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GeekNights 080318 - Professor Layton

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review Professor Layton on the DS. In the news, Gran Turismo 5 gets Formula 1, snaking is a thing of the past for Mario Kart, and we have a Zombie Panic! Source GeekBite.

Scott's Thing - Spy Hunter
Rym's Thing - HarmoNEStica


  • I haven't listened to the episode yet but I have been playing Professor Layton of late. The art style, irrespective of the game, had me in love with it. In fact after playing for an hour or two I immediately went and searched for some more European style animation, which led me to watching the incredible Triplets of Belleville. If anyone knows anything about the artists involved in the game, or animations that have a similar style and colour palate, I'd love to hear them.

    I probably should listen to the epsiode now in case it answers my questions.
  • His assistants name is Luke, if memory serves me correctly.

    That HarmoNEStica is freakin badass, I'm going to have to make one soon.
  • I think you guys will like Left 4 Dead.
  • I think you guys will likeLeft 4 Dead.
    It's not even out yet!
  • I believe they are making a Spy Hunter movie. Paul W.S. Anderson will be directing it.
  • I think you guys will likeLeft 4 Dead.
    It's not even out yet!
    Hence the future tense as in "I think you guys will like Left 4 Dead once it comes out.
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    Rym, how do you write 2's & 4's. How do heathens write them?

    Love the PA reference. The comic they do on Prof. Layton is brilliant, but you guys already know that.

    I'm looking forward to the sequel. Seeing that fight scene with Layton and the antagonist looks badass.
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  • If you need a zombie survival mod I recommend you try Killing Floor for UT2k4. It's players vs waves of zombies and you have to see how many waves you can survive (all players respawn at the beginning of each wave). Great fun at LAN parties.
  • I have to say that Layton is fun, but it does find ways to get tedious. A person can get carpal tunnel syndrome by clicking on the screen looking for all of the hidden puzzles. I got the second game (レイトン教授と悪魔の箱 - > Prof. Layton and the Devil's box) the moment it came out in Japan and I got to say that it is just more of the same. All they do is change the puzzles and where the mysteries go on. Though, I got to say it does find a way to suck people in. One thing that does get me is the fact that a lot of the puzzles in the first game are cultural or puns in Japanese. I was wondering how this works out in the English version, but I am too lazy to get an American DS and version of the game. I wonder if they just change the puzzles to the closest English version of the same puzzle or they just change the whole thing.
  • The DS is region free FYI
  • The DS is region free FYI
    That does not change my lazy level.
  • Every number or letter I tried to enter in the game's handwriting recognition box worked perfectly fine except the number 5. For some reason, it almost always took 10-20 tries before the game realized I wasn't trying to enter a 9 or a 0.
  • Is the secret of the game that (everyone's a robot clone)?
  • Finish it and find out.
  • So they are going to make an anime feature film of Professor Layton. I really enjoyed the animate cut scenes throughout the game and thought they were done very well. I'll be looking forward to this.

    My only question is, when are they going to finally release the second game here? They just released the the third game in Japan today. *sigh*

    The only thing that's been rocking my DS is My Japanese Coach. As much as I enjoy learning, I need some puzzle/riddle action going on.
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an English language release of that anime Layton movie, as well as an eventual release of the second game. The first one sold well enough and got good enough reviews, didn't it?

    Ah well. There's another DS game starring a British gentleman with puzzle-based gameplay to tide me over until some more Layton appears.
  • Layton 2 confirmed for U.S. and European release.
    Fuck yeah! You made my day. Now to play the waiting game.
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will be released in the US this year on August 24th. :D
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Boxwill be released in the US this year on August 24th. :D
    You beat me to this posting by like, a minute.

    And yes, the buying.
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    You beat me to this posting by like, a minute.
    And yes, the buying.
    In time for PAX as well. ^_~
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  • I haff seex matchsteex
  • I haff seex matchsteex
  • I called Gamestop when they opened to confirm if they would get the game today or tomorrow. They told me tomorrow and that it was shipping today.

    They call me and hour later. It was the same girl I talked to on the phone and she told me it had arrived early. I gave a loud "Woo Hoo!" over the phone. The girl shared my enthusiasm. She is also a Layton fan.

    *sigh* I had plans to work on other things tonight, but I think that might have to be put on the back burner.
  • It's a good thing I finished the first game two days ago. I'm pretty stoked for the second one.
  • Professor Fucking Layton. It's a silly little flash.
  • GeoGeo
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    The first two games kicked ass! Let's hope that the following two games and the movie are just as (if not much more) awesome.

    Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel: Time travel may be an interesting aspect in a Layton game. Let's see how it plays out in the future.

    Professor Layton and the Spectre's Flute: I'm glad they are beginning a second trilogy of Layton games; a prequel series mind you. I think it's great that they began the prequel series with explaining how Luke became his apprentice.

    Not too much is known about the movie, but it's my opinion that they'll keep it in Japan like they did with the Animal Crossing movie.
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  • The most interesting thing to me about the fourth game is that it will include a full RPG that you unlock after beating the game developed by Brownie Brown, who have also worked on games like Sword of Mana, Magical Starsign, and (of course) Mother 3.

    I'm pretty excited about the movie, and I'd love for it to get a legitimate English release.
  • Nine is probably going to bitch at Yupa in this thread as well.
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