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I do a webcomic called Abstract Gender ( and I know Rym and Scott are webcomic fans, so I figured I'd start a thread for people to talk about the comics they read.

I recently read one called Inverloch. It seems rather popular from what I can tell. The art is great, and the story I think is equally as good. It's a fantasy comic with a lot of dialogue and not a whole lot of action, but its more about telling the stories of the party of characters then it is about having cool action scenes.

I'll post a list of everything I read later, hopefully after the thread gets some posts.


  • Abstract Gender reminds me a lot of misfile, which I really love, despite having a complete lack of interest in cars. I may check out this other one, but doubt it will top misfile ^_^

    Inverloch is great. I don't know what I like about it, since the story is quite generic, but I like it to the point that I bought the first volume of the print (all of which I had read) when I saw it in a store near me. The story is... wolf-thing leaves home on quest, meets people, does stuff, weird elf-shit, weird elf-shit gets them in trouble, weird elf-shit is main point of story, weird wtf-shit saves girls life. Even so, I love it. It has charm and extremely beautiful art which only gets better.

    PS. sorry if grammar sucks, it is late.
  • RymRym
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    In no particular order:

    Comics I love and read regularly:
    Perry Bible Fellowship
    8-bit Theatre
    Order of the Stick
    Dr. McNinja
    A Lesson is Learned, but the Damage is Irreversible
    Boy on a Stick and Slither
    Scary Go Round
    Questionable Content
    VG Cats
    Penny Arcade
    Sam and Fuzzy
    Errant Story
    Dominic Deegan

    Comics I still read, but wouldn't likely pick up if I'd found them now:
    Eversummer Eve
    Real Life
    Okashina Okashi
    College Roomies from Hell
    El Goonish Shive

    Comics I used to read that ended:
    Thin H Line/Sexy Losers
    Exploitation Now
    The Bad Boys of Computer Science
    Reman Mythology
    Parking Lot is Full
    RPG World

    Comics I actually stopped reading:
    Skirting Danger
    Sunday Morning Coffee
    Dub This

    Edit: Added comics I forget to mention as other people mention them, thus reminding me ;^)
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  • Comics I read regularly
    VG Cats
    Penny Arcade
    Questionable Content
    Real Life
    The Wotch
    Apple Geeks
    8-Bit Theater
    Two Kinds
    Chugworth Academy
    Punks and Nerds
    Las Lindas
    Better Days
    Anime Arcadia
    Angry Zen Master
    Seal of the Devil
    My Extra Life
    Poisonwood Ink

    Comics I read, but wouldn't likely pick up if I found them now
    El Goonish Shive
    Soroka Refugees
    Yosh Comics
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    Pruning my list into something so simple would take hours.

    Questionable Content is by far my favourite, though it hasn't been as good lately (still the top, though!)
    Megatokyo: I agree. I like it, but wouldn't pay money for it.

    I'd like to point out I was being very harsh with inverloch's story. What I said was like saying, for Star Wars: A New Hope: "Geek kid is told he's cool. meets cooler dudes. Old dude dies. Girl is safe." Technically correct, but misses the flavour.

    With Errant Story, I read it for ages. Then there was a mini story that ran for too long, and I didn't notice when the real story came back, and haven't read it because I don't know what's going on and can't be stuffed going back. How lazy am I?

    I could give you the full list of what I read, but I don't know how many posts it would take :)
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  • I still love Megatokyo, I understand why people don't like the direction its gone in, but I still find it to be really well done. Plus I'm a sucker for the art, what that man can do with a pencil.

    Currently my favorites are probably Fallen and Inverloch. I've loved Fallen since I read it, and I wish Aido would make more, but I know she's busy. Inverloch though will fill my fantasy comic gap until there is more Fallen I guess.
  • Heh.. Aido is a member of the forums here, and a very good friend of ours. Keep an eye out for "Brimstone Soup" in the nearish future. ^_~
  • Webcomics I love and read regularly:

    8-bit Theatre
    Penny Arcade
    Dr. McNinja
    Order of the Stick

    Webcomics I read regularly, but wouldn't if I discovered them today:

    Real Life Comics

    Webcomics I read whenever someone sends me a link:

    Perry Bible Fellowship

    Webcomics I would still be reading if they didn't stop making strips:

    Bad Boys of Computer Science

    Webcomics I stopped reading:

    Bob + George

    I know there are more comics that either died or I gave up on, but it was so long ago that I forget.
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    Yeah, I'm looking forward to Brimstone Soup.
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    You should all read my early work on Dubthis!, which I used to write for and color, but is now in the process of ending. Still, there are 4 years of backcomics to read!
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  • Ahahaha, yeah I'm looking forward to Brimstone Soup, too. XD I should probably plug ClassicBri out over here, too. He's my partner in crime/boyfriend, and the guy who does Instant Classic. He'll be the writer for Brimstone Soup.

    I used to read upwards of 60 comics at one point. Now I only read two regularly: Dominic Deegan and Penny Arcade. I also occasionally read No Rest for the Wicked, VG Cats, andPBF.
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    I've been meaning to read Dominic Deegan since I met Mookie at Connecticon 3 years ago, and then subsequently each following year, but I keep putting it off.
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  • Heh.. Thanks to a combination of prodding from Aido and actually hanging out with the dude at Otakon, I've been pouring over the Dominic Deegan archives in the last few weeks.

    More than one person has suggested No Rest for the Wicked, and Emily turned me on to Inverloch. If their archives are as addictive, I may have to update my list yet again. ^_~
  • You know, Aido mentioned it, but she failed to actually link to Instant Classic. I'm also a fan of the classic Sluggy Freelance, but truth be told, it sucks nowadays.

    I'm waiting untill Sky and Winter McClould (daughters of Scott McClould) start a webcomic. It'd better happen: They're just too lively to not try somthing like that. I was really impressed talking to Sky at Scott's talk here at RIT yesterday. She was way more confident, vocal, and verbose than any other 13 year old I've met, and if her father has had any affect she's bound to do good work. Probably be another 3 years or so, though.
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    I really like Inverloch; I stumbled on it one day and read it all.

    I'll recommend No Pink Ponies and Girls with Slingshots as two really good comics I found/read recently.
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  • Inverloch! I loved that at the begining. Got too bishi for me eventually. I remember being really surprised when i saw it in book format, too, and picked up the first volume. Really pretty art.
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    Oh man guys I've got some great ones. . . .
    Rob and Elliot is a fun one, follows the buddy formula of Penny Arcade but good nonetheless.
    Achewood, hilarious.
    Concerned for the HL2 buffs (I can't believe no one has mentioned this one)!
    Gone with the Blastwave, needs an editor but has amazing art and is only about 25 panels long so far, well worth a peak.
    Bunny is fun when I am bored to tears at work.

    Oh, and props to Rym or Scott for mentioning Wondermark in, I guess, the MOCA episode. Humor at its finest, if I do say so myself.
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  • One day I shall have a webcomic of mine own... ah yes. And it will be about pirates, no joke. But we're trying to get a nice backlog of pages before we start up proper. :D

    Comics I love and read regularly:
    Penny Arcade
    8-bit Theatre
    Zebra Girl
    Family Man
    No Rest for the Wicked
    Dr McNinja

    Comics I still read, but wouldn't likely pick up if I'd found them now (or comics I pick up every few months):
    Strange Candy
    RealLife Comics
    Realms of Ishikaze
    Errant Story

    Comics I used to read that ended/hiatus:
    Return to Sender
    Exploitation Now

    There are probably more but they don't come to mind just now... I'm looking forward to Brimstone Soup. :D Haven't heard much news about it for a while though. But if it's still being mentioned by people here then I guess I can safely continue looking forward to it. ^_^
  • I'm reading about 1 comics that update regularly, I've got 1 or 2 that update sproadically, and a few that hae kind of just stopped. I've also dropped more comics then i can count.

    Current: Order- alphebetical, that's how they are in Firefox
    Ever After
    Friendly Hostility
    Gorgie Porgie
    Hunting Party
    Life og Buddha
    Mac Halls
    Modern Sorcerer Shishiro
    No Crap!
    No Rest for the Wicked
    Venus Envy
    VG Cats

    Getting Caught Up
    Little Gamers
    Niklear Power
    PPG Doujin
    Adventures of Dr. McNinja

    Shounen-Ai Kudasai
    Hybrid Genesis

    Boy Meets Boy

    Given Up
    finally, there's the waiting list. i get incredibly about getting through the getting caught up that some stuff gets deleted due to the fact i don't want to look at it or the links die. i'm not typing those out
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    In no particular order:

    Comics I love and read regularly:
    Perry Bible Fellowship
    8-bit Theatre
    Order of the Stick
    Dr. McNinja
    A Lesson is Learned, but the Damage is Irreversible
    Boy on a Stick and Slither
    Scary Go Round
    Questionable Content
    VG Cats
    Penny Arcade
    Sam and Fuzzy
    Errant Story
    Dominic Deegan
    Based on what you are currently reading, I think that you should totally check out Cyanide & Happiness.

    It's one sick, disgusting, bad quality web comic that is absolutely hilarious.

    Also, I am disgusted by the fact that none of you read Copper!!

    It is by far the most beautifully drawn webcomic that I have ever seen...
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  • Since its my thread... and its been somewhat revived. I feel I should plug my new webcomic, which is being drawn by a great artist. Well I think she is.
    Quest to Nowhere: Wanwamar
    Its fairly new, but we seem to have a pretty good number of readers.
  • do a webcomic called Abstract Gender ( and I know Rym and Scott are webcomic fans, so I figured I'd start a thread for people to talk about the comics they read.

    Good goddamn, I've been reading that for as long as I can remember having more than two webcomics on my Daily reading list.
    I won't type out the whole thing - I'm lazy - but there are about 60-odd on the list.
  • Aw yeah, I can second Copper and Lackadaisy. :D Copper = fantastic use of colour. Lackadaisy = awesome characters.
  • Comics I read because I like:
    - VG Cats
    - 8-bit Theater

    Comics I read for no particular reason:
    - Fanboy$
    - Mistakes of Youth

    Comics I read despite the fact that they scare the hell out of me:
    - Tomoyo42's Room

    Comics I like, but am waaaaaaaaaay behind on:
    - Megatokyo
  • ......
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    Webcomics! I was bored, thus looked up this thread.

    Currently, after having trimmed down my 40 webcomic bookmarks a few weeks ago, my bookmarks are (in order):

    Applegeeks - Awesome comic. Love the art and is hilarious.
    Applegeeks lite - Applegeeks lite. Can't say more really.
    Comedity - Awesome comic. Love the multiple personalities a lot. Random Trivia and Ninja are the most win, then Prime and Inner Cool guys shirt.
    Better Days - Comic about a brother and sister and their lives and how they deal with it. All characters are anthro and the writer doesn't back away from explicit content. The current page is the sister and her friends at a strip club for women.
    El Goonish Shive - It's insane. Bookmarked it when just having found out about webcomics. It's going slow and isn't that awesome when the pace is slow. Catching up is fun... but it needs speed and momentum.
    The Phoenix Requiem - It's just starting, first five pages are up. The artist behind this recently finished Inverloch, a nice fantasy webcomic, and now is starting this.
    Misfile - Somewhat the same as Abstract Gender only with cars and angels and stuff. From the about cars page: "(for Christ's sake, it has a POT SMOKING ANGEL IN IT)"
    The Dreamland Chronicles - Afaik all is made in a 3D enviroment. Looks nice, is about the land of dreams where kids go of to at night. Now put an adult who spent a damn long time of his childhood nights there back in Dreamland.
    Abstract Gender - Kiey's comic. Needs faster updates! Latest artist is the best imho.
    KIWIS BY BEAT! - Painted comics about Minus, a young girl with magic powers. It has awesome art and awesome stories about the 'daily' life of Minus (and the occasional friend)
    Orneryboy - Hmm... Started reading this after having seen an avatar with the zombie in it. Brian is awesome! And the main force driving me to keep following this comic.
    Mistakes Were Made! - Urban Dead inspired comic. Having played UD myself for ages I like it. Art's decent, it's at the start of the second story arc one could say.
    Gone with the Blastwave - Awesome arts, really really awesome. No set update pattern, it updates when it updates. Found this comic through a signature version of the image that made the artist start this comic. All they could find was a spoon.
    Looking for Group - Fantasy comic. Good art, good story, awesome Richard.
    Bolt City... which is the link to Copper - Awesome art, Copper is awesome.
    Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life - Story about robots after humanity has died centuries ago. Follows 2 friends travelling from planet to planet. Was dead for some time, recently updated so... let's hope it continues updating. It's supposed to have some psychological stuff in there.
    Order of the Stick - Still catching up on this one, if I want to read it.
    xkcd - Catching up, when I read some.
    chopping block... - A webcomic (mostly single panel) about a serial killer. Very nice. Apparently it's still being updated, still have to backtrack through all the comics... There are LOT!
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  • Abstract Gender - Kiey's comic. Needs faster updates! Latest artist is the best imho.
    It hasn't been my comic in a long time. My comic is Quest to Nowhere.

    And yes she's the best artist yet easily.
  • It hasn't been my comic in a long time.
    Ah, didn't know that. Just went by your first post in this topic. *goes to add links to the comics in his earlier post*
  • I only read 3...

    Cyanide & Happiness
    Questionable Content
    Penny Arcade

    Uhmmm... I participated in one, Studio 64, and I didn't do very well. I can really only do paper comics...
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    I can't believe I never seen this thread.

    Ones I read:
    Ctrl Alt Del
    Dueling Analogs
    Punks and Nerds
    Marry Me

    Ones I stopped reading:
    8 bit theater (only because it'll take forever to catch up)

    Ones I loved but they stopped:
    PPG doujin
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  • XKCD all the way. Did anyone go to the meet-up in Cambridge, MA on September 23rd?
  • I read a lot of webcomics, but I just want to mention a few ones that I think aren't read enough.
    Minus is pretty great.  The art is very nice - it uses watecolors, and it's pretty distinctive.  In terms of story, it's very much "whimsical, early-newspaper style dream-like adventures", except with a bit of a bite.  The guy writing it describes it: "With this comic I am pretending I am making a comic strip for a newspaper in the early 20th century. A special newspaper that lets me use as much color as I want, because real papers have limitations on that sort of thing. Or maybe they did in the past I'm not sure!"
    Dresden Codak

    Dresden Codak is good, but it has some major flaws.  First the good stuff: The artwork is pretty incredible, the characters are pretty interesting, there's at least some intellectual background to it, and probably quite a lot, and it's still funny most of the time.  The bad stuff: the layouts are often impossible to follow, it seems like a lot of the intellectualism is almost faked, and there's a vibe of fanservice - one gets the impression that the creator only does certain things because he knows they'll be appreciated by a large audience.  Still, it's worth a look.
    Templar, Arizona
    Templar is great.  It has very well done art, but the writing is what does it for me.  The characters really strike home as realistic, even though the comic is set in a very odd, non-existant town in Arizona.  The only real problem is that it updates at a glacially slow pace.  Still, it's very good, and I highly recommend it.
    Overcompensating is often very, very funny, and the art is distinctive but good.  Give it a chance.
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Gunnerkrigg is a really good story comic. It's about Antimony Carver, a young girl who attends a rather odd boarding school, Gunnerkrigg Court, and her friends.  there's also an overarching plot about the division between the school and the nearby forest. It's really not as similar to Harry Potter as it seems. The art style is a really cool cartoony thing (it's currently on a brief hiatus, so what's up right now is in-character art by the main characters).  Neil Gaiman Recommended!

    I absolutely love achewood, but it's very much an acquired taste.  Still, give it a chance.
    Bad Wecomics Blog
    I love this man.
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