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So I picked up one of those Android phones



  • MATATAT said:

    My biggest issue with iOS Chrome (may have been fixed since) was how sensitive it was to lateral movement in my thumb. When I was scrolling down on a page I would often end up switching to a different tab when I didn't want to. I don't feel like my thumb really goes diagonal all that much but it was just frustrating me to no end.

    I've never had that problem in my life. You're just really bad at moving your thumb.
  • Maybe, but I just couldn't get around it. Maybe I'll download it again and give it another try.
  • Maybe it's just my iPad 2, but Safari, even on iOS 8, seems much snappier than Chrome.
  • Apreche said:

    You're just really bad at moving your thumb.

    This is such a Scott thing to say.

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    For those people on Lollipop here is an app that lets you use your camera phone like a real camera rather than just a point and shoot.
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  • Very cool. Can't wait until my Note 4 gets lolipop.
  • I want to steal a shipment of Android phones. That way, when the police pull me over, I can wave my hand and tell them, "These are not the droids you're looking for."
  • "Fast Company: The First Ubuntu Phone Won't Rely On Apps. Here's Why That's Brilliant."
  • Yeah that kinda sounds awful.
  • Yeah that kinda sounds awful.

    That's what I think of Ubuntu :)
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