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Animal Crossing: City Folk (& DS Flash Card).



  • Narshe now has a themed flag and town tune! Magitek Armor flag and Terra's Theme tune. :)
  • I've added most of you, my friend code is 4468-2254-6517, lets do it!
  • Just encountered Gulliver washed up on my beach. Didn't give me anything but instead alluded to mailing me something when he gets to where he is going.
  • Gah. I need to hurry up and find a painting to donate to the museum. Once you donate 20 items to the museum, with at least one in each section, you talk to Blathers and he mentions talk about the second floor.

    Once the second floor is built, you will be able to purchase the silver shovel, silver fishing rod, and fishing net along with unlocking Celeste and her gift shop of items.
  • I'm still working on the developer's permit. Apparently I haven't watered all the flowers...But I can't find the ones I haven't. D:
  • Where do you get paintings?
  • Crazy Redd shows up once a week in a tent. You pay him to be a "cousin," and then he sells thing. You can get one item from him a week. He sells paintings and sculptures, but also forgeries of paintings and sculptures. You can tell it's a forgery by looking at it, because it's actual real-world art. There are guides online, too.
  • I am a bells-making machine. Full loan paid. Now.... only about 90k to go on the expansion loan lol
  • Is there a particular day when Redd shows up?
  • I don't believe so. I think it's just a random day of the week.
  • You'll get a letter in the mail from him with a password.
  • My cherries are in bloom would anyone like to visit sometime tonight to pick some up? Peaches, Apples, and Coconuts are still growing.
  • Redd is in town today, although the way they have the fakes set up are really accurate.
  • Paid off 2nd mortgage yesterday along with meeting up with Phineas. He gave me the Fish Maniac badge for already catching up to 50% of the fish. ^_^

    Also got 100% so Town Development will be starting soon.

    Now to find some rare bugs for the Bug Off this Saturday. The Nook brothers better have an axe for sale.
  • The flower shop sells axes.
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    Dammit! I should have read that. Now to see how to get that opened up.

    Edit: You have to do 30 gardening tasks like watering flowers, pulling weeds, and planting trees for the shop to open up next to Nook's Junction.
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  • Or I can give you an Axe later.
  • Dammit! I should have read that. Now to see how to get that opened up.

    Edit: You have to do 30 gardening tasks like watering flowers, pulling weeds, and planting trees for the shop to open up next to Nook's Junction.
    One site I had read was saying you had to do 30 of each gardening task, plus wait 5 days from start of the game. I remember you saying you bought the official book, Ro. Is this an exaggeration?
  • Per the book:
    Gardening Stone
    Hours - Default: 0900-2000
    Early Riser Ordinance: 0700-2000
    Night Owl Ordinance: 0900-2300

    Demonstrate your willingness to cultivate a lush, vibrant town by performing 30 gardening tasks, such as planting and watering flowers, planting trees (including fruit trees), and pulling weeds. Once this is done, it won't be long before a friendly fellow named Leif will open a small gardening store next to Timmy and Tommy's shop.

    Leif doesn't offer much, but his store is a good source of gardening supplies like flower seeds and saplings. Swing by Leif's whenever you wish to spruce up your town!

    TIP: Pay Leif a modest fee, and he'll uproot all of the weeds in your town. Sometimes it's worth it!
    It's not definite, but what your read may be true. That would suck, but it seems they want us to wait a bit. :( I guess we'll see for ourselves soon enough.
  • I feel like my development permit is taking forever to complete. I'm only at like 51% approval. I need to get some more fruits in my town.
  • That's because you need to do all the suggestions Isabelle gives. Then you'll get 100%.

    I'll take that axe Steve. I'm home all day.
  • I should be home after five.

    I setup a bridge fund as my first development project. I wanted the museum upgrade first but I have not seen Redd yet and a second bridge will help save me time getting around town.

    Visited the island today and brought back coconuts and papyas (might be mangos) as well as a bunch of bugs.

    You need to earn medals to buy stuff on the island but after I buy a diving suit will there be other things to buy?
  • I am working on the island bit now, more focusing in getting Nook to the level 2 store to give more options to buying things. Also have more then enough for the gardening store, just need to wait...
  • Got my first piece of art from Redd. I think it might work that only one thing in his tent is real and the rest are forgeries. Make sure to use a guide to detect forgeries. He'll mail it to me tomorrow and my museum will be VUNDERBAR.
  • Doing bridge expansion, only owe 90k left. Also have another neighbor coming in. As for the balloons carrying presents, I pop them with a net as the go off the cliff. I have about 5 of the Balloon set series now.

    Also got a visit from Sahara. There goes 3k Bells.
  • You can pop them with a net?
  • I like how they don't even let you express your opinion of Sahara's work to him. I was lukewarm on the renovation and he's just like "How do you like it? Yeah I can tell you like my work."
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    Yep. They float lower as they go off the cliff. For shits and giggles I wanted to see if I could pop it by hitting it with a net and it worked.
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  • I've been using that trick too since she first posted it. XD
  • Wait, aren't you the mayor? Can't you raise taxes for things like bridge building?
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