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    6-0 in placement matches for Season 2 now. I main D.Va for offense/KotH and am having a lot of success often earning a gold in damage and/or eliminations, which is odd for tank but since I'm the offensive tank instead of the group tank this may not be wrong at all. For defense I'm usually playing Roadhog which also works quite well with a team that knows how to play with a tank (which is most often what I find to be the issue in Quick Play),

    The only match were it looked dire at a time so far was an attack/defense on Watchpoint Gibraltar were I played solo with a team consisting of a group of 3 and a group of 2 players. None of them went healer and so I was forced and I really don't like playing the medic, much less being the only medic in comp. We pushed them to OT though in their first attack. After that I switched to D.Va and we quickly pushed our Offense, held them without a capture on their second offense and won the game in our second offense.

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    Probably shouldn't have talked about it. Finished my placement matches 7-3, but I was pretty encumbered too. One game I was forced to play healer on offense (which I hate). Then on the returning D nobody wants to play tank except me. I play Roadhog which is a really good defensive solo tank, get told to play Reinhardt, nobody stands behind me, and my game-winning play with a quadruple Earthshatter gets blocked by the enemy Zenyatta's ult who just came back from spawn.

    The last game was particularly bad. I actually thought about stopping after two consecutive losses but wanted to finish the placement matches. I play D.Va on Dorado Offense. Hunt down both their healers, then I join the cart and get perma-focused by the enemy Zarya who my team is completely incapable of killing, but gives her a damage boost all-the freaking time. Then the team starts flaming each other. We barely make a dent, I get a good play off as Roadhog but get double team before being able to kill the enemy Roadhog, three men down and we lose.

    Oh well. Rank 2665 at the moment which puts me in Platinum.
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  • Why are there no new overwatch posts? Back in my day...
  • I climbed to 2750 then had a loss streak this morning. I'm reminded of when I hit my first hurdle in League where I'm just not sure how I'm losing and how I'm winning some games. Things either just miraculously all come together or fall apart. Of course, every other player in every losing game has 50 explanations for why it's not in any part their fault and everyone else is bad; but like League, I'm pretty sure they're just full of shit.

    I possibly need to spend some more time on Soldier or Mcree to be able to take that role when it's needed, and my Zarya and Rein are just not as good as good Zarya and Reins. Possibly need to learn Zenyatta since I kinda just coast on Lucio mostly.
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    Why are there no new overwatch posts? Back in my day...

    I PAXjo.
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  • Gonna do my ranking matches tonight I think
  • I don't know if I'm getting a group of 6 together for this season, so now I'm left with a conundrum... do I wait, or do I get them done soon? If I wait too long, is it all brand new people? While I might do well individually, no guarantee of a match win, and those sorts of matches are nightmares.
  • I've historically done placement matches solo, and they seem to turn out okay.
  • I did my placements and most games after it with a group of friends. Almost got to platinum, and then I decided to play some competitive on my own as I have more free time as the rest of the group. Loss streak happened and now platinum seems so far away again.

    I'm sure I can hit platinum before the season ends. I have still lots of time to improve and to get better. But I still probably play safe and have my friends help (carry) me and play more solo queue after I get the shiny medal.
  • I actually seem to lose a lot more with groups, but on the other hand solo any loss seems to include a whole lot of everyone on voice blaming everyone else for every single game. I play to just play, so it's not that bothersome, it just seems incredibly stupid to me.
  • I am apparently incapable of completeing a competitive match without my internet dying. What the fuck AT&T
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    Finished my placement, firmly in Gold. Every other game was a loss until the end. It was a frustrating pattern. I was either getting all golds and silvers or not ranking at all :-p (pretty much stuck to my Symmetra, Winston, Rein or D'VA. Though my best game was as 76 where I worked with the Symmetra to create a horrific kill zone.
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  • Played a couple of matches today. One game on Road 66 I went on a 25 kill streak with Pharah. We won that one pretty handily. Then I had two terrible matches. One was marred by a Torbjorn who had absolutely no clue what he was doing and put up sentries right outside the attackers spawn. The other was just a dumb team that left me as Reinhardt all alone on the push. At least the last game was pretty good in Eichenwalde where I played D.Va on offense and Zarya on D. Highlight was deleting a last ditch Hanzo Dragon before it could get going. :)
  • Yeah there are some pretty awful Torbs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fantastic, but I played a round with Torb on Eichenwalde and there was a pretty decent turret spot that was very narrow and I got something like 25-30 turret kills and the other team literally never made it past the archway. A couple games after that others started playing Torb and were putting it right around the corner so if you had more than one person swing around your turret was just done for. I was trying to comprehend why anyone thought that would be a good spot.
  • Is it just me or is Eichenwald much easier to defend than attack?
  • Pretty much everyone is saying that. Still fun though.
  • Is it just me or is Eichenwald much easier to defend than attack?

    Very much so, mostly because of the arch before the first point. It's the only access point and a Reinhardt shielding it or a Mei repeatedly walling it off can be very difficult to overcome, particularly with a Torbjorn or Bastion behind them and Soldier or McCree sitting on top of the arch. Best strategy I've found so far is a Pharah or D.Va clearing the top of the arch, then raining down from above, but even that is tricky particularly with the Bastion/Turret behind the arch.

    The last bend before the throne can also be rather tricky. They've already said they are thinking about redesigning some small things and provide a better flankroute on the first point.
  • I've had some luck with Genji and Reaper teleporting or scaling the wall and b lining it for the capture point. As Genji that's pretty much always my strategy though. Try and pull some of their forces away to make it easier for the others to break through.
  • He's a gentle soul. Good for her.
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    Did all 10 placement matches last night -- went 8-2 and placed into Platinum. Hoping for a couple lucky matches to bump me up and get that sweet diamond marker this season. It happened on PTR, it might happen here!
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  • I really hate that a loss on uneven teams still affects your rank.
  • I really hate that a loss on uneven teams still affects your rank.

    Yeppppp. My placements went terribly. I feel like I've been in MMR hell
  • I really hate that a loss on uneven teams still affects your rank.

    Yeppppp. My placements went terribly. I feel like I've been in MMR hell
    Where are you at? I'm solidly in silver between teammate disconnects and my own shitty internet connection.
  • Ranked platinum (barely) at 2540
  • Oh man I need to play. Tonight I finally fly home!
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    Well, I hesitate to push the blame off to someone else, but jeez. I have already lost 300 rank in competitive and I can't help but think that it is just a large part playing with incompetent idiots. Like today one game I was paired with some guy who of course first pick up damage dealers and can't do shit with them. I play D.Va as tank and I am the only one trying to break the enemy Reinhardt's shield. Meanwhile our mercy continously bitches into the chat about how the whole team sucks ass. And then in a KotH round I get told to switch off of Pharah because I'm not doing enough, while I had gold damage, gold eliminations and gold objective kills and continuously focus their healers.

    At least my last round today was somewhat good. Played Pharah on offense on Hanamura and did my job well, especially their Genji was completely outclassed because I just timed my shots to not fire into his reflect and killed him multiple times while he tried to flee. On defense someone else picked DPS and I went tank. After an unsuccessful attempt at Zarya I switch to Roadhog for the second point and I tell you, my hooks were on point. Particularly their Reinhardt must have hated my guts. I was basically sitting on the platform on the top right of the point or on the platform connecting the flanks above the main entrance. I repeatedly pealed the Reinhardt off my teammates and blasted him in the face not sure why he continued going low route instead of up top. The best thing though was when I fell into the trench an the Reinhardt made a suicide dive by charging across the bridge, pinning one of my teammates. I hooked him mid-charge, pulled him off my teammate and murdered him right then and there.
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  • Because of the matchmaking system and luck, you are just destined to win or lose certain matches regardless of how well you do. Just be careful you don't tilt and play worse, leading to a downward spiral of loses. PMA: positive mental attitude.

    I've already been there done that in dota, where my friends who dropped from top 25% skillwise down to bottom 25% of players through self defeatist attitudes.
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