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    No, not really. I've done a decent amount of research on eyebrow shaping. I have a lot of eye shadow colors from Mary Kay, and the ladies used to show me how to apply it, but I forgot.

    This tutorial is helpful:
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    Maybe I am biased because of my roommate, but I love Mac. If you go to the store and tell them you need to learn how to make up your eyes and you want something appropriate to your eye shape, they will actually walk you through it and apply it so you can see what it looks like. Then you can decide if you like it or not and try different things. That's how I learned that you need a base if you want your eyeshadow to stay put all day. After exploring a couple different color schemes, I ended up with a tube of base and a 4-color eyeshadow palette with a neutral light pink, gold and green medium shades, and a smoky gray for darkening. (You can pick individual colors and they will combine them into a palette compact for you.)

    Also they have retractable eyeliners that are AWESOME because you don't have to sharpen them.
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    At first I was very nervous walking into Sephora, because I dress like such a tomboy and not like most of the women who go shopping there. However, the people there made me feel welcome and not insecure.

    I still get insecure from time to time, but then I realize I'm a paying customer and they want my business.

    I honestly just need more tips on applying eyeshadow with the shape and contours of my eyes.
    I didn't get nervous, because I don't care. I went in there looking for BB Cream (Which they don't have. Got it from Korean site Missha.) and wandered around in my bomber jacket. That's pretty much the only time I went into Sephora.

    Do they have mechanical pencil style eye pencils? That would be ideal.
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  • Do they have mechanical pencil style eye pencils? That would be ideal.
    I think its the kind where you twist it and the inside comes out, not the clicky kind. Still awesome though. I have the regular pencil kind of eyeliner. It helps that I got the sharpener that goes with it so it doesn't get messed up and waste any of the actual liner.
  • Do they have mechanical pencil style eye pencils? That would be ideal.
    I will never go back to the wooden pencils.

  • Man, all this makeup talk makes me want to get my eyebrows threaded today so I can play around with things.

    I will definitely be getting a retractable eyeliner. I want as minimal fuss as possible. I also have to make a good habit of not touching my eyes.

    I personally like copper shades for basic everyday, if I ever did apply any.
  • Fun with makeup day 1. 2 different simple eye styles. Debating the idea of eye rhinestones for PAX. Can't wait til my tightlining cake and brush get delivered! Eye makeup is fun!


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    Just got back from Sephora for an Eye Express consult. I got the Urban Decay Naked set with brush and primer along with another dark blue from Sephora to match my top and the Sephora retractable eyeliner and another brush.

    Now let's hope I can copy what the lady did again.


    I also realized that my top is dark navy blue and I was planning to wear black pants. Is that still a faux pas?
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  • YAY Naked palette!

  • Sharing. I just got my stuff for this, and it ROCKS! My lashes are normally too thick to let me get in between them with a pencil, so this is great.

    My first try:
  • That's really cool. The beautician said that I don't need to wear eye liner or shadow on the bottom of my eye. I can if I want, but with my look, it's not necessary. This is fine with me because I normally mess it up and it sometimes smudges to make it look like darker circles under my eyes.

    I bought eye make up remover today from Almay. It was on sale. I may upgrade to Clinique down the road, but Almay works for now. I also bought an off brand small shader brush to help with blending and the like.
  • Moe and I both use Rimmel eye makeup remover. We get it from Target. It works awesome and is pretty gentle on the eye.
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    Yeah, I just looked through all my makeup bags underneath my sink. I found my old Mary Kay eye makeup remover along with travel size Clinique eye make up remover along with all these Clinique travel size beauty products that I got from a friend a long time ago. It was like a treasure trove of various beauty products.


    Well, I'll just return the ones I purchased today. I will need some sort of protective case for my brushes. I don't want them getting all messed up in the makeup bag.
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  • I have finally managed to eliminate every single liquid cosmetic and care product from my travel setup. No more opening my bag for the TSA, no more dealing with 3oz bottles that cost nearly as much as their full-sized equivalents, and no more quart-sized bags. I'm ecstatic.

    Shampoo: LUSH Ultimate Shine, good for ~200 washes, if my last bar is a fair estimate.
    Conditioner: LUSH Jungle. Knew I could count on them for a solid conditioner, something nigh-unheard of.
    Toothpaste: LUSH Atomic tablets. A bit disappointed in the lack of fluoride, but still. Compact and excellent.
    Deodorant: LUSH Greeench. Just need to make sure the smell on this one isn't overpowering, but it sounds good.

    I realize all that stuff is from one company, but I've discovered that when it comes to unconvention solid products that aren't packed with unnecessary chemicals, LUSH knows what's what. I just need to pick a soap and maybe a moisturizing bar, and I'm all set.
  • Yanno, with all of this "TSA are incompetent!" stuff I've seen going round in the news, I have to add to it. I actually haven't done the liquid baggy thing in awhile, and they haven't said anything yet. I realized they are stupid about liquids (UNLESS its a water bottle! Oh noooes) when I accidentally brought mini alcohol bottles in my backpack, and also forgot to bag up my little perfumes and lotions in my purse. Yeah I know, at some point I may get someone fairly competent, so I bring a baggy just in case. They also never caught my boxcutter, the one I used to carry around in my purse for safety (forgot to take it out, not trying to kill anyone here), but that's another story. >_>

    Anyway, I still try to limit my liquids, like by using hotel shampoos and whatnot. Though this time will be hard due to bringing tons of makeup for PAX. I wonder if mascara is a liquid? :-P
  • I ended up having to go back out of the line and box up a tube of BBCCream makeup because it was over the limit, and they put it in the cargo hold.
  • That's a pretty good idea. Getting all the liquid out of those stupid little bottles suck.

    This thread reminded me that I need to go to a mac store to get a custom eye tutorial. My one of my eyelids roll in a bit so my eyeliner disappears partway when I open them.

    Outside of that my general makeup is as follows:

    Concealer: Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer
    Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo liner
    Eyeshadow: purple Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliner or whatever color mac makeup I have
    lipstick: purple lipstick, dark red lipstick ( i forget what brands)
    Mascara: black, waterproof ( i forget what brand)
  • This thread reminded me that I need to go to a mac store to get a custom eye tutorial. My one of my eyelids roll in a bit so my eyeliner disappears partway when I open them.
    My eye tutorial at Sephora was awesome. It's really hard at times to find a decent tutorial for those of the Asian/Islander persuasion because of our monolids/hooded lids/small crease eyes.

    Check out this video, Ametto. It may help a bit.

  • The only worthwhile tip I have is that you can take the remnants of things like eye-shadow, powder and lip-gloss, and put them in contact baths/cases. Takes up less room in the purse, good for touch-ups, and good for little makeup emergencies.
  • It's Clinique Bonus time at Macy's.

    You spend at least $23.50 on product and get the following:

    Moisture Surge in a tube (old formula)
    DDML (Dramatically different moisturizing lotion)
    High Impact Mascara
    Lipstick/Gloss duo
    eyeshadow trio/blush**
    two cosmetic bags

    **You can select either pinks or nudes for colors.


    It starts today and ends 04/14/2012. I normally just happen to get the extra goodies whenever I need to restock my moisturizer, but I didn't need any today. However, I'm trying out their liquid facial soap. I've heard good things about it. I also purchased bottom lash mascara that has a really cool looking brush. It helped get me a lil' over the $23.50 requirement. I really love their makeup bags. They are pretty durable and cute to boot.
  • Shampoo:
  • I blame @Lyddi for this, but I'm loving the Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 palettes for eye shadow.

    I try something different everyday and it ends up turning out pretty nice. I know it's subtle differences but it's nice to be a bit girly again. I try to go for a lot of natural tones, but I want to try the darker colors to see how that works out on me.

    I also want to say that the Urban Decay eye lash primer with Lush Lash mascara is awesome. I love the applicators they have for the different mascaras they offer.
  • It's been a while since I checked in on this thread, but a few months back, I switched to deodorant from anti-antiperspirant after learning about the aluminum stuff, and I don't plan on going back. Also added some Nivea shave gel and post-shave balm. They do a pretty good job and I have less irritation and dry skin.
  • You're not referring to the Alzheimer's bullshit when you're talking about aluminum, right?
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    You're not referring to the Alzheimer's bullshit when you're talking about aluminum, right?
    I never really gave it much thought. A bunch of anti anti-persperant stuff came up early in the thread, so I just decided to try a switch when my anti-persperant ran out. If I bought some bullshit, eh so be it. I haven't noticed any difference, and in a general sense, it does seem to be a more rational approach to not prevent your body from performing the natural function of sweating.

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    The stuff about anti-perspirant making you sweat more is true in my experience, but the Alzheimer's stuff is bollocks.

    I switched to deodorant, too, but I can't find any of the anti-bacterial unscented ones in Europe. Alas.
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  • Darn, you'll have to smell like something rather than nothing. :P
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    Darn, you'll have to smell like something rather than nothing. :P
    I don't like smelling like anything, and I'd rather not have a manufactured scent than have one others find disagreeable.
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  • Yeah, you have to be careful when buying "just deoderant". Some of the things that are just deoderant actually work. Others are hippy crystals that don't actually do anything. If it's made by a big brand name and includes chemicals such as dipropylene glycol, then it's almost definitely legit.
  • Old Spice classic all the way.
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