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Animal Crossing: City Folk (& DS Flash Card).



  • Yep: mangos, durians, bananas, lemons, bamboo, and lychee.

    Make sure to plant coconuts and bananas on the beach with at least one space away from the wall. If it's right next to it, it won't grow. I learned that from losing 10 coconut trees.
  • Thanks for the heads up
  • Popped over to the island yesterday and it's a pretty huge addition to the game. All I did was fish and bug hunt for all of these island-specific species, and came home with a ton. I also raided the place for coconuts and planted that shit up.

    Saving the tours and the diving for another day. I take it those things are fun? Does anyone know the availability of the island, like how often the boat will be there, and if the tours and shop close down at any time?
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    Yep: mangos, durians, bananas, lemons, bamboo, and lychee.
    Shit! Refocusing money on house payments now. Also besides the afore mentioned coconut and banana trees do the other fruit need to be planted on the beach? I have limited real estate and looking to plan for this.
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    Only coconuts and bananas grow on the beach thru palm trees. I also forgot the mention the other fruit: persimmons.

    Note: only plant a few of the island fruits. They only sell back to the vendor for 250/each. You're better off planting your non-town base fruit of either peaches, pears, oranges, apples, or cherries. They sell at 500 each.

    The only outlier is bamboo. You can get it from Leif or from residents. You harvest them by digging around the base to harvest seeds.

    @Matt The Island is 24/7. You can go there during the wee hours to collect items and store in the basket to save for when Retail opens back up.

    As for Tours here is my taken on the:

    Scavenger hunt: Look at your map and the checklist in your inventory. Work the houses in a circle pattern. If you don't know what the furniture looks like on your checklist, just grab a furniture than see the name of it in your inventory. If it's not the one you're looking for, put it back. The faster you complete this challenge in the allotted time, the better standing for more Island medals you get. This is also the fastest way to get medals.

    Bug hunt: Hunt bugs. Kinda can be a pain because you can't run around too much or it will scare off bugs. Still easy. The Butterfly one is a bit easier because they don't fly away if you run.

    Balloon pop: Very easy. With the map tracking the wind and where there balloons are, you just have to position yourself below the balloon and fire away. Bunny Balloons are worth 3 points and regulars are worth 1.

    Toy Hammer event: One of the silliest. You have a toy hammer and chase a motorized coconut mower thingy and try to bop it as many times as possible in the allotted time. From tightening my hands too much, this game gave the most hand cramps. The trick is to position yourself in front of the mower before it hits the wall and get in it's trajectory and hit it as many times as possible. When the mower flips over, go to town.

    So far the most hits I've done in the time is 81. Jeremy has 85.

    One you do the easy ones a few times, it will unlock the other levels of difficulty and perhaps other challenges. Get medals to be able to purchase items from Grams. Don't even bother talking to the baby turtle, Leila. She is a cheap vendor and will buy your items at an incredible markdown.

    Also paid of my 2nd bridge expansion yesterday. The fish, bugs, and deep sea diving creatures are worth so many bells. It's easily one of the best ways to make money fast. I plan on demolishing my original bridge, if possible, and moving it a few feet over. It's just not in a good position.

    I was able to get a painting from Jeremy's town. He was kind enough to let me take the only non-counterfeit items. Thanks @Coldguy for that link. It was very helpful. Hopefully this will start the 2nd floor expansion of the museum.
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  • Ah, I was wondering about the baby turtle, like if you played nice with her and sold her a bunch of stuff for pennies on the dollar, if you'd get a big thank you prize.
  • Fucking yes the sloth is moving in so I can chop some damn trees!
  • My gates, they are open whilst I play this morning
  • It has been one week since I got the game and no sign of Redd :(
  • It has been one week since I got the game and no sign of Redd :(
    I bought a fake art. So I have to wait even longer for the second floor of the museum to open.
  • I have already turned in one art and nothing. I have another one to turn in today and hopefully that will he the 2nd floor going.
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    He hasn't given me the second floor option yet either, but I think I need to complete my first works project. 100,000 more bells to go on my bridge!

    In other news, 1st place bug trophy. :D
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  • Leif opened his shop today!
  • Ok. Leif has been a bastard and has had watering cans for the last 2 days. He best have an axe today when I get home.

    As for my town: all three bridges up where I want them to be. Eventually when I unlock the other bridges I may upgrade to those.

    Got first place with 121 points in the Bug-Off.

    Evenings after 6 PM to early morning 4 AM is the best time to go to the Island and get bugs. Tip: remove all the flowers and plant more trees for better chances at the bugs. The beetles are where the money is. On average I gross 200K on an Island run. You can continue to do this until 11 PM when Retail closes.

    Got my second floor. Plan on paying that off and expanding with my 500k bells in the bank.

    As for the town, the wearing off of land is a lot easier than before. There are so many bald patches of dirt all over the town. I plan on dispersing my flowers on those patches. I also plan on getting more hibiscus plants from the Island and plant them there as well.

    Now to keep spending bells at the Able sisters. Once you spend 8k bells there and the Nook sons upgraded to T & T Mart, Kicks will open up.

    Also finally got Cyrus to finally awaken after his week long drunken stupor. Time to customize furniture!
  • How do you get Cyrus to wake up?
  • Via Thonky
    How to Wake Cyrus Up

    Cyrus will be asleep until you have played for seven days, sold 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese (the pink alpaca), and have 100 pieces of furniture and 50 clothing items in your catalog. (Items are added to your catalog as soon as you put them into your inventory, even if the Nooklings' shop doesn't have a catalog machine yet.)
  • So does anyone know if buying a new door will prevent you from upgrading your house on the same day?
  • Yes. Buying those kinds of enhancements prevents interior enhancements. But you can do multiple exterior enhancements.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf breaks eShop Records

    I got a few Street Passes last night from people at the Strip Search Finale. Didn't have much time to play. Will check it out today.
  • Animal Crossing is definitely causing people to bust out their 3DSs (or buy new ones). My wife works in downtown Manhattan and has been carrying her's with her for a while, but never gets any Street Passes. Picked up a good handful this week, and they all had Animal Crossing houses to share as well.
  • Animal Crossing is definitely causing people to bust out their 3DSs (or buy new ones). My wife works in downtown Manhattan and has been carrying her's with her for a while, but never gets any Street Passes. Picked up a good handful this week, and they all had Animal Crossing houses to share as well.
    I get a few streetpasses in midtown every day or so.
  • There were a good amount of Mii Street Pass tags we got last night. 8/10 were playing AC.

    It makes me laugh, because a friend of Jeremy's that is no longer welcome at our apartment was criticizing me for playing City Folk when he was over one day. I also watched the anime. He was saying how stupid the anime was and that the game was a "tug-off" game. He wasn't saying it to my face, but just making comments in general as he played board games with Jeremy.

    I was trying to mind my own business, but he kept saying how the game was stupid then I decided to respond to him in the Rochelle style of pissed off. It quickly escalated to an argument. Jeremy had to intervene.

    The asshole never apologized and he's no longer welcome. You don't fucking disrespect a person in their house. I don't give a fuck who you are.
  • So did you find him hiding in the back of the Strip Search theater yesterday, playing Animal Crossing while tugging one out?
  • LOL. He's the kind of guy who thinks he's super nerdy/geeky, but hasn't even heard of Penny Arcade.

    I'm still pissed off about it. Not necessarily his crappy opinion, but the fact he disrespected me in my apartment when I was minding my own business.
  • I keep forgetting to take my 3DS downtown when I go to work. I don't think I'll get any streetpasses but maybe. I'm mostly waiting for PAX or something where I hope to get a ton.
  • It appears that Nooks are getting an upgrade today, more items to spend them bells on. Also Ro's Island Pyramid scheme is working like a charm.
  • Been too busy playing, but I finally got Blathers to talk about upgrading the Museum! Yes! Also had that Shrunk dude visit to get signatures so he can eventually open up Club LOL.

    I'm loving the HHA Street Pass tags. It really is a damn shame you can only purchase 5 items per day.

    I have the upgraded Nook store along with Kicks, along with the Able sisters letting me use QR codes for designs.

    A few gripes: I don't like how you can't save or see the time on The Island. Sometimes I time travel because of my hours. I also don't like a lot of the public works. I don't want to build any of those lame signs. They are ugly.
  • I'm just waiting for better Public Works. Built the campsite because it's important...?
    Next one will be Museum, once Blathers mentions it. Should be sometime today for me once the day officially starts.
  • Is there any reason to build all of the public works projects? Wasn't sure if it actually got you anything, other than a dumb sign. I've built 5 or 6 of them before I just did the Dream Suite and Reset Center (paid it off last night). Going to start the Museum second floor when I play today.

    I've also been loving the streetpass houses. I picked up a good 6 or 7 houses from spending 2 days in NYC, and they came with tons of cool stuff to buy.
  • I think the only reason for building the other public works projects is to make the town happy. I've so far built the fountain, well, and bench. This of course is not including the big items like the Dream Suite, 2nd floor of the Museum, or the Resetti center. I plan on doing the Resetti center soon enough.

    I know the more I play, cooler items will be available for public works like better bridges, Buddhist bell.

    To be able to get certain works suggested by residents, they have be suggested by certain personality types. You can find out more here.

    I just need to cut down a few more trees and plant more fruit trees to get my town to where I want it to be in regards to foliage. I'm seriously loving the Beautification Ordinance. Less worries about my flowers wilting.
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