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Avatar: The Last Airbender



  • Bolin is Bro-lin. Dude gets over the lead female when she falls for his brother like a boss. Moves on with life.
  • I would watch a show of Brolin and the fire ferret having a day out.

    Also seeing some back story on the Avatar would be pretty cool to see. Also am I right in thinking that we douchy water guys is still kicking around? I am going to call now that at some point Korra is going to go evil due to dark spirits.
  • Personally, I'd like to see Korra break up with Mako permanently. Karma for Asami and teaches a good lesson that saying "I love you" doesn't always mean he actually does.
  • I would only accept the bad love triangle, if they were to hype up Asami as the next great villain. She sacrificed a lot for that firebending potato-of-a-character.
  • From what I've read Asami will be trying to salvage/save her father's business as the new CEO of Future Industries, while the gang goes the Southern Water Tribe.

    Korra's uncle is the leader of the Southern Water Tribe and there is going to be a civil war amongst the nations or just the water tribe. Not sure.
  • Just on the new premise alone I am hyped, it's great that the series is finally connecting back with the spiritual and meditative realm that was so prevalant, and so central to Aang's development in the first series. That part was so absent in book 1, I very nearly stopped watching a few episodes in.

    I know Korra has achieved the avatar state, but seriously compared to Aang when he finally did? The difference is night and day.

    I wonder if Korra is going to meet that giant turtle...island, thing...that Aang did, my memory is a bit hazy.
  • Avatar has now reached an acceptable number of polyamorous relationships.
  • I'm a raft.
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    Bolin is the totally ripped comic relief. Mako is the vapid piece of shit who existed solely to shoehorn an awkward romantic subplot into an already incredibly dense narrative that would've been significantly better without it.
    firebending potato-of-a-character.
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  • Watched the new episodes last night. I'm surprised to find I'm not hating Mako quite as much as I did previously, as he seems to be attempting to provide good advice. Also, was really hoping the Northern Water Tribe guy wouldn't turn out to be evil in order to mess with the viewers, but he is.

    But none of that really matters, because those twins just took the whole damn show and just fucking ran away with it.
  • Wow, I just don't care about anyone anymore. There's Brolin, there's Asami, there's the twins, and then theres "ughhh... when are we getting back to the show?" When I like it I love it, but so much time is spent without any emotion whatsoever.

    Also, the layering is terrible. It's like the foreground and the background are in different shows.
  • I will say: Korra wasn't emoting at all for either of those episodes. It was almost as irritating as Korra just acting like a teenager.
  • That was...not good. Hell, I'd even say Mako took a big improvement while everyone else became worse or more one-dimensional. (Bolin's Comedy Relief and Tenzen's Concerns)

    Didn't like any of the new characters, especially the twins and Korra's father. None of the interactions were good, Korra was really petulant, and so much of it felt just flat and lacked depth. A

    Also, did anyone else notice the animation getting wonky? Even during really normal, calm scenes it feels like they didn't have a basic speed to go out. All the body/mouth motions felt very sudden or slow or normal speed, like someone was screwing with a dial.
  • I kinda wish eldest air-bending daughter was the new main character.
  • I have some things to say about the first two episodes, along with addressing a few things several of you guys are complaining about, but that's going to be said in hopefully reoccurring Bunker Talk with Omar we have tomorrow evening. ;^)
  • Started watching the original series again with Aang. Oh my god it's so really highlights a difference in both atmosphere...and character energy. The characters bounce off each other SO WELL in the last airbender that I would not had been able to tell that the same people made both Korra and Last Airbender.

    Also, none of the characters in Korra have seriously sucked me in as much. Toph Beifong herself in the two episodes it takes to introduce her, outclasses the entire cast of Korra
  • I don't believe Rym or Scott ever watched the original series, has that changed?
  • Rym has always been vocal loving the series so I don't know where you got that from.
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    Rym did. Scott didn't.

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    Rym has always been vocal loving the series so I don't know where you got that from.
    I couldn't remember if Rym did, I know Scott never did. Shame, since that would make for a good podcast.
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  • Rym has always been vocal loving the series so I don't know where you got that from.
    I couldn't remember if Rym did, I know Scott never did. Shame, since that would make for a good podcast.
    I'm actually surprised that there has not been a Last Airbender podcast from them, I had just assumed it was something they did a long time ago, huh.

  • The different animation studio for this season really showed in the dialogue scenes where the animation was static and didn't match the words being say.

    Korra seemed to have learned nothing from the previous season in terms of maturity which is disappointing because unlike Mako and Bolin, I think she actually has potential as a character. The weird thing is, I actually agreed with her on her decision to leave Tenzin in order to learn spirit bending. The south did seem in damage from spirit attacks and it is her job to bring balance. Her father didn't bring up any valid arguments against it besides the fact that he doesn't like his brother. But it was done so immaturely with Korra seemingly only doing it out of spite of her father's over doting rather than from a sense of responsibility. If the show had portrayed it as a brave but mistaken decision instead of a bratty rushed one, it would have felt like character development.

    I see what the writers were going for with Korra, she's the antithesis of Aang's arc. Aang gradual found the will to act despite wanting to run away from his responsiblities. Whereas Korra charges headlong into them but without any of Aang's thoughtfulness. But where the different lies is that Aang went through subtle progressions and regressions through each season. He first had to deal with his guilt for abandoning his people and the world for a hundred years in season 1, his attachments and over reliance on Appa and Katara in season two, and whether he ought to kill the firelord in season 3. Obviously, I'm unfairly judging Korra since only 1 episode is out but it seems like Korra never really resolved her issues from Season 1 and they just carried into Season 2 without any development. Still, I have high hopes for this new season because the writers know they have 3 seasons to work with so the story won't be as rushed.

    PS: I highly recommend watching SFDebris' review/synopsis of the original series. He gets into the themes of the show very well and made me appreciate the show more from a storytelling point of view:
  • That's pretty much what Mr. Roboto and I discussed on our podcast recording last night along with a few additional things. I am looking forward to see what they do with this season.
  • Ugh...


    I just caught up.

    I dislike the flanderization. Bolin has been basically totally turned into a joke, and I'm sad any depth he had was lost. Mako has lost all characteristics other than love interest. Korra has gone from being rash and impetuous to acting like a bitch a lot.

    Everything is too predictable and gets on my nerves how I can call things two minutes before they happen. When I'm just waiting for a character to realize what to do I get distracted.

    I like the new characters and the world plot. I like the Air kids and Tenzin and his family. I like more backstory stuff.

    I don't know how I feel about the animation and the art. It's not bad, it's just distracting half the time.

    I will hold more judgment for later, but I'm not exactly impressed right now. I can see what they're doing with Korra, where she reacts and grows in the opposite way of Aang, but that doesn't make it enjoyable to watch.
  • Oh, has the new season started?
  • Yeah, first two episodes aired last Friday. Presumably episode 3 goes on tomorrow night.
  • Episode 3. Still cringe-worthy. No one seems to listen to one another or even remember the importance of what the Avatar had to do.
  • Just like in the first series, right? Why do you think there are avatars in the first place? There will always be conflict among people.
  • But in the first series Aang was actively trying to run away from his destiny as the Avatar. Hasn't Korra already accepted and embraced her being the Avatar?
  • Yeah, Korra's development is basically that she wanted to and embraced the prospect of the Avatar from the start, yet did not have the journey around the world thing that Aang did, that inevitably prepared him both physically and spiritually to be the avatar by the end.

    I do know what they want to show in Korra as a character, its just that I personally find it less rewarding than the path they took with Aang. We'll see though, ep 3 was alright in showing some character moments
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