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GeekNights Monday - That Penny Arcade Job Posting



  • Drones were already in use in several businesses. The FAA is now shutting them down.
  • For those who are missing PATV: Extra Credits has completely transferred over to YouTube and are looking to expand there, Checkpoint continues on as a feature on the stream programming from LoadingReadyRun which is posted to their YouTube page afterwards, and Shut Up and Sit Down is now on The Escapist.
  • Is there a Checkpoint-only rss feed? I subscribed to LRR's whole feed, and it was too much.
  • okeefe said:

    Is there a Checkpoint-only rss feed? I subscribed to LRR's whole feed, and it was too much.

    You could subscribe to their blog feed where they post only about once a week with their summary post for the week. That however means you will see the episode somewhat later.
  • Rym! Stop being an idiot about Istanbul waterways!

    The Great Chain didn't stretch across the Bosphorus! It stretched across the Golden Horn, which is the wide river mouth on one side of the old city. It's the old harbor. The Byzantines didn't want invaders to enter their harbor. A chain across the Bosphorus would have been super impressive, but completely useless for stopping ships getting into the harbor. Unless they used two chains.... no wait, even then that wouldn't have worked.

    There were two separate chains.

    The first, protecting the Golden Horn, anchored across the water at Galata Tower.


    The second, further up the strait, spanned the Bosphorus itself between Yoros Castle and Rumeli Kavagi. It apparently was used to prevent forces from entering the region from the Black Sea.


    It's ambiguous which are pieces of that chain, and the chain of custody for the remnants of both are suspect from what I can gather. Sadly, Yoros castle is currently closed to tourists due to archaeological excavation, so I wasn't able to get up there despite having had the time to do so.

    It seems that the Golden Horn's chain was semi-permanent, and could be raised or lowered as needed. The Bosphorus Chain, however, may only have been deployed during war.
  • In looking for maps showing the locations of the chains, they vary considerably, but are in those general areas at least. ;^)
  • I stand corrected. However, the chain you were talking about in the podcast was the great chain across the Golden Horn, not the other one. And at that point (actually in the city) it doesn't cross the Bosphorus. And the Bosphorus still isn't a river.
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