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Eurovision 2015

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  • Serbia was pretty hot in the semifinals.

  • Nice weirdo finger dance by the backups.
  • I like Germany this year, but it isn't crazy or anything.
  • Grattis till Sverige i att vinna Eurovision! Armenia, land of my blood, GOT STOMPED. I am ambivalent.
    Also, Australia's song was great.
  • Also, Australia's song was great.

    Genuinely surprised, since Guy Sebastian is an Australian idol winner, who has seen more attempts to re-invent and re-invigorate his career than he's actually had hit singles or albums.

    Also, we came fifth, not a bad result.
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    Austria's song wasn't great, but I feel like they should have gotten at least some points given that they set their piano on fire.

    The winning song, "Heroes," had mad special effects:
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  • I thought those were just well choreographed projector and screen interactions.
  • No votes for Germany, wtf Europe? WTF?
  • UK had electroswing with scatting and flips. Then they got 2-3 points. Not even Australia gave them points.
  • UK needs to sit down. How did they even qualify

  • Latvia, Belgium, Georgia, Germany were very underrated, whilst Russia and Italy were very overrated IMO.

    It was funny how some point announcers were dropping their connections. What were they using Skype on dialup wooden PC? Looked like some had colour correction issues/ fake backdrops.
  • Italy's song itself wasn't much to talk about, but their singers were way good compared to pretty much everyone else. I wanted to see more points for Serbia and for the UK's electroswing.
  • Georgia is a Disney villain.
  • Rym said:

    Georgia is a Disney villain.


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    I wonder if Australias song being called Tonight Again was some sort of meta joke about them only being in Eurovision this one time and a suggestion they want to come back ("Tomorrow we can do tonight again").

    Also felt the winner was a bit weak other than the cool projection stuff whereas the Russian entry was designed by scientists to give me goosebumps.
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    UK needs to sit down. How did they even qualify

    If you mean how did they get through the UK qualifiers then it's because there wasn't much competition. If you mean how did they make it to the finals the UK is one of the "big 5" countries alongside Feance, Spain, Germany and Italy. They foot most of the bill for the contest and auto qualify for the finals.
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  • Eurovision is a topic in a throw away unit on Global Pop Music I'm doing.
    I had no idea Eurovision had / has such deep seeded political roots.
    Especially the postcards.
    At times countries are meticulously organising what their performance is going to be and if they are doing it for political messages or to win (which itself is a political move).

    The Intervision Song Contest which was set up on the East side (amongst the socialist countries plus Finland) did the first mass audience vote. People would put their lights on if they like the song and the state energy company would report the power spike (mid 1970s).

    The number of winners who have gone on to have political or global music careers was interesting to find (versus those who just fail into obscurity).
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