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Animal Crossing: City Folk (& DS Flash Card).



  • House that you bought? Same size as the tent -_-

    However I need to get my approval rating up so that I can build the vital bridge.
  • Yup. Been talking to townsfolk and watering flowers. I like that flowers glitter after you water them.

    Bells are super easy to come by.
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    So a day has gone by. Here are the things that I really enjoyed so far. If they were part of City Folk, I must have forgotten.

    - Being able to give Blathers a slew of donations, as well as assessments of fossils. You don't have to go through all that jibber jabber.
    - When you make a donation, it will darken items you've already donated. So freaking cool.
    - Mass selling of items. I'm pretty sure this was part of City Folk, but I forget.
    - Flowers sparkling to show you've already watered them.

    There are probably a few others, but those are the major ones that I am really loving. I'm looking forward to getting more stores opened up as well as other town improvements.

    I better get an axe today. I need to chop down some trees.

    Also making bells is pretty easy. I like how you got the fishing pole and watering can from Isabelle. That's helps so much.

    Also looking for someone who has pears, oranges, or apples. I need your fruit!
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  • All of those features were in City Folk. XD
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    She gave you a fishing pole? I knew I should have asked about fishing... I already had a net.
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    Yeah. I barely played recall playing City Folk. I guess I'm comparing Wild Word and New Leaf.

    If anything, it just shows that Animal Crossing on the hand held is better > console. Well, for me at least.
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  • The heck, how are all of you getting these free tools, and I just get a message to do jack squat? Ah well.
  • I like how you can quickly equip items with the d-pad.
  • You guys need to read the stuff being said. Isabelle recommended you do all these first time things. You talk to her. You get your tent going. You then meet people. She asks for a seashell. Give her one. Then she mentions other things like mailing letters.

    When she asks you if you want to know more about fishing or bug catching, you say fishing. Then tell her you don't have a pole. She gives you one. Then catch a few, show her your encyclopedia. Then she gives you a watering can.
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    I just bought a shovel and a fishing rod from that dumb tom nook kid.

    The shovel is to bury his dead body when I exact my revenge on Tom Nook.
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  • Had a net and shovel on sale today again! GRRR. I want mah axe!

    I guess I can bury the shovel to make a golden shovel.

    Also time to make a new town tune and flag logo!
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    Apparently burying the shovel in this one does not give you a golden shovel.

    First google result shows how you can get some of the stuff though
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    Awe. :(

    Doesn't really matter. It's getting the Golden Axe is where it's at.
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    According to the Internet I am on the fast track on upgrading the Nook's store buy buying all the things.

    Besides Peaches and Cherries does anyone else have the fruit needed to get the proper variety?
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  • Apples get, as well as net, trying to get approval rating up. If anyone needs a shovel and fishing rod they are on sale again in my store.
  • I got Apples.
  • Mr. Resetti is much more terrifying now. If you lose connection while in someone's town it boots you back to your town before you left.
    I lost a rainbow stag beetle. That's a 10,000 bell bug!
  • Sahara is in my town but I no can get rug because tent. :(
  • Getting my first renovation!
  • Getting my first renovation!
    Wood to clay? Big deal.
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    Same here. Just paid off my first mortgage. Time to upgrade!

    Scott, you're just jelly because you secretly wish you were playing with us.

    Edit: Turnip prices are $112 bells right now at Jeremy's town. Only $89 at mine. I wonder if I should go to his town and sell. I bought them at $98.
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  • Just learned you can only use QR codes for patterns after becoming friends with Sable. FINALLY! My constant befriending of Sable each game WILL BE REWARDED! Although I want to do it now, I found cool Mega Man patterns. <3
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    Getting my first renovation!
    Wood to clay? Big deal.
    First you need a house of your own before you can trash talk.

    I need to get into the turnip game. I didn't really deal with it too much in Wild World
    but it seems like a good way to get some bells.
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  • Just picked up three foreign fruits from a friend. I now have pears, oranges and cherries growing (peaches are native). In a few days I should be rolling in bells.
  • Cleared for my development permit wooohoooo
  • I skipped the Turnip Market for the first week: I could have gotten them at 92, they are at 68 now.
  • Cleared for my development permit wooohoooo
    Whoop whooop. Hit 100% this morning as well.

    So there's a bug-off coming up. I've started stashing bugs that seem rare. What do you guys think will do better: birdwing butterfly or rainbow stag?

  • Rainbow Stag goes for 10 Gs so I'd go with that.
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    Normally it's the more bells you get for selling a bug the more rare it is.

    The Rainbow Stag's retail value is at at 40k bells, and the Birdwing butterfly is at 16k bells. Vendors purchased the bugs at 1/4th the price.
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  • I told a deer to get a pet deer today
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