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Say something mean about the poster above you

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This is the classic forum game, turned on it's head. See, on most forums, you have to say something nice or interesting about the poster above you. Here, you guys have to be vicious assholes to the previous poster, and say one mean thing about the last poster.

As they say on SA, image


  • Fucking goon.
  • Pick a god-damned name and stick with it.
  • You made this thread. We don't need a special thread to be assholes.
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    Why did you have to rape and kill a girl in 1990?
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    Quite frankly, I don't even need to say anything mean here. It all says itself....
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    You really don't look as good as you think in a lab coat.

    Edit: Dammit off by 43 seconds!
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  • The poster above me didn't even have the intelligence to have a backup plan in case she was too late.
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    You don't have any fucking cheese!

    Edit: I got Pepperjack, foo!

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  • Pandas aren't even cute. They're freaks of nature, and they're going to die out soon.
  • What the fuck is that, Japanese? You fucking foreigners need to get off my god-damned American Internet ground.
  • You're not a real professor!
  • You're not a great cosplayer!
  • You suck as a podcaster, you miss too many shows!
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    VS me? Haha, what a joke. I could take your goth-loli cosplay anyday.

    EDIT: Fuck.

    Wo-ooo-aaaa-h?? What the fuck name is that? Oh wait, you couldn't come up with anything better to do. I guess that's why you troll here so much.
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  • Logan? Wolverine fanboy!
  • ......
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    Christian, and you failed to point out the endless WOAH!
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    Troll much, NINELESS!
    VS me? Haha, what a joke. I could take your goth-loli cosplay anyday.
    Best insult I ever received. I like you! <3
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    EDIT: 9 freaking seconds, dangit Viga...
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  • "Dangit". Wow. Zing. Tell me another one, champ.
  • No one knows if we're laughing because you're tsundere, or someone else is tsundere! YOUR NAME MAKES NO SENSE!
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    Boota hats sucks.
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  • At least it's not as overplayed as Goth! Jeez!
  • 4 posts in this thread and you still haven't come up with a single good insult.
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    1818 comments on this board and you still haven't contributed anything of note.
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  • I don't really have any idea of who you are or what you're about.
  • Your mom hasn't contributed anything of note.
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    How are fetuses fun?
    EDIT: DAMN IT NURI!!! Learn to eat proper food!
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  • I don't really have any idea of who you are or what you're about.
    Cut me deep.
    Your mom hasn't contributed anything of note.
  • Cut me deep.
    There are a lot of people around here that are like that to me. Pretty much everyone who didn't get multiple goes in the "Post in the style of another forum member" thread, for obvious reasons.
  • All you do is draw, and judging from your blog updates, you do that rarely too.
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