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Animal Crossing: City Folk (& DS Flash Card).

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My friend just linked me this: Animal Crossing Wii goes MMO.

FUCK. I'm excited, yet extremely scared at the same time. I played the Game Cube version and was instantly in love. The DS version made matters worse. I would make sure I wouldn't miss a day so I could tend to my flowers and gardening, sending letters to townsfolk, buying items from Tom Nook, and every Saturday I was able to get another song from the awesomeness known as K.K. Slider. Oh god, this game is going to eat up my life. I already know.


The article also mentions the DS Flash Card to be able to get Nintendo Gameboy & Gameboy Color games. O_O


  • I can't buy this.
    A) I just sold my Wii
    B) I love Animal Crossing
    When I bought my Gamecube I got AC for free. I skipped work EVERY DAY that week faking a killer flu. I banked, minimum, 10 hours a day for at least a week... Then casually after.
  • You should have never sold your Wii. Shame on you!
  • A flash card just lets you run things on DS from an SD micro card.
  • Yeah, I've been holding out for AC on the Wii.
  • I let myself get consumed with the first one. While I bought the DS one, I tried to keep myself from getting too addicted. I realized that the only way to play Animal Crossing is to get addicted.
  • Erm, not to alarm anyone but both a new Pheonix Wright game and Front Mission for the DS came out. How did that slip under the radar?
  • Erm, not to alarm anyone but both a new Pheonix Wright game and Front Mission for the DS came out. How did that slip under the radar?
    I'm waiting for Amazon to ship my pre-ordered Phoenix Wright.
  • I never played AC.
  • Trials and Tribulations is pretty good. The last case is bloody awesome.
  • I never played AC.

    Then you still retain a soul.
  • Well, seeing that it has almost been a year since anyone has commented on this, that I freaken love animal crossing, AND that the new animal crossing city folk is coming out very soon, I'm going to bring this disscussion to teh top! So, who has either Animal Crossing, who loves it, and who can't wait for the new one?
  • Welcome to the forum Rezz, thanks for the necropost.. I still have AC on my memory card, just can't get back into it (unless I can somehow extract the save from my original copy). It'd be good to get some online play going some time.
  • I'm selling my Wii within 2 weeks. My cousin offered me $225 for my Wii (which has a few downloaded games), 3 controllers, and 2 games (monkey ball and wii play). I really can't pass that up. I doubt I could get a better deal anywhere else. Plus I never play the damn thing.

    I love AC, but I doubt I'll ever get another AC game again. I got so addicted to the first 2 games I can't imagine what I'd do with the next game. I already have such a large backlog of games, manga, and anime, that I don't really want a game consuming a lot of my time...oh well, I guess.
  • I really don't see the appeal behind AC. The GC version didn't click with me at all.
  • My Wii is offline currently, and I probably still wouldn't get this because updates would likely be forced. I'm running a LOT of homebrew.
  • I don't have a wii, but I will get one, eventually. My brother keeps nagging me to help buy one, but there are two problems; first, I don't have enough money, and two, I'm not into video games as much as I used to be. But who knows, the wii might change that.
    I am pretty sure that ac is the going to be one of the first games we get.
  • Life Sims rarely keep my interest longer than a few months or so, so while I'll doubtlessly get Animal Crossing, I probably won't pay off my debt as usual.

    I don't understand selling a system that's still part of the current generation and is actively receiving new games, though. Chances are that even if there's nothing you want to get right now, eventually something will come along that will attract your interest and make you blow the dust off that system.
  • Doesn't really matter. The same can be said about the DS (which already has a strong game library...), which I'd rather be playing. Not to mention my large backlog of games to play.
  • So after getting a good deal at Fry's, I purchased AC: City Folk for $40. I did not purchase the Wii Speak Microphone yet, but I will eventually.

    If anyone has AC:CF, feel free to add me to your friends' list. I'm Ro of McJoBonx, and my code is 3996-0243-2270. I'll be happy to add you back.

    Later on tonight, I'm going to try to go to my AC: Wild World on the DS file to see if I can bring anything from my old town to the Wii Town. That would be pretty awesome if I could.

    And as a finishing touch, a poster by a person named,Brandon Kramer, that shows the awesomeness of K.K. Slider.
  • What fruit do you have growing in town? I have peaches but need a good foreign fruit to get the cash machine rolling.
  • What fruit do you have growing in town? I have peaches but need a good foreign fruit to get the cash machine rolling.
    I have cherries. Let me know what your code is, I'll come over to your town and plant a crap load of cherry trees.
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    I've just started playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on the DS... the people in my town are weeeeird. Also, my guy looks like a dork. I'm assuming there's a way to buy clothes.

    EDIT: I just made a constellation called "Fail Whale". It looks like a whale.
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    Your character looks are decided by the questions you answer in the taxi. For clothes, you want "The Able Sisters" shop.
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  • I haven't played Animal Crossing in ages. Good times, though.

    And if anyone needs some money, just ask. I have, like, 19,121,087 bells in the bank. All earned semi-legitimately through a turnip-market ponzi scheme Nook and I ran back in the day.
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    Oh man...Nook has a Space Station today. I HAVE NO MONEY!!!!

    Thane, Can I have some money?

    EDIT: Ohhh... He'll buy seashells.... And I got a friend code! 5371-1351-1735
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    I've just realised that, due to the times I played Animal Crossing at, I've never seen K.K. Slider.

    I also worked out how to extract the save game from my old cartridge so I'm now stuck with two alternate realities, only one of which can continue to exist..
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  • I'm now stuck with two alternate realities, only one of which can continue to exist..
  • Thane, Can I have some money?
    You may have as much of my riches as you can carry my friend, but be warned: easy money can make the game very dull.

    That said, if you'd like a visitor with some useful gifts, I'll need your dude's name and your town's name, along with the friend code you gave.

    My details are:
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    I'd just like to pay off my mortgage and maybe get a bigger place. I've invited you and my gate is open. I'll leave my DS plugged in and on.

    My details are:
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    I'll just necro this thread for the new Animal Cross: New Leaf. No need to create a new one.

    A little over a month. Bishes, get excited! Can't wait for June 9th.

    Ryan told me there will be sloths in the game now.

    When I was at PAX East at the demo booth, I saw so many cool things with the new town. There are a few videos I posted on my Vine (RosakaM) of the demo: You now can make custom furniture. Tortimer is retired, you are the Mayor

    Among other changes:
      You get to be Mayor, to where you customize the town and how it's built. There is only one bridge, so you get to build bridges wherever in the town.
      You get to swim to deep sea dive to catch fish or treasure.
      You can designate your town for certain functions to be early birds or night owls, so your townspeople/stores can wake up early or stay up late.
      The island you travel to is the home of Capn' and his family. There is a new set of currency for that island only, to where you do tasks for them and trade in the currency for special island sets.
    That's just a few. You can read more of the changes here.

    I also understand that to visit your friend's towns you just need to friend them through the 3DS. No extra codes needed.

    My friend code is: 4811-7092-1029

    I know for a fact that Diddgery (3652 0663 1639) and VentureJ (3222-5560-5254) will be playing as well. Friend us!
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