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Booh yah!



  • I peaced the fuck out of the Eastern seaboard before that blizzard hit.
  • My work finally gave all of us Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and Adobe Forms Central along with being able to save all documents from all the crappy old programs we use to save documents as a .pdf.

    Freaking huge time saver.

    Microsoft One Note is a POS. Never again.
  • I like One Note, but I don't think it has any business being used in work like yours. Acrobat is much better for you and I am happy for you.
  • I've got three friends coming to visit me in Japan this month (starting tomorrow)!
  • I just got a new job!

    I'm going to be part of the Web Production team at Kaspersky Labs, the makers of the antivirus software.

    I always wanted to quit my current retail job at the bookstore in style. (Though I guess I'm not really quitting, I'm staying on-call until I'm sure I won't crash and burn at the new place.) So this happened.

  • Got a pretty good work out this morning shoveling snow.
  • I have only seen snow once in my life lol. I think I would die living up north right now
  • Snow is nice until you have to go out in it.
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    For reference, I believe this is roughly 6 feet tall, and was taken relatively recently in a suburb of Boston.
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  • My mom said the snow on our lawn is taller than she is, and it is now impossible to find somewhere to put new snow. Great winter to move to Ohio.
  • PAX is coming soon in Boston. The snow is still there. More is on the way. The local metro is basically fucked. And almost all the PAX hotels are a long way from the con.

  • Yyyyup, theoretically I never have to go outside unless I want food...
  • The part of the Red Line I care about is fine. Come at me, PAX.
  • Got a summer job with my state's tax court. As dry as the subject matter may be, I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Shaved with a straight razor. Didn't bleed out. Ready for balls.
  • Wyatt said:

    Shaved with a straight razor. Didn't bleed out. Ready for balls.

    As your attorney, I advise you to practice on your face before proceeding to something of value.

  • Wyatt said:

    Shaved with a straight razor. Didn't bleed out. Ready for balls.

    As your attorney, I advise you to practice on your face before proceeding to something of value.

    As a random person on the Internet who also shaves with blades, I recommend doing what Pete recommended.
    I'm not even stupidly courageous enough to shave that area after 2+ years shaving with a double edged razor. :smiley:
  • I've got enough stupidity, courage, or booze for a lot of things. I'll deal with temporary pair to get what I want.

    I prefer to trim that area instead of going full shave. I'm a dude.
  • Use a pair of small curved scissors to trim. DO NOT trim it all to one length less than ~2cm. The uniform short length will become a form of sandpaper, and you will pay.
  • Last year, to help my parents out with building a bathroom, I transferred a few thousand euros to my sister's account. Yesterday she transferred the same amount that arrived in her bank account back to me. Due to currency fluctuations, I made a few hundred euros on the deal. That's handy.

    However, I now feel a bit dirty. I'm not used to making money from money. Normally I do work or provide services.
  • Wow had to go back three pages to find this one, but.

    As of today Im now a fully qualified teacher and can start applying for jobs I actually want. One more step on realising my weeby dream.
  • Automatic 2 GS level promotion! Woot! It means I'm required to put out more production, but that's not an issue.
  • In 5~ hours, I will set out to Long Beach and in ~9 hours, I will be given a tour of the Formula E Paddock and meet one of the drivers. yisssss
  • Stuff came in the mail today


  • Went to a job interview on Wednesday two weeks ago, got called back Monday to do a demo lesson this Friday.
    If I get this job, it would be like getting a 25% pay increase as well as move me into a normal public school.
  • What's different about the one you're in now?
  • After having a problem after problem at work today I was victorious right before it was time to go home. :smile:
  • Off to Tokyo to play tour guide on my girlfriend's first visit to Japan!
  • Had a blast at the Nightwish concert, mostly because of Sabaton. As a double boo-yah ran into a guy that had a New Lunar Republic patch and we chatted for a little bit.
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