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FRCF Secret Santa 2013: Now with address verification! (Entry Deadline Oct. 5th)



  • My Santee received his gift via Steam a week or two ago. Haven't gotten anything.
  • I always assume living in Britain that things will be late anyway.
  • Sorry for the wait Santee, I promise I haven't forgotten about you!
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    Thanks Vino. I wanted Prison Architect but didn't feel like paying for it yet.
    Edit: More games! Fly me to the moon and Witcher. Thanks so much!
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  • Sorry for the wait Santee, I promise I haven't forgotten about you!

    If your my santer then don't worry, people have lots of stuff on.
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    Santa must have vised because he has achieved the unachievable. I received something that I both needed and did not know I needed.

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  • Gift is finally away through Amazon. Apologies to my Santee for taking so long to decide on a gift.
  • Thanks, Banta! Both for the wallscroll you sent me, and the wallscroll you didn't :P
  • ALRIGHT. Sorry for delay, Santee, your gift should be there in mid-January bcuz international shipping.
  • Okay, really, money issues aside, what is up with you guys? All y'all sending out yer gifts all late and such.
  • Money issues, traveling, academics, and also I'm in 4 different gift exchanges.
  • Mostly not being able to find the time to think of appropriate gifts.
  • Amazon says my gift is confirmed Delivered as of the 18th. I hope that's true!

    I've been out of town for a while, so I haven't had the chance to thank my santa for Saints Row 4 BUT THANK YOU!
  • Hey Santa cheers for the gift! I look forward to consuming fine cookies and coffee, with some of that lovely jam on toast. My brother and I got all British over the jam extoling its vitrues.
  • According to Amazon, my gift arrived a week ago, although I don't think I've seen my Santee report in yet.
  • I should add that I assume that it was my secret santa and not another person sending me breakfast delights.
  • I'm not sure who my Santa was because I don't recognize the person's real name, but to whoever it was:


    You magnificent bastard. <3
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    Eryn just won Secret Santa 2013 !
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  • I had family troubles, but I'm back in my house. Thanks for the gifts santee, I can't wait to break out Call of Cthulhu this coming game night. >D
  • Yeah so turns out what I got was from another person not santee, well shit I assume santee is on it.
  • Got my gift from my Santa, a wonderful copy of one of my favourite books Neverwhere, which was pretty wonderful. Thanks a ton Santa much appreciated, I read it the day it came.
  • I was afraid of that, but in the end I decided to send it anyways because it is one of the, if not the most, important books to me. I was at in a really vulnerable time when I first opened its pages: depressed, helpless and nearly suicidal. But its message and the journey and change in the main character inspired me so much that it kicked me out of my long standing depression and pretty much saved my life. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
  • I loved it thank you very much! PM your address so I can send you something if you'd like.
  • Is this happening in 2014?
  • I've been busy and forgot. I'll put up a form today.
  • Yeah I was thinking about this the other day.
  • People who make shit usually do not have enough time. With this late start, will it be worse than usual?
  • In terms of handmade things, yeah, probably.
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