start a thread like this.
  • A show on philosophy even if you did not say you would, but I would love to hear a long and heated argument between scrym.
  • Rym wants to do a show on DNS.
  • -advertisting
    -geek stories
    -worst people you know personally
  • Every single show, without fail, Rym says: "We could do a whole show on that." Sometimes he says it two, or if he's really pumped up, three times in one episode.
  • —How Fluoride works and anti-fluoride crazies
  • The couch named "The Fucker".

    Was it a sleep sofa?
  • Rym: "We should do a show on, uh, Punch for Punch, and uh, Red Rover"

    I expect this thread to grow insanely large insanely fast.
  • We're still awaiting an episode on the origins of the Front Row Crew.
  • Hey, you know how you guys kept on mentioning a "Rym and Scott hate week" during the "Worst week" series?

    Why don't you do it!

    On Monday you do your least favorite consumer tech,
    on Tuesday you do your least favorite video games,
    on Wednesday you do your least favorite anime,
    and on Thursday, you read and respond to the emails/forum posts disagreeing with your choices!

    What do you think?
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    — Various surgeries
    — Debunking old wives tales
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  • Furries. Though I want to express my views (I've had entirely too much time and reason to put thought into such). I'm actually thinking of recording and sending you an MP3 now.
  • I think one of you (Rym?) said something about a show on Mensa.
  • Con goers and their circles.
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    I totally called that it was a sleep sofa.

    Also, for theme weeks, why not do one each on Mideval/fantasy and Sci-Fi? Best Mideval technology/best tech that we think is possible but has not come to fruition. Best Fantasy/Sci-fi game or Game setting, best fantasy/sci-fi anime/manga, and then perhaps authors and books, or maybe just trends and concepts in each.
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  • How to not suck at arguing.
  • Books you used to read and currently read.
  • A show on different ways to make your listeners fill in days for you. Wait! No! I mean... um... that came out wrong.

    Mike Tyson.
    Something about an airport?
  • Burning Wheel

    Specifically a live recording of a game. I'm pretty sure that was mentioned at one point.

    As a matter of fact, I think it would be cool as fuck if you recorded games in general while they are being played. Then, whenever some obscure thing comes up in the game you can take the clip and play it then talk about it.
  • Thought this hilarious tech support call would make for a great "thing of the day".
  • 1. an episode on Jack Thompson
    2. snakes on a mutterficking plane.
  • How much GeekSquad sucks.
  • Grammar.

    (Posting things here so I don't forget to do them later ;^))
  • Buying the Playstation Portable and giving your opinions. As a PSP owner for fifteen months and a soon-to-be DS Lite owner (August 2006 after classes start) I can't wait to hear your opinions. I'll be nodding my head at every negative comment you give while listening to the podcast - on my PSP!
  • Also, iPod plus iTunes and how beautifully it works.
  • I would like to hear an episode about drugs. Your thoughts on them, people who do them, experiences with or around them (good or bad), thoughts on drug laws, the whole shebang. Bonus points if Rym and Scott wind up with drastically different opinions and we end up with another argument show!

    I also totally second the logical fallacy and logical arguing show idea.
  • Amusement parks. Roller-coaster parks.
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