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What Have You Been Listening To? (Don't make this thread a wall of embedded youtubes)



  • After seven years, 4Minute are not renewing their contracts.

  • Daikun said:

    One of my favorite YouTube remix artists, Pogo, has been releasing Q&A streams where he plays some sweet beats over them.

    He's got a much deeper voice than I imagined.
  • The Hamilton soundtrack doesn't stand on its own very well. Maybe if I saw it in the context of the rest of the play I would get why everyone's nuts, but alone it's got a very weak narrative and the lesser known characters aren't very well established. It doesn't paint a very clear picture of Hamilton himself either. It feels more like reading a Wikipedia page than a biography of him. It has all the facts right but doesn't convey the emotions that accompany those facts. I'll probably see the play when it comes to Boston anyway, but I'm a lot less excited, and even a tad bitter that Hamilton's getting all this fanfare while the modern musical theatrical reinterpretation of the life of a significant figure from early American history that changed my life never had such an impact.
  • I don't listen to musical soundtracks without seeing the show first.
  • Usually I do, but too many people at work told me to make an exception for me to ignore them.

  • Found that cool jam from this Adult Swim clip...

  • Hey Josh, you might want to check out Bump Worthy. They have info on the music for pretty much every Adult Swim bump.
  • Nice, will have to check that out.
  • Greg said:
    They are actually a really good band.
  • The Wonder Girls used to be like this

    But now, they're like this:

  • Lots of prison/field chants.

  • Summer Days

    Summer Nights (NSFW)

  • So in the last couple of days and the coming months there will be new albums released by Bouncing Souls, Descendents, Wizo, Against Me, and NOFX. Sounds good to me.
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  • Once I knew what to expect Hamilton started really getting to me. It has some very subtle lessons on how to read any historical text. The whole "Nobody was in the room where it happened" thing illustrates the necessity to consider what documents are missing, and Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story does a good job of explaining source bias.
  • Perfecto Podcast still providing me new beats.

  • Oakenfold's podcast? How often does he put that out? I usually listen to Armin Van Buuren's State of Trance, since it's on Spotify and reliably weekly. The latest episode is hype since every track is 138.
  • It's weekly every Monday.
  • The most banging shampoo ad in history.

  • Disclosure <3

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