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It's Christmas and Stuff!

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  • Gonna spend the day learning this on piano...

  • Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!
  • One of my favorite yearly christmas specials :D
  • I got an espresso maker and a bunch of art supplies. It's going to be a good vacation.
  • I can feel a sick coming on similar to what half my family has this year. The best Christmas gift of all: disease. <3
  • Phlegm: the gift that keeps on giving.
  • For the 10th year in a row (not counting the year I was unemployed), I shall be working this Christmas Day. As such, I will take tomorrow off and celebrate Boxing Day.
  • I hope you celeberate it like this.


    I got hardbacks of the second two books in Prince of Nothing, and a check.
  • Everyone in the family got the usual from my father-in-law: a wad of cash and an order to play seven card stud. Game finished up around 2:30 AM.
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    What I got from my mom's side of the family. The Sonic tin has "Chaos Emerald" candies in it. They are shaped like emeralds. This is turning out to be a pretty great Christmas.
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  • I got a grey trilby, $30 from my great-aunt, and my dad's HD camcorder. I used the $30 to buy an aftermarket battery for the camcorder so it can run more than 45 minutes (stock battery: 730mAh, Aftermarket: 3000mAh). Now all I need is about $20-$30 so I can buy a 32GB SD card to replace the 8GB one it's got right now.
  • Multivolume edition of 1Q84, House Greyjoy mug, checks aplenty, chamois shirt, Recipes Every Man Should Know.
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    Pajamas (yay!), a vinyl of some traditional Norwegian dance songs, cash moneys, and the first two books in the Foxfire collection.

    EDIT: Some cash is turning into the Eclipse expansion tomorrow.
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  • Cash moneys and a toiletry bag. Mom loved Hope Larson's A Wrinkle in Time.

    The money's probably going to become a Harmony Wood circular needle set and tuition or something.
  • Some clothes, a pepper grinder and portal 2 coasters.
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    Some shirts, a tie, a bowtie, a few blindbag ponies, and a bottle of Chimay Blue (Which is technically a bit early since I'm not 21 for another two weeks).
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    Glorious new (used) amp and a couple games.

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    A proper haul list now that I'm actually awake and alert. I got: a stocking full of treats and things, a little stuffed Lamb Chop (♥), an issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, new clothes and some jewellery to get my new wardrobe rolling (plus a shirt I had mentioned wanting from RIPT), a movie trivia card game, gift cards and gifted movies/music for iTunes, the book Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, and cold hard cash.

    Also the gifts I gave to my family were greatly received and I felt great. Good year.
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  • Pretty sweet record you got there, Greg.
  • While I'm not attempting in any way to lower the spirit of those who celebrate this day, I present this....
  • Some sweets, body wash, and other toiletries in my stocking, a copy of Black 2, sudoku calendar, pc mouse, and enough cash to get a 3DS. Nice haul this year.
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    From the 'rents: Red Wing Beckman boots, Chris Ware's Building Stories, Sandman Slipcase Edition, a TWSBI Diamond 540 (Gaiman's preferred fountain pen) and yu-yake (burnt orange) Iroshizuku ink, Hive Carbon.

    From my brother: A Mishka hoodie. The gift tag announced his rap name: "Tío Onitsuka Puma."

    Other relatives: A pile of cash, some excellent socks, and a really nice bordeaux heather cardigan that matches my dark cherry boots.

    Also someone to kiss and all the perks that comes with.This was the best Christmas in my life; "Fairytale of Chicago" for sure. I gave her the weirdest gift ever (the hardcover album of Jesse Moynihan's Forming) and she freaked out, kissed me, and then we read the first few pages together. So many great feels, man.
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    Dammit WuB! You've got me looking at fountain pens again. While a Gaiman recommendation carries a hefty bit of weight and though I do like the way it looks, it just doesn't look as fountain pen as these do. I think I'm gonna look for a proper stationary store in Orlando before I buy anything so I can have a go with them first.

    EDIT: Apparently stationary stores sell wedding and homey things, not pens.
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  • Got three card games, a couple movies, a PS3 game, a shirt, a couple power tools (like a REAL man!), and some gift cards/money. But the coolest thing I got that's pretty significant is that my girlfriend's grandmother gave me her Spanish acoustic guitar to play and take care of. It's a very nice instrument.
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    I got a bunch of good stuff. I don't feel like listing everything but I got some random gadgety things and silly bits like a hobo knife and light saber chopsticks, some tools, some games like Skyrim, Borderlands 2, BLOPS2 and some others. My dad made me a sweet knife. He just used some good air-hardened steel he had lying around at work for the blade, and he used some black walnut from a tree that fell down at our neighbors house for the grip. And the rivets are 9mm shells, which I though was neat. Also, he got me a .22 that he refinished the stock on with a really nice 9x scope on it. Man, I forgot what its like to use a nice scope.
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  • Pretty good haul this year. A Timbuk2 backpack. An awesome mug from ThinkGeek that is a chemistry lab beaker w/ handle. Weird Al: The Book. Game of Thrones cookbook. A Space Invaders tie. A stocking from Etsy made w/ Mario and Zelda fabric from the 80s (which I suspect might be repurposed bedsheets/pillowcases). Mario & Zelda sheet music books for piano.

    Also plenty of games. New Super Mario Bros 2 on 3DS. Board/card games: Bohnanza, King of Tokyo, the Power Grid new plants deck, We Didn't Playtest This: Legacies, Unexploded Cow, Quarto, and the Moustache Game
  • Wife and I managed to swing a pretty good Christmas this year, kids were pleased. We're pleased. Spent just the right amount of time with in-laws, with dad, and then home where the little one went straight to bed and fell dead asleep in seconds.

    Sarah got the 3DS she was dying for and we used gift cards to split a Wii U. New Super Mario Bros 2 on 3DS is better than New Super Mario Bros U, which is a little annoying but we'll live.

    Izzy got a little pink "powerwheels" Mini-Cooper that she's enamored with even though there's been no chance to actually drive it yet, and a pile of other stuff.

    Wife got a Kindle Fire HD so that she can watch Netflix without huddling over her computer desk in the far corner of the room most evenings. She did some bargain shopping and got me a very nice stainless steel Citizen Eco-Drive watch, similar to ones I've had my eyes on for years but could never justify buying. Now I have to find a jeweler to adjust the band. Pfffft like I wanted homework for Christmas.
  • I got money, popcorn in a avengers Tin :-p, workout pants, two lamps, and a assortment of stuff I can only assume were bought with those free coupons from CVS ;-p

    Laura and I avoided giving each other presents due to impending house buying.
  • and a assortment of stuff I can only assume were bought with those free coupons from CVS ;-p

    Laura and I avoided giving each other presents due to impending house buying.
    That's the sort of stuff my crazy, intermittently-employed mom used to bring for us. Big sacks full of dollar store items and free offers.

    Chris (wife) and I hadn't bought each other gifts for Christmas for about 4 years, preferring to spend more on the kids, but this year we managed to do a little better on the budgeting and even though it's not about material stuff, everybody had a little better Christmas because we felt accomplished.
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