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The Prince of Nothing [SPOILERS]



  • I'm already deep in, but I have to pause to read the book club book.
  • Apreche said:


    It's a laser cannon, right? Tell me I've been right all along.

    I could have sworn when dude uses it against Mog-Pharau he throws it. Don't have my Kindle to check right now.
  • Now that was a book, I'm pretty sure I know what that was at the end of Chapter 13, but not 100%.
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    Rym said:

    I'm already deep in, but I have to pause to read the book club book.

    Heck yeah, you do. Read that whole trilogy. The Year of the Flood is the best, IMO, but the whole series is worthwhile and they are all quick reads.
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  • No stopping on the slog of slogs!
  • RymRym
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    My favorite part of all the books so far is the Lastborn.
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  • The least of his race.
  • The moral of this: the nonmen were pretty effing cool before they went insane.
  • Rym said:

    The moral of this: the nonmen were pretty effing cool before they went insane.

    We knew that already. They are basically super powerful magic elves. Like Silmarillion elves.
  • Finished last night.

    Ishteberinth. Ishual. The Tall. The Survivor. The Boy. The Water. Scylvendi.
  • Paraphrasing:

    "Hey dad! Remember me?"
  • Rym said:


    "Hey dad! Remember me?"

    I love how those moments all tie back to what we learned about the non men from Cleric in the previous book. And was that the first time we've seen real significant plate armor? It seems like almost everything is only chain or scale till this.

    The Boatman. Four Chorae. The Vile.
  • The Tall.
  • There is a head on a pole behind you.
  • Chapter 12.....

    The blind yield no favor.
  • Andrew said:

    Chapter 12.....

    The blind yield no favor.

    I'm in chapter 13.

    Dat Horde.
  • Flee.
  • Rym said:


    Was that, the(a) HERON SPEAR?
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    He has not the skin to bear the number he has taken!
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  • Done.

    Apparently there are many horses and men yet to be broken, and I got no problems with that.
  • Akka broke Cnaiur's heart that he wouldn't get to murder Ishual.
  • Apreche said:

    Rym said:


    Was that, the(a) HERON SPEAR?
    I'm pretty sure that Tekne is just a reference to technology, and that what happened in Dagliash was not a Heron Spear but an atomic bomb of some description. Maybe the backstory to this whole scenario is that the Inchoroi might have fled from our future to escape damnation.
  • How do you know the heron spear isn't a nuclear weapon?
  • The Heron Spear might be a nuclear weapon, but I suspect it is nuclear powered and not an atomic bomb. From the description Achamian gives on page 16 of the Warrior Prophet:
    A thread of silver light, swaying across the spiraling heights flashing across the Carapace. A crack that made ears bleed. Everywhere raining debris
    This does not sound like an atomic bomb going off to me, it seems much more likely that it is a laser being fired.
  • Yeah, I always thought the Heron Spear was some kind of laser canon, like from a big capital ship/death star type deal. When he pulled the tekne artifact from the well, I thought for sure it was the Heron Spear. But when it nuked, I was like, hmmmm.
  • On the subject in the other thread... K2's absolute.
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    Finished the book

    -The Survivor grasped the absolute and found the shortest path
    -Fucking nukes
    -Whale bones
    -*Sees chapter in Momemn*zzzzzzzzzz...
    -The Least of his race. Parental issues
    -New head gear from Papa Khellus
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  • I want to hype Bakker a bit. If you want some philosophy and metaphysics in your fantasy books, I have not seen better. I'd also say his metaphors are the most on-point to say something. Martin does some things better. Jordan does some things better. Tolkien does some things better. Nobody makes me think back to college classes on logic, ethics, and other parts of philosophy more than Bakker.

    I re-read some things with the boatman today because in reading I didn't understand them that well. I mean, the songs I think should be digested twice. Once in the moment and once later. Once in a rush, and once with pause. That did feel good to read again. I know Bakker said that was one of the hardest parts to write. I imagine so.
  • Six books and we've seen... One and a half tekne things? And we're still all going bonkers to find out what the deal is with that half.

    Golgotterath is going to have some shit going down.
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