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Beautification: Products. Recommendations. Comments. Questions.

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I've toyed around with actually making a thread for this. I honestly don't have a lot of girlfriends that I talk to a lot in my local area. Plus, I've had conversations with Lyddi about these sorts of things that I've enjoyed.

Let's talk about beauty products, people. (Guys, you can too! Don't be shy!)

I'm a bit of a tomboy and I don't consider myself a girly-girl. My mother never really taught me about makeup or beauty products, so I was intimidate at first whenever I tried to shop for those sorts of things. Over the years, I learned about the importance of taking care of your face in general. I had a small period where I wore alot of makeup, especially eye shadow to where I always color coordinated with various outfits I wore.

Now, I'm fairly a minimalist. I just use foundation and a bit of a bronzer. My new favorite line of makeup is Bare Essentials mineral makeup. While it may be pricey, it's worth it. I used creams, liquids, and powders, and I find this mix of mineral powder to work best. You barely use any and it blends nicely.

Every now and then, I'll use eye shadow. I still stick to using Mary Kay products since I have so many colors and don't need to buy anything new. Clinique is my go-to for my moisturizer and skin care. It's the only thing I found that makes my skin not feel dry.

As for others things, I like going to Sephora for my products. They have a plethora of brands to try and choose. They also sell good brush cleaners.

As for hair-care, since my hair is color treated, I use some Joico products along with Biolage. My everyday stuff is Pantene along with Neutrogena dandruff 2-1 shampoo/conditioner. I use a Regis straightening cream in my hair, blowdry with an ionice hair dryer, and after I use a flat iron, I put in a hair serum to help out the frizzies. I am also looking into getting some flat iron hair treatment spray of some kind.

Recently, I purchased a new flat iron. It's a HSI Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron.. My current one is two years old and has a lot of wear on it. I figured it was a good time to invest one that will last a long time. I spent several hours researching this, and it seems to get a lot of great reviews.

Anyhoo, I've gotten things started. So, what sort of products do people use? Recommend? Do not recommend? Questions? Comments? Pointers? Let's share!
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  • Missha! Korean beauty products, known for BB Cream! It's the best.
  • I condition my hair with TRESemmé conditioner. I use whatever mousse is cheapest and/or not tested on animals. Never blow-dried.

    Nothing more. No creams, no makeup, no color.
  • Nothing more.
    No aftershave? Body wash? Scented soap? Deodorant? Pre-shave oil?

    I need to track it down, but way back, one of the guys at the barbershop I go to gave me a shave, and used this pre-shave clove oil. Oh my god, that was the best thing ever. Smelled awesome, and it was the smoothest shave I've ever had.

    Other than that, I use (I believe) Suave for Men aftershave balm. I forget the exact brand - it's either Suave or Neutrogena. In any event, it's a pleasant, mild-smelling moisturizing balm, perfect for my chronically dry skin.

    I'm a fan of Old Spice Swagger deodorant. I also use Old Spice body wash, but I forget which scent right now.

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    Deodorant: Old Spice Pure Sport
    Shampoo: Head and shoulders
    Soap: Dove moisturizing
    Hair gel: none
    Shaving cream: Only thing I have anything to say on. I use a safety razor and shaving brush like a lot of people on this forum, but I don't use shaving cream. I use gillette shaving gel that I work into a lather with the brush. I find this to be vastly superior shaving lubrication compared to every "old fashioned" cream I've tried. Every cream I've tried gave me razor burn like a mother fucker. Shaving gel with a damp brush produced much smoother results and much less irritation.
    After shave: none
    Lotion: Curel (when needed).
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  • I basically let my sister tell me what to use on my hair. I've never worn cosmetics except when going on stage. I painted my nails once for giggles.

    I think that "make-up" is a disgusting phrase and if I could I'd have it struck from the lexicon.
  • Note to girls: dudes, at least dudes like me, don't like makeup. The more you try the less I like it. The hottest girl in the world has no makeup or anything and is wearing pajamas or other plain old bum around the house clothes.
  • Soap: Whatever is cheapest.
    Deodorant: Whatever is cheapest.
    Shampoo: Something unscented.
    Conditioner: Also unscented.
    Shaving Cream: Cheapest again.
    Razors: The one with the most blades.
  • I want to learn one day about premium shaving products. I would be willing to spend more money if it meant having a great smooth shave.

    I'm very basic. No fancy soaps, shampoos, or anything like that. For my hair, which is wild and uncontrollable, I use a dab of Got2B Glue, which is basically elmer's glue and works fantastic. Tried so many different types of gel when I was younger and nothing ever worked.

    For the face, I started using this Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial once per week. Basically, it's this goop filled with tiny exfoliating beads and some acid to loosen up the skin. Leave it on for a minute and let some steam hit it, then start scrubbing it off and the little beads leave your face feeling like a baby's ass. Really cleans your pores out.

    It's not a beauty product but I also switched contact lens solution a little over a year ago to Clear Care, which is this crazy new brand that is mostly hydrogen peroxide. You fill a small bottle up with this stuff, put your contacts in a special insert that has a platinum-coated piece on the bottom, and seal it in the bottle. Thing bubbles up like crazy as the peroxide breaks down, and they are then safe to wear again in 6 hours. Seems like overkill but I like my eyes.

  • Shaving Cream: Cheapest again.
    Razors: The one with the most blades.
    Doing it wrong.

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    Well here's a question Scott, how do you know when a girl uses makeup? People can wear some makeup and have it look like they aren't wearing any.

    I wear makeup whenever I go out or go to work. When I get home, I wash my face, put on my Yoshi/Mario pj bottoms, comfy tshirt and long sleeve shirt, and fuzzy socks.

    Also note to dudes: Taking advice from Scott about girls may not be the best, but it's his preference, so best of luck to Scott to finding that girl.

    I will say that understand that some people are very particular when it comes to beauty products. Yes, there are some that you will wonder why we spend a certain amount on it that you find a bit ludicrous. Understand and accept it. :P
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  • Shaving Cream: Cheapest again.
    Razors: The one with the most blades.
    Doing it wrong.

    The right way involves no shaving at all.
  • For makeup I use the Cover Girl Mousse foundation. I keep it simple mostly, with just a line of liquid eyeliner and mascara. To go all out, I break out 3 different shades of eyeshadow. I like to do a dramatic gothy look with a touch of color. My four favorites are grey, electric blue, silver and black. If I could afford it, it would all be MAC.

  • I can't do mascara or eyeliner. I find that I rub my eyes a lot and I have baby eyelashes to where it's pointless to use mascara at all.

    I also don't like having to deal with raccoon eyes.
  • You have to train yourself not to rub your eyes. It took me a while to learn. What keep me from doing so is doing more elaborate eyes (I do so for events of clubs rather than any day.) 'cuz I would hate to mess up my work. :P
  • Shampoo: Pert Plus + Dandruff (seriously the only dandruff shampoo I've used that didn't dry out of my hair)
    Body wash: Old Spice Pacific Surge or After Hours (depends on the occasion)
    Deodorant: Old Spice Live Wire

    Aside from the shampoo I don't really care what I use to wash/deodorize with, I just look for things that smell good.

    I don't use anything for shaving either since I just use an electric shaver every day. I could probably do better than that, but when I have to do it so often, I don't care much about doing it perfect every time.

    And to Scott's point, I tend to agree with the little to no makeup on girls. I have no problem with using some makeup to compliment what you already have (which is all that my girlfriend does), but when it starts to change what you look like, I'd rather not see it. The one that bothers me the most is nail polish. I don't know why, but seeing a non-clear color on nails just weirds me out.
  • Note to girls: dudes, at least dudes like me, don't like makeup. The more you try the less I like it. The hottest girl in the world has no makeup or anything and is wearing pajamas or other plain old bum around the house clothes.
    I've come away from this mindset somewhat. Nuri has shown me that properly applied makeup really does make a difference.

    So my stance: I don't like obvious makeup.

  • I've come away from this mindset somewhat. Nuri has shown me that properly applied makeup really does make a difference.

    So my stance: I don't like obvious makeup.

    There are many products out there that do this. Before I switched to Bare Essentials, I was using Mary Kay. My mother recommended Bare Essentials Minerals and went to a place that sold it. The beautician applied the product on me and I was hooked.

    It doesn't feel like I'm wearing any make up at all. The "Warmth" part of it gives a bit of color to my cheeks. The starter kit comes with a DVD on how to apply it. It was seriously amazing to me on the before and after pics. It gives me a natural look.
  • Yay makeup talk! :D

    Makeup Stuff:
    So I have been a pimply geek forever and have to be careful about wearing makeup. I agree that girls/women with lots of foundation look bad, so I've kinda avoided it. Recently though I started using a tinted moisturizer, and I'm in love with it. Since its basically lotion it kinda soaks in and doesn't look like I'm wearing anything, but it does even out the color and keep my face smooth, plus SPF 20 (or something), and doesn't make me break out.

    I doubt many of you gals here wear much makeup in general, but if you want suggestions for the more hardcore stuff (aka the stuff that Scott thinks is ugly) I've been in love with Urban Decay products recently. If you ever wear eye shadow, use an eye primer like this, it makes it last all day and look more vibrant. I'm usually very skeptical about beauty products bc it seems like everyone out there is just plain lying and nothing really works (aging stuff galore), but this one does. :D Also their Naked Palette is awesome.

    Cleaning Stuff:
    Because I've been such a pimply geek, face wash is super important to me. I've been using that Neutrogena grapefruit acne face cleaner stuff and it seems to be doing the trick, smells good too. Using the body wash as well.
    As far as shampoo/conditioner, I change it up every time because I get bored of the same smell after awhile.
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    Most of the Make-up stuff has been said already. I use it pretty sparingly, so it lasts for a long time. Thus, I can afford to shop at MAC.

    My face is terrible when it comes to break-outs. The only way to prevent it is to regularly apply a moisturizer that doesn't hurt my face, use a dusting mineral foundation over it, AND to wash it off every night.

    To this end I have tried many face lotions, but nothing works like Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer. It's one of the few products that doesn't burn my skin but also has enough enzymey and acidic stuff in it to help with the acne.

    ETA - Waterproof mascara and eye makeup remover are required if you're going to wear eye makeup. Liner and eyeshadow make you look like you have no eyelashes if you wear them alone. Get a really good waterproof mascara, and you won't have to worry about it running. A gentle eye makeup remover will take everything off without you having to scrub or get soap in your eyes.
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    My chin area gets the most break-outs and because I choose to not handle it properly, I have some scarring.

    I'm trying out Clinique Dark Spot Corrector to see if that helps out.

    I've been using some generic facial wash cloths to clean my face and Neutrogena On-The-Spot treatment for acne. I also use those Biore pore strips on my nose every month. I also get fascinated when I take it off to see all stuff that was in my pores.

    As for longevity of products, my $28 foundation will last me a good 4-5 months if not more.
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    Shampoo and Conditioner: TRESemmé for dry hair. Keeping my golden curls silky as fuck.
    Soap: Doc Bronner's Lavender or unscented hemp castille soap when I can get it. Sanex when I'm in Europe. I like mild herbal scents, or that singular "soap" smell without any bullshit scents. Doc B's works great as a face wash, too.
    Anti-perspirant: Ban unscented roll-on. Again, I like smelling like me.
    Pre-Shave Oil: Clove oil or tea tree oil when I can get it.
    Shave soap: Jack Black unscented face bar. Best shave soap ever. Also, Isla de Toja lather shave cream.
    Razor: Merkur Classic double-sided safety razor, Vulfix brush
    Aftershave: Burt's Bees For Men sunflower oil aftershave. That shit is magical. Also, a styptic pen or block when needed.
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  • The way I tell if a girl is wearing makeup is if I see a flaw. If I see one zit, scar, or other discoloration then I assume that she's for real. If their face has no flaws on it, then I assume they are hiding it. I know this system isn't 100% accurate. Some people might not cover up every flaw. Other people might be freaky goddesses who actually have perfect faces.

    Also, while I dislike makeup and such, I do have to say there is one very small exception. 99.999% of perfume is barftastic. Like when you go to the department store and everyone is trying to spray shit on you, it makes me run for a gas mask. So nasty. However, there are one or two perfumes out there that smell amazing. Sometimes a girl will walk by on the sidewalk or the subway and there is a smell I just want to smell all the time, like drugs. Not sure if the pheromone shit is actually working or what. I'm not sure which ones they are either, or I would probably buy some and just sit around smelling it all the time.

    As for what I do for me:

    I keep changing up shampoo options since my head is bald now. I only have to actually clean my head once or twice a week because it gets all oily. People say that if you just stop shampooing and wait long enough the oil will go away. I've never been able to hold out long enough to find out because it gets so greasy I can't handle it.

    Also have been trying different liquid body washes. Just now I just bought some Dove Men + Care that is completely unscented. Liquid instead of bar soap is the key to keeping the shower free of mildew and such.

    I shave my head with these, which are awesome.

    Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

    Oster Ac T-finisher Trimmer # 59-01

    I trim the beard with this, it kinda sucks.

    Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

    You know what I do for shaving. The only thing that has changed is I only shave the neck beard instead of the whole beard.

    Also, i took Nuri's advice and got the Curel moisturizer for use on my head after shaving and such. It works.
  • I got a Sandalwood scented shaving kit for Andrew once and now he keeps buying the stuff and using it all the time. Yes its overpriced fancy pants shaving stuff, but it smells sooooo good *_*

    Too bad hes growing his beard and hasn't really been using it to its full potential e_e
  • I don't like perfumes because they are too strong or concentrated. I normally go for floral body sprays/mists. My current one is something from Victoria Secret.

    I use either Dove or Degree deodorant.

    I sometimes use a citrus/grapefruit scented body butter from Sephora called Pamplemousse.
  • I don't like perfumes because they are too strong or concentrated. I normally go for floral body sprays/mists. My current one is something from Victoria Secret.
    PINK. Best smelly spray stuff, the end. :D I have regular PINK and a spinoff version that spells even better. I also did get one of the newer regular perfumes from VS that smells like vanilla and its amazing. But yeah, I agree most perfumes suck. The ones that smell great are almost not even perfumes, like they are in a way different category because they don't make you gag.
  • No aftershave? Body wash? Scented soap? Deodorant? Pre-shave oil?
    I use unscented antibacterial deodorant (no antiperspirant ever).

    I use the same puck of shaving soap I've been using for over two years. (It's still got a good year or so of life left in it).

    I use a tiny amount of any random body wash in the shower. A TINY amount.

    No pre-shave oil.

    No aftershave.

    No cologne.

    I use almost no cosmetics or products whatsoever other than unscented deodorant, mousse, conditioner, and unscented anti-dandruff shampoo.

  • The only colognes I love on guys and can't get enough of: Clinique Happy for Men, and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio.

    My guy friends would wear this and when we would hug, I would give them an extra hug or hug longer just to smell it on them.
  • Jack Black unscented face bar
    I'm assuming this is not the same Jack Black I am picturing.

  • Jack Black unscented face bar
    I'm assuming this is not the same Jack Black I am picturing.

    Indeed it isn't.
  • I've been using Degree deoderant because it is not anti-perspirant.
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