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Avatar: The Last Airbender



  • Well, it's over. Nick has posted the series finale on its website.
  • It was amazing, satisfying, and incredibly well made.

    Also, #TheyDidTheThing
  • I think this was probably the best season of the show. I'd even say including Avatar. But that's only because I watched Avatar after it was all aired.
  • I disliked the finale overall, and the season overall. I disagree that it is the best Avatar season. Not a single season of this show lives up to ATLA at all.
  • Why do you dislike it exactly?
  • I would not call it the best season ever but... The very end? Is that why it was moved off of TV?
  • With how crazy popular avatar properties are, I don't think it's the end the end, but it's certainly the last we'll be seeing on Nick and in quite that format for some time. There's a future, but it won't look like what we've seen in the past.

    Unless you mean the very end scenes of the show, in which case, dunno, maybe maybe not.
  • From what I have read the show lost its Saturday morning time slot due to character death at the end of season one.
  • HMTKSteve said:

    From what I have read the show lost its Saturday morning time slot due to character death at the end of season one.

    So it's said, but I still doubt it's the end for good. Remember, Ren and Stimpy was a Nicktoon, and this was back in the days when people thought The Simpsons was controversial.

    Honestly, that strikes me as less of a reason, more of an excuse.

  • It might sound strange to say what is ostensibly a children's show helped to shape my life but this show did. I loved the show and when the film adaptation turned out to be a massive disaster, owing in no small part on the Racebending of its main characters.

    I joined in 2010 as a contributing writer. My focus was on speaking with actors and creators like Bryke, who showed that diverse works of fiction could be impactful and fun at the same time. Whether it was Tantoo Cardinal or Chaske Spencer talking about the impact of Missionary Schools, or about the mental health impacts of having heroes to look up to onscreen, I learned and grew as a person because of my writing.

    To see the creators push their nuanced portrayals of characters with disabilities, (Teo, Korra, Toph) to see the strong portrayals of women as both Hero's and villains and then to expand that legacy by including gay characters in a primetime children's animation is incredible. There is a reason ATLA won a Peabody. There is a reason Studio Mir has a four show deal with Dreamworks.

    The reason is that this show mattered. This show didn't talk down to kids and those kids who started watching the gaang at 9 are now 18. I'd wager some among them will be starting art school now because of what this who meant to them. My hope is that a whole generation of new talent will be inspired by the successes of Avatar to, Do the Thing, for the rest of their lives.
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    I was surprised how emotional I got watching the end of the show. My niece and I are having fun watching reaction videos for the last episode ;)
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