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  • I've been using Degree deoderant because it is not anti-perspirant.
    You realize there are quite a lot of non-anti-perspirant deodorants you can choose from, right?
  • Also, what's up with the hate for anti-perspirant?
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    To weigh in on what Scott was saying, lots of people use makeup, but few people are actually good at using makeup. Tastefully applied, it looks great. Anything beyond that usually looks really gross. I think the idea for makeup is that a little goes a long way, but more makeup does not correlate to more beautiful.

    Especially when it comes to bright red lipstick which, with very few exceptions, will always conjure up images of clowns for me.
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  • Also, what's up with the hate for anti-perspirant?
    There are some studies that might link it to Alzheimers or something. Personally I've just never needed it.
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    I don't like regular lipstick. I use Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer to provide my lips with both moisture and a little bit of color.

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  • Anti-perspirant makes you sweat more.
  • Anti-perspirant makes you sweat more.

  • Especially when it comes to bright red lipstick which, with very few exceptions, will always conjure up images of clowns for me.
    Oh gahd, this. Red lipstick is one of those things I see fail on most people.

    On myself, lipstick never works well, so I never use it. I tried a lot of times, but end up washing it off. Plus, its hard to maintain!
  • The only thing I use is lotion on my hands, just so the bass and violin won't turn my fingers into cheese graters.
  • Also, what's up with the hate for anti-perspirant?
    It seems pointless.

    1. Many antiperspirants will stain your clothes when they do inevitably contact sweat.
    2. Your body sweats for a reason: let it do what it needs to do. If you're sweating all the time, wear lighter clothes.
    3. The odor from sweat is mostly bacterial in origin. Don't stop the sweat, prevent the bacteria from generating odor.
    4. Scented deodorant/antiperspirant almost never smells good to anyone else.
    5. I found that, when I was younger and used antiperspirant, I sweated heavily whenever I hadn't applied it. Once I stopped using it, never never sweated heavily like that again (outside of serious exertion). Anecdotal (i.e., worthless) evidence in my experience (both myself and several people I've known) indicates that use of antiperspirant seems to increase one's propensity to sweat heavily.
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    Shampoo: Head and Shoulders neutral-smelling whatever. Also might have conditioner?
    Soap: Whatever bar soap I get from my grandmother. She makes huge batches of different kinds. They're a christmas tradition. Though, I've been trying this recently, and I think it actually works.
    Shaving: Regular Merkel safety razor, badger hair brush, Old Bond St. shaving soap.
    Aftershave: Either old spice or bay rum.
    Hair tonic: Usually Brylcreem, sometimes Lucky Tiger tonic.
    Other Stuff: Chapstick is really good in winter. Deodorant is something you should wear. Maybe a little cologne on occasion (a dab on the neck and wrists, no more!).

    I'm fairly old-fashioned with my bathroom routine.

    I think men should smell like a barbershop. Sandlewood, bay rum, and Brylcreem are a large component of this.
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    I'm with you on the manly scents; I fucking love sandalwood. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't warn you that you're paying for a gimmick with Shower Shock. Per one of my tox professors, in cutaneous toxicology, a lot of studies use caffeine to compare the ability of a compound to penetrate the skin, and not because it's good at it; rather, caffeine is fucking terrible at penetrating the stratum corneum, so it's a good baseline.

    You might have some luck if you used scotch tape to strip off some of those upper layers of skin off of your ballsack and then scrubbed at that raw patch for around an hour, but really, I think I'd prefer to pay $5 for some sandalwood soap and spend the savings on a nice blend for my French Press. Less damage to your junk, too.
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  • I, for one, am unable to use makeup and creams. Yeah, unable as in medical orders.

    I have a condition called atopia, where several allergic reactions are linked, and two of these reactions act when I use said products. If I use eye shadow, eye liner, mascara or foundation, I get a bad bout of allergic conjunctivitis, which may take months in going away. I've tried several hypoallergenic brands, and I always get the reaction. therefore, my dermatologist (who has atopia too) said that I'm better off just curling my eyelashes and being done with it. The second reaction happens when there's very cold, dry weather, or what's worse, when I try to shave or use soap on my legs and arms. I have atopic dermatitis, which makes me itch uncontrollably and have to use corticosteroids on the lesions. One time was bad enough for me to have two bad patches on my legs that had NO SKIN left. Meaning that when the weather's at its driest here, I have to use my medicated ointment, moisturize my skin with a non-allergenic cream (Cetaphil), and wrap my legs and elbows with plastic film. It supposedly makes me sweat, but I rarely do, even in hot weather.


    Currently, I use a shampoo for greasy hair, as I've been wearing it short this year, and it gets dirty fairly quickly and I don't blowdry it. I like to let it dry naturally, which is better for my extremely thick, "manly" hair. And given the state of my hair, I sometimes use hair gel to keep my forelock out of my face.

    I only use perfume on special occasions.

    I use Rexona Bamboo as deodorant (because I like the scent, as I don't sweat much).

    And I dress tomboyish/comfy/manly, but I can dress up on occasions. Tombvoys FTW, baby!
  • My general rule with make up is go with the right effect for the occasion. Also do make up for yourself. I'm all for obvious make up because it's fun.

    I do little to no make up when hanging out with friends or general work/professional look. If I'm in lolita, I bring out the colorful eye shadows and pink lipstick. If I'm out at a club or booth babing, I go for a smoky look with dark lips.
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    I'm kind of interested in trying this mouthwash.
    In 1755, doctor Julian Botot invented the world’s first mouthwash for King Louis XV of France. The potent herbal rinse pleased the royal family so much that it would eventually receive an official endorsement, just days before the storming of the Bastille. The French Revolution made a casualty of the monarchy, but Dr. Botot’s concoction survived.

    Still made in its original formula, Botot is an all-natural mouthwash containing natural extracts of anise, cinnamon, ginger and gillyflower (similar to cloves). The antibacterial elixir not only cleans and refreshes, but also produces a warm sensation thanks to the ginger, which increases circulation.

    At the equivalent of 160 proof, the concentrated rinse is incredibly strong so keep away from children and an open flame. Unlike most factory mixed mouthwashes that taste like part mint and part battery acid, Botot contains no synthetic chemicals or coloring agents. Simply add a few drops to a small glass of water, adjusting the quantity to your preferred potency.

    The Latin inscription on the bottle peculiarly reads cui fidas vide meaning watch whom you trust, but you can take our word for it that over all these years no one has yet to develop a better mouthwash than the original. Botot is available online at Kaufmann Mercantile for $16.90 a bottle, but since it’s concentrated it will last a long time.
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  • 160 proof, you say...
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    Daily Facewash: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (the store brands are not as gentle, in my experience)
    Blemish Treatment Facewash: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (only used directly on blemishes so that it doesn't over-dry; store brand if available)
    Exfoliating Facewash: St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish Fighting Apricot Cleanser (only used as needed; no "active ingredients" and softer beads than St. Ives regular apricot cleanser, which better for sensitive skin)
    Day Cream: Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture SPF 15 (store brand if available)
    Night Cream: Neutrogena Light Night Cream (store brand if available)
    Eye Cream: CVS Ultra Firm & Lift Eye Duo (as needed for dry skin and/or puffy eyes)
    Sun Block: Neutrogena Oil-Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
    Sun Block (Waterproof): Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 70+

    Shampoo & Conditioner: Renpure Organics "My pretty hair is parched!"
    Deep Conditioner: Renpure Organics "AMAZING MIRACLE" Deep Penetrating Reconstructor
    Style Products: Cost Cutters "Smooth Talker" (for sleek hair); Cost Cutters "Root Boost" (for volume w/out hold); Pantene Fine Hair Mousse (for volume w/hold); and, Big Sexy Hair "Flip It Over" Texture Spray (for crazy/fun hair). I rarely use most of these and almost never in combination, but it can be fun to do crazy hair sometimes.
    Style Tools: Large round brush (used almost daily for volume), small round brush (used occasionally for tighter curls), and large barrel ceramic curling iron (used for dressy occasions or to create fun/crazy hair)
    Hair Dryer: Babyliss Pro TT 3000 (the best beauty investment I ever made - a professional hair dryer really does cut down on dry time and damage)

    Warm Weather Daily Moisturizer: Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 15 Body Lotion
    Cold Weather Daily Moisturizer: Eucerin Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer
    ZOMG Dry Skin Moisturizer: Eucerin Calming Itch Relief Treatment
    Body Wash: Dove Body Wash (store brand if available)

    Tinted Moisturizer: Covergirl Natureluxe SPF 10
    Powder: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Loose Powder SPF 30
    Blush: Maybelline Mineral Powder Illuminator
    Eyeshadow: Whatever floats my boat
    Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Drama by Eye Studio (this is go-to brand, but I use others on occasion)
    Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash
    Lipstick: Covergirl Outlast Double LipShine (this is go-to brand, but I use others on occasion)
    Lipgloss: Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss (this is go-to brand, but I use others on occasion)

    I only wear a tinted moisturizer or powder most days, but it is fun to play with cosmetics to make different effects/dress up.

    I've been looking into finding a signature perfume or two, but I haven't found one yet. When I walk into a perfume store/department the smell is so overwhelming that I get headaches.

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  • Nothing more.
    No aftershave? Body wash? Scented soap? Deodorant? Pre-shave oil?

    I need to track it down, but way back, one of the guys at the barbershop I go to gave me a shave, and used this pre-shave clove oil. Oh my god, that was the best thing ever. Smelled awesome, and it was the smoothest shave I've ever had.

    Other than that, I use (I believe) Suave for Men aftershave balm. I forget the exact brand - it's either Suave or Neutrogena. In any event, it's a pleasant, mild-smelling moisturizing balm, perfect for my chronically dry skin.

    I'm a fan of Old Spice Swagger deodorant. I also use Old Spice body wash, but I forget which scent right now.

    Neutrogena after-shave balm, Old Spice Pure Sport body wash, Suave for Men hair gel, Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner.

    I sometimes vary the scent of body wash and shampoo, but it's always Old Spice body wash and Head and Shoulders shampoo.

    I also have Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion for my hands while at work. During winter, relative humidity in the lab falls to around 15%, and I tend to get dry skin anyhow. Eucerin is good shit.

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    As a feminist with radical leanings, I feel really uncomfortable about makeup. I don't like that purchasing it supports companies that profit by stoking women's insecurities about their bodies. I don't like that the expectation to wear it pressures me into spending money and time on beautification that is not required of men. And I certainly don't like the societal dictate that women are expected to be beautiful, that beauty is part of our worth and identity.

    At the same time, these ideas have been inculturated into me so deeply that it's hard not to wear it. Putting on makeup before going out is something my mother always did, and I was taught (through shame, if not force) that it is a necessary part of looking "presentable" when going out in public, just like being showered and wearing clothes without stains. And to many people, it's a balm for those aforementioned insecurities, a kind of armor that allows you to pretend your looks command some kind of real power, or at the very least, that no one is thinking uncharitable things about you because you are unattractive.

    I really look forward to the day that I am confident and brave enough to bare my blotchy, pimply face to the world and not give a single shit about the judgments people will lay down on me.
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    Shampoo: Lol
    Conditioner: Double lol
    Face wash: Equate acne wash. It's orange. It's cheap.
    Body wash: Whatever is in the shower.
    Shaving cream: When I shave my face without my electric razor (rarely) I use Braun regular ol' foaming shaving cream.
    Shaving the face: Gillette Mach 3. I use them pretty infrequently, so while they are pricy, the expense is very uncommon.
    Shaving the noggin: I use a HeadBlade and their brand of shaving cream. It's denser and non-foamy, so totally different from the Braun.
    Antiperspirant: Speed Stick, Irish Spring scent cause Kate likes the smell. Otherwise, I'd be an olfactory ninja and smell like nothing.
    Cologne: Kate had a hard time getting me to wear anything because most cologne's smell like someone mixed malt liquor with old flowers, particularly if they have a celebrity's name anywhere near it. But I use Burberry - Touch for men. It's got a mild aroma that I actually like.
    Toothpaste: Whatever Kate is using. I'm not picky. Except Aquafresh. That stuff tastes awful.
    Make-up: Never. Never ever. Stop asking me, Kate.
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    I'd be remiss if I didn't warn you that you're paying for a gimmick with Shower Shock.
    Ah, duly noted. I won't be buying that again.

    What would the gentlemen recommend for a manly shampoo? I don't want to smell like flowers or fruit, and Head & Shoulders doesn't have the most pleasing scent. Ideas?

    EDIT: Just perused this thread again for shampoos. Fucking EVERYONE uses Head & Shoulders.

    Also, I just looked at the site with that old french mouthwash, and found this. It's the most beautiful fountain pen I've ever seen, but way too expensive. (I really don't like the popular, fat kind of pen)
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  • Tresemme is pretty scent neutral; other than that, find something Tea Tree based, perhaps. Paul Mitchell makes a nice one, and you can get good generic versions at many a salon supply shop.
  • I use whatever I can get my hands on and is on sale. I don't use conditioners though if a 2 in 1 is on sale I might buy it. Same goes with razors and shaving cream. I could careless as long as it works. As for deodorant, I just use whatever solid is out there, I've found those gels and clear sticks tend to wear off real quick.

    A rare day I might wear a cologne, but that's usually because someone has sprayed it on me.

    Heh, Adam and I seem to have in general the same idea of products, whatever works and our wives request.
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    I usually buy cruelty free brands. I especially like Burts Bees for lip balm and moisturizer. I've heard Missha (a korean brand of creme I buy) doesn't animal test, but I don't know what the Korean regulations are for that.
    Currently Using:
    Shaving Cream - Kiss my Face Peach
    Body wash - Kiss my Face Cold Care (Smell like a cough drop!)/Say Yes to Carrots/Body Shop Mango or Peppermint
    Toothpaste - Burt's Bees/Tom's of Maine
    Face Wash - Missha Super Aqua/Biore Ice
    Perfume - Body Shop Oceanus or Vanilla
    Shampoo - Lavender Mix
    Tinted Sunscreen/Moisturizer - Sometimes I wear BBCreme from Missha. It's really the only beauty product I use.
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  • I especially like Burts Bees for lip balm
    Holy hell, Burt's Bees chapstick is fucking awesome.

  • I especially like Burts Bees for lip balm
    Holy hell, Burt's Bees chapstick is fucking awesome.
    I own like 4 of the regular and 3 of the lip gloss/shimmer.

    Their honey milk lotion is pretty nice too.

    I recently received my $50 flat iron and tried it out this morning. This product is definitely worth it the money. For someone with this and coarse hair, it straightens my hair and leaves it with a smooth non frizzy feeling. It came with a really nice travel pouch, protective glove to wear for those who burn themselves, and some oil treatment. It heats up in less than a minute and the cord that connects to it has a swivel bottom so it doesn't get twisted. I fully endorse this product.
  • Holy hell, Burt's Bees chapstick is fucking awesome.
    A thousand times, yes.
  • Shampoo: Lol
    Conditioner: Double lol
    Where can I get these?
  • Well, you take a razor and shave all the hair off your head. Then you can use LOLshampoo.
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