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Otakon 2010



  • It also helps that ultimately its not a democracy but a relatively benevolent dictatorship.
    This seems to go a long way to reducing drama increasing effectiveness. Of course, Otakon could maintain its full democracy with proper management and a strict "no drama" policy. Otakon's internal drama was amazing to behold, despite being less than Katsucon's had been. Of course, as crazy as Katsucon's drama was, GameKatsu shielded us from it entirely (because they were awesome), and when they could no longer shield us, we all bailed collectively: this does skew my perspective. Otakon's drama is unavoidable if you're on the staff and you care about the con's future. (It is easily avoided if you're grunt staff: no one ever asks anything of you except at-con).

    Fan cons have drama not because they're not professional cons, but because most of the people staffing them lack professionalism. In fact, they seem to exhibit a surprisingly pointed anti-professionalist attitude in many cases. Worse, when they do decide to act like professional adults, it's always for the wrong reasons (formal "disciplinary hearing," "letters of support" to other conventions for their own drama issues, petty internal power struggles, etc...) rather than good ones (attracting higher-calibre programming or new expert staff).
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