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Avatar: The Last Airbender



  • I think with Korra's arc, I'm finding it less rewarding because a lot of the dialogue and plotting feels so obvious. It feels like it needs to be set up that the Southern and Northern Water Tribes need to hate each other for some reason. I think Unalaq is a convincing villain, but that's because he's quite good at manipulating Korra and seems to have some power that hasn't been explored. But there's no explanation or meditation of the subject, just immediate finger-poinitng.

    Also, I'm really annoyed with Kya and Bumi. I could see how siblings would be mad over Aang having to spend so much time with Tenzen, but he's the Avatar AND Last Airbender. For being in their forties, they should have understood the weight of that.
  • Yeah. Every character except Tenzin seems really childish. Korra is really bitchy and just does everything you expect.

    It's frustrating thus far that nothing has surprised me.
  • Yes, because adults never have resentment against their siblings... Wait till someone in the family dies and leaves a one sided will, then we can talk about being childish.
  • Not their feelings, but the way they go about talking about them is really childish. I expected more from Tenzin's subplots after season 1.
  • Finally caught up. The first 7 minutes of the season were fuck-awful, but after that I think it's been good so far. I guess my only real complaint is that big things seem to happen in a very short time span, like Korra opening the spirit gate thingamajig, which was supposed to be super hard and dangerous but she seemed to do it pretty easily so there wasn't a lot of weight to it.

    I like how they're hinting at the differences between Aang and Korra. Korra fully accepts her responsibility but is bad at making peace. Aang ran from his responsibility but was naturally gifted at peace-making.

    I liked the jab at Mako being good at breaking girls' hearts.
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    Sail, you need to listen Omar's most recent audio on his theories of what's going to happen this season. I think he maybe spot on. :3

    That is, if he uploads the damn thing. Nevermind, I just checked. He uploaded it 4 hours ago.
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  • Gonna eat lunch, watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then I'll be editing it!
  • Oh mans. I can't wait to talk about episode 4 and how much I enjoyed it.

    BTW, our Bunker Talk of eps 1-3 should go up today.
  • I'm actually a tad disappointed this episode.
    I really wanted the Bolin arc to have the twins turn out to be trolling Bolin instead of a "girls are crazy" story line, and similarly I wanted Unalaq to be a Knight Templar at least and not just Scar. But, I suppose, what should we expect from Nickelodeon.
  • Man I'm rapidly loosing interest. Them turning the uncle from: Villain with shades of grey to I WAS EVEEIL all along, certainly did not help much. The entire skybison scene, while adorable, did nothing to advance Plot B, which was the only thing keeping me watching. Asami, Bolin, and Mako still feel as significant as wet toilet paper, in fact, taking them out of the picture all together would had been much more interesting: I was actually interested in Mako's police life in the first few minutes of ep 1.

    This is already 4 episodes in. With so many other better things demanding my attention, I'll be taking this off my list and check back in a few weeks to see if it gets any better. What a disappointment.
  • I prefer a fan theory that Unalaq is leading up to a more significant villain. And maybe the bigger threat is Eska/Deska. And that'd be way preferable considering how Episode 4 ended, and Eska is clearly not Mai.
  • Ok. Omar and I are going to address some of this shit in our recording. I hope you guys listen. While some of the criticisms are valid, I think you guys are seriously being way to critical and not really remembering the original shows you watched of the first series and comparing Korra to something you think the original show was.
  • I could go either way with Korra right now. I do want to give it chance because comparing it to the original completed series is unfair. But I have to acknowledge that the new team Avatar is pretty unlikable. With the love triangle resolved, Mako doesn't have anything to do anymore. Bolin is pure comedy relief which means I'm not invested in anything that happens to him. And Asami is just kind of there, I was hoping for some lingering tension when Bolin brought up that Mako was giving him relationship advice.

    Korra's main problem is that she's unlikable. I actually agree with most of her decisions so far but she does it in such a bratty fashion that its grating to watch. I still think Korra has the potential to be a stronger character than Aang was so a lot of my enjoyment of the show is going to rest on how Korra grows over the season.
  • Wild speculation time: I'm hoping that someone else can attain the avatar state, perhaps by conversing with the first avatar and learning how he did it, subsequently get possessed by the dark spirit, and have an avatar showoff. Then dealing with the fallout of two avatars and what that means for the world could be handled next season.
  • Has anyone seen the last two episodes?

    Mako is really becoming one of the more interesting characters this season. He's smarter and much more involved this time around and he's actually figuring out a lot. And I think most of the setups with Varrick are cool, but I do hope there's a good explanation from all the plotting going on this season. I'm amused by what's going on, but I do think it's missing a good "why" and "how."

    A lot of other things are still hurting the show, in my opinion. Mostly from story elements being ignored or how some of the characters are acting petulant. I'm much more interesting in this show than earlier...but I'm still weary over what direction this is going.
  • That Avatar origin story was so good. So good. Shit is going down.
  • That Avatar origin story was so good. So good. Shit is going down.
    I really like the art style.
  • I'm predicting that they made Korra so angsty and whiny because of the big transition that just happened to show her as more "enlightened".

    I need to watch those two episodes again.
  • So glad these episodes were good. Before these two episodes I was close to writing off this season altogether.
  • So I simply read through the synopsis of the episodes I missed on wikipedia and watched the two Beginning Episodes. Pretty nice, and liked that it focused on the past histories as well.

    Unlike some of the earlier episodes, I was entertained, strongly due to the complete lack of team failvatar (i even read that mako and korra broke up, good, they did NOTHING with the romance subplot anyway)
  • So like... I know it's been a while since this thread, and I know a lot of people kinda wrote it off.

    But man, that finale.
  • I didn't write it off. I am holding my comments for Bunker Talk. I liked how they dealt with the relationship stuff and I like the ending. I'm only concerned with Korra losing her connection with the past Avatars. I hope she gets it back.

    I also hope they don't make her purposefully immature next season just to show the change/realization in a later episode.
  • An imgurian decided to upload images and explain the different types of bending and the martial arts behind each of them. It's high quality and just goes to show how extensive the creators when with the Avatar series.

    Part 1 - Air:
    Part 2 - Water:
    Part 3 - Earth:
    Part 4 - Fire:

    Everytime I read about Toph, I get the feels. She is so awesome. So tempted to watch the series again.
  • Book 3 is finally complete and the release date will hopefully be revealed at Comic-Con.

    Also, episodes have been leaked early. (They're in Spanish, though.)
  • Previews for Season 3 looks really good. I'm hoping it makes up for the mistakes in the last season and I think there's a lot of promise. I'm hoping the team will be able to pace all these new ideas well.
  • Did they ever release a complete box set of the original series?
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