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Animal Crossing: City Folk (& DS Flash Card).



  • The fact that they have it now in the 4th version of this game is great enough for me. If they allowed to have two at a time, that would make it easier I guess?

    In all honesty, I'll more than likely go for the Keep Your Town Beautiful Ordinance. Less time overall of having to tend to flowers is the biggest time saver for me. Bells, I can make doing other various things. As for the schedule of the town, I can make up for it normally on breaks or after work.

    One thing I realized since the game is coming out this Sunday is to make as much money as possible in the morning. That's the day Joan is selling turnips. I need to basically make as much money as possible to buy turnips. I'll be selling any fossils I discover that day along with fruit and shells. Gotta get in on the turnip market ASAP.
  • Is there a limit to how often you can change your ordinance? I agree that the Beautification one would probably be the best if only for the fact of not having to do so much annoying cleanup, but I have a feeling I'm going to really need the Night Owl option ;)

    I wasn't going to get this game at launch at first, but I'm spending next weekend up at a friend's for his birthday and it's been decreed for all guests that bringing a copy of New Leaf is mandatory.
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    From what I could gather there wasn't a limit to how many times you could, but it does cost about 20k bells each change which is a decent amount of dough.

    Brad and Jeff on GB were the two guys who had played it the most there and they both chose the beautification ordinance.
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  • Cute Brochure for the game.
  • Cute Brochure for the game.
    Most surprising thing about that Brochure: the total download for ACNL is 1 GB, you would think it would be larger. *shrug*
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    I think all 3DS games have to fit into 1GB. I seem to remember that for the original DS it was 512MB.
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  • Off topic bit I can't seem to find the 3DS thread:

    Special Mii in streetpass (internet) today.
  • 3DS game carts can be up to 8GB.
  • 3DS game carts can be up to 8GB.
    Brochure says 32GB.
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    It says SD cards, not game carts. I would be pissed if there was a game for the 3ds that took up 32 gigs in a download.
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  • Every SNES rom fits into 1.7GB.. daaammnn.
  • Man. This is killing me. People going to the NYC event get it tomorrow. I have to wait until after 11AM on Sunday. I'm so ready for this game.

    I'm almost tempted to download the game at midnight.
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    My copy just shipped. I paid for one-day shipping. Presumably, I'll get it Monday.
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  • I'm downloading the game. Of all the 3DS games this is the one to keep on your system so you can play it every day. To boot it comes out 9pm PST tomorrow.
  • I should get a 3ds soon. I really want to play this.
  • Wife and I totally would have been at the NYC event but we found about it just this morning, and already had plans to hit up a seafood festival. Overall not disappointed. Deliciousssss.

    Someone mind linking me to the friend code spreadsheet? I'll be downloading AC. My code is 1461-6566-0668
  • Nevermind realized sheet and codes were in other thread. Adding people now.
  • Gots a new poster! Just in time.


    Looks like Jeremy will be playing as well. Hehehehe.

    We tried to bribe the Game Stop employees to give us our copies now, but no luck.
  • Downloading now
  • Looks like Cathaven will be rocking the peaches. Built my home on the cliff overlooking the beach.
  • Wow the first 10k bells in the game go pretty fast, I remember it taking me much longer when I was on the Gamecube. Also friend Code is 1993-7403-9045 for peeeps who want to visit.
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    Cherries in El Grand(e) open yer gates people!
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  • Who is going to open their gate to me?
  • Probably later. But running around people's towns is real dang fun.
  • Yeah. Same here. I need to take a break. Too bad you're limited to so much during the first day. I need an axe and fishing pole so badly.
  • My game arrives tomorrow. Then I will start joinin' with you peoples.
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    Sweet, the mayor's secretary just gave me 3 cherries! That would suck if my town grew cherries!

    It appears the game is in short supply. If I was not friends with the local game store owner I would have purchased the digital copy.
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  • I see you online Ro are you going to open the gate?
  • Check in 5 minutes. I only have a few peaches left. Feel free to take them.
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