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PAX West 2016



  • I played Ricochet Robots with some randos last PAX.
  • Anyone got a spot in a hotel room for PAX West, preferably in Thursday and checkout Tuesday? Bonus points if we've met or have friends in common.

    I've got badges, but I want to sort out hotel before getting flights.

    Repost due to page turn.
  • Jeremy and I got Flick'em Up.

    It looks like a good game for large groups for PAX. We'll be testing it out this weekend when we host a party full of pork.

    After watching this video it seems 2-6 is the choice numbers while the game states 2-10 players.

  • Oh good. I saw Flick 'em Up, but it was too much money.
  • I'm into it.
  • Actually that video made me realize that Flick 'em Up is not so great. Also, it let me know Catacombs has a re-release with a Gelatinous Cube, so let's just play that instead.
  • You buy it and bring it. I'll see what we can do with making our own scenarios.
  • I'll play Flick 'em up, especially because I'm not going to be hauling it on the airplane. Did you get the heavy wooden box or the inexpensive plastic box?

    I am most likely bringing Quartermaster General, Ricochet Robots, and my cards for Mü. Maybe oddities like Karuba, Schnäppchen Jagd, and Yokohama. Maybe the TtR Asia map for a 6p partnership game.

    If you feel especially adventurous, I'm still waiting on the overseas order I had to place in Japanese. At least Yokohama has English on the cards. :]

    Of course, Ro and Jeremy should bring Ginkgopolis because no one will have to explain the rules if Anthony and I play.
  • Pretty wooden box.

    We'll bring Ginko. Also Takenoko with Xpac, perhaps Super Tokaido Samurai Edition, Quadropolis, Party Sushi Go, Between Two Cities, Above & Below (maybe), Among The Stars, Castle Dice (maybe), and whatever.

    We need to update our BG list.
  • I want to play more Ginkopolis. I own it (thanks Adam) but have only actually played it twice due to circumstance.

    I'm bringing a very small number of powerful games. One fully-expanded Camel Up, one harsh classic Euro, and one or two niche games.
  • I'm gonna bring the games I made and make you play them since we got four days. Deal with it.
  • You don't have to bring Camel Up. We can. We have the Xpac with referee!

    What game did you make? "Scott wins game"? or "Scott always gets green"?
  • Rochelle said:

    You don't have to bring Camel Up. We can. We have the Xpac with referee!

    What game did you make? "Scott wins game"? or "Scott always gets green"?

    I made two exact opposite games.

    Vote who wins, dick over your friends: the game.

    Pure strategy: the game.
  • Rochelle said:

    We need to update our BG list.

    My current list

    Anthony's current list

    I don't expect anyone to care all that much to dig through it, but please do make requests. :P

    Scott: are we the first people that get to break your games in a real multiplayer playtest?
  • pence said:

    Scott: are we the first people that get to break your games in a real multiplayer playtest?

    Unless someone else plays before PAX.

  • If there's an Overwatch LAN tournament, who's in? I need 5.
  • Let's break it down!
  • I'm in, provided it doesn't conflict with my shift.
  • I wanted to buy the new Catacombs but damn, the box is huuuuge. My limiting factor these days is room on shelf. I have a self imposed limit that I can't overflow the capacity of my vast IKEA shelving. Because let's be honest, I own too many games as it is.
  • I forget if I mentioned it on other threads about this game, but also bringing Agility

    It states only 2 players, but Jeremy and I think we can make it a 4 player game.
  • Agility is good shit! It's made by the people who did Morels. They only do 2p stuff.
  • Oh right, there are two full sets of tix on my desk here that I do not need for myself.
  • Sell them, make some of that monies back.
  • I'm now all set on hotel, just booked flights. Ready for PAX West!
  • My PAX West schedule:

    10:30 - Keynote + little bit of Q&A
    12:00 - Netrunner tournament

    3:30 - Civ VI panel (maybe)
    5:00 - Our Panel


    3:00 - Saturn Bomberman Tournament (maybe)
    5:30 - Omegathon
  • Funny, that's almost the same as my schedule.
  • I still have two full sets of badges on my desk that I do not need. Do not make me resort to
  • I'm a little late to reply but I'd love to get in on playing board games with people. Very curious about Scott's games. :o

    Got a really good deal on a flight to Seattle with not a bad itinerary even! So that's all set. Yaaaaay, I can't wait~ I haven't been able to go back to a PAX since 2008 so I feel that bell ringin' super loud for me right about now. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  • This will be a good PAX I think. It's a shame Emily has to skip this one though! =(
  • Submitted for the approval of the PAX West thread:

    Games to Bring to PAX West 2016

    Some things I'm unsure about... I am contemplating leaving out Fast Food Franchise (for Saint Petersburg or Acquire? Grand Austria Hotel?) unless there's interest. Similarly, I could swap Mü out for a lighter card game if the trick-taking dudes aren't into it.

    The only reason I'm not bringing Ginkgopolis is because Ro and Jeremy already have it.

    Russian Railroads and The Voyages of Marco Polo are big BGG games that deserve all the attention they've received in the past two years. The only reason we haven't played these at previous conventions is that 4p 60-90 minute euros are a tough slot to fill in a non-West PAX schedule.
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