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What Have You Been Listening To? (Don't make this thread a wall of embedded youtubes)



  • New metallica single.
  • Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon. It's such a good album
  • Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon. It's such a good album

    Uggh fine I'll download that album...


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  • Pudding Death Metal
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    I recently bought MC Frontalot's 2010 album "Zero Day" to complete his discography. The album is still good, but it is just lacking the "hit song" that his other albums have. There is no "I'll form the head", "Stoop Sale", "Wallflower", "Crime Spree" or "Origin of Species" to really pull the album and that is also most likely why it is the album of his I have heard the least about or from before buying it. You could also argue that "Question Bedtime" lacks this kind of tentpole song, but as a concept album it doesn't necessarily need it and the album overall is just so high quality. Still, if "Zero Day" is the low point of a musical career it is a career well spent.
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  • So very melancholy.

  • Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon. It's such a good album

    Uggh fine I'll download that album...
    Cabinet Man. So good.
  • This set, holy crap!

  • I know that guy, I wandered into his panel at MAGFest last year because I wanted to get off my feet for a few minutes. I remember hearing him talk about how he got to where he was and was like "ok he makes music, wish I could hear some because I'm kinda context-less for this panel, also what's with the armour?" (he explained what was with the armour during q&a.) Never followed up until today, I guess, on accident.

    Feelin' that set.
  • The books were one of the bands that defined me when was younger, how I miss them so.

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    I just get home from PAX and Red Velvet goes and kills everyone, including each other. Couldn't at least wait until after Apple day tomorrow?

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  • New Metallica

    I thought that was pretty meh actually. Just kind of a bland chug chug chug song.
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    I know you guys are pretty militarist atheists, but today our savior was born and I'm celebrating with some classic hymns.

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  • I thought Chapter and Verse were going to be released with the autobio next Tuesday but he released it early. Five previously unreleased recordings, one of which I've never heard. This is my favorite of the five, tho I already knew it.

  • Justin Johnson's Facebook live streams are far more content rich. They're so pleasurable to listen to.
  • Been on a rip of listening to songs from Disney movie's and country (specifically Brad Paisley and Tracy Byrd), dunno why.
  • This video (mashup of different eras of composers) sent me into a classical/romantic spiral.

  • Apreche said:

    okeefe said:
    Very disappointed. I was expecting this:

    I think you'll be pleased with this.

  • Yeah, that's the stuff.
  • Prison/field chants again.

  • Spotify showed me this song because it features someone named CL, and it can't tell that CL apart from the more famous one. Still, this song is incredible.
  • Ninja Sex Party working with Tupper Ware Remix Party may be the greatest thing to happen to both their careers. The sound quality, mixing, and production is so much better. All of Dan's wonderful harmonies but such great synth and bass put behind it.

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