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FRCF Secret Santa 2013: Now with address verification! (Entry Deadline Oct. 5th)



  • Greg said:

    Amp said:

    Cremlian said:

    oh cool just wanted to make sure I was a party pooper and I wasn't overcome by some festive spirit and signed up.

    Did you shake your cain at some youths?
    Fairly certain his Cain was killed by Abel.
    I love my spelling mistakes at times. I feel we should start to keep track of some of the more amusing ones and the puns that follow. So I can get it right it is the cane spelling I wanted isn't it as Cain is a name. Doh.
  • Wait, I just realized people were already buying gifts for their santees a page ago. Should we know who we have?

    Because I don't know who I have.
  • Oh riiiight. I guess I should buy something.
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    The gift for my santee is arriving tomorrow and I plan to mail mine out this weekend, depending upon laziness.
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  • Oh jeez, I found the email. I must have marked it as "read" in a sleepy haze, as I got it real early in the morning. At least, that's the excuse I'm going with!
  • Gift for Santee has been ordered and is being shipped directly to them.
  • Got my gift today. Thank you for the Jungle Speed Coldguy. It will be played this Christmas break for sure.
  • I have every intention of going to the post office today to mail my present.
  • I'll do my shopping when I finish finals, which means Friday. Unfortunately, that means my Santee probably won't get their thing before Christmas, so sorry about that.
  • I could get my Santee a nice but generic gift before Christmas, or something handmade and funny the week after.

    What do you guys think I should do?

  • It's honestly whatever you want. I do enjoy making handmade items, however my time is limited. I know my present is something my Santee with love. I unfortunately forgot my wallet at home, so now I can't mail it out today. However, now I'll just get more tiny presents and extra goodies and decorate the packaging since I have another day to send it out.
  • The latter, without question.
  • The latter, without question.

  • I think Im going to have to be boring and get my santee something through steam. Just been to busy to put propper time into what I wanted. I hope to send it later but it would be in January I think.
  • Thanks, Steve!
  • I think I got my gift and I think I know exactly who sent it to me even though there was no note. So thanks Greg, I love The Wild and didn't have this record yet! <3
  • You're welcome. It seemed silly for the record to get shipped to me, so that it could then go right back to CA with a note, so I asked Asian Man Records to include a note explain it was from me, but I guess they didn't read that request.
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    Sorry, it's been late my Santee, and I'm not sure if you'll like, but I'm going to try and make you something nice. Even though you may not get it till around new years. :(

    Also, if you're my santa and you're sending me something, I'm leaving DC on the 19th of Jan. Just a heads up.
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  • Finally mailed mine yesterday. My Secret Santa should receive their package on the 26th. USPS Flat Rate boxes are awesome.
  • Sorry for the delay, santee, I've been waiting for the next paycheck to come in. You'll get your gift soon, sorry it won't be in before Christmas.
  • Got my gift (Thanks Pegu!) and sent mine out today. Sorry, Santee, you're getting yours a few days late.
  • Yay. Hope you enjoy the book.
  • I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Santee you should have your gift very shortly, there were some porblems and a small fire but things are back on track. Provided I don't die in the next fiffty muniets.
  • Thank you Santa for three awesome games on Steam! Eventually I'll find time play Gone Home, Brothers, and Ducktales! Merry Christmas!
  • Hope you like them, sorry that I couldn't get you something a bit more personal.
  • Naw. It's all good. Digital goods are easier that way. Plus I put those on the top of my wishlist for such a purpose to show my Secret Santa! ^_~
  • I also got a steam game from my Santa! I got Puzzle Quest 2!
  • I got my gift! A Rainbow Dash POP figure, a daily sketchbook, copic multiliners and a plushie that give me a tip on who gave me these things. ^_~

    Thank you, and thanks for your letter. *bows*
  • Mine was confirmed as delivered a couple weeks ago. Have yet to receive anything.
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