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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

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Just under Adventure time, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic is one of the greatest cartoons of the year. A colorful cast of unique characters that have a vibrant color scheme and relationships with each other. Tough tis show may seem to be pandering the children of our time it actually consists of many greatly veiled fantasy troupes and nerd type panderings. One episode has a thinly disguised version of Dr.Who as a Pony. As the series went on I picked up on even more hidden nerd troupes that only the hardest of hard would remember or even know, but what else would you expect from the woman who made Power puff girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?

Great show and even better people behind it.


  • Don't think troll. As I recall, /co/, /tg/, and /a/ have a huge boner for this show for similar reasons.
  • nope....not a troll... just a very sad little man.
  • All the evidence suggests that this show is for real. I'm going to watch some to make sure, probably tomorrow.
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    Definitely no trolling here. This show is pretty funny. It isn't really my thing to watch children's cartoons, but if you're gonna watch one, this is one of the best.

    EDIT - Disregard that. Misread and thought this thread was about Adventure Time.
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  • Pinkie Pie in 5 Seconds shows that people like this new pony show and call themselves Brony. I do not know what that means but at least it looks interesting to check out.
  • I heard a lot of people behind the Powerpuff Girls are working on this.
  • Yep, this show is a good show! :O
  • I heard it was a lot like the old school Cartoon Network stuff, and the art style looks cool. I might watch.
  • I love this show so much.
  • Lauren Faust. Enough said. Watch it, bitches.
  • All of the ponies are my favorite pony.
  • I've introduced this series to my friends and it's pretty much initial hostility followed by obsession over it.

    Lauren Faust made it palatable to people who are not under the age of 10 and female.

    This comic explains what is happening.
  • It's hard to admit, but I really like this show. It's not hard because it's a bad show; It's hard because I'm a guy, it's "My little Pony", and I've been cultured to be averse to things small, pink, and pony.

  • I'm pretty sure I've doused any chances of me being laid ever again but hey it has a rainbow unicorn. Rainbows man.... they get me every time...
    But the total amount of animation techniques that made a flash animation look like high end animations made me salivate.
  • You know, part of why I like it is because, at some point during any one episode, there is a character that says exactly what I'm thinking, exactly as I'm thinking it.

    "Tell me she's not...""She is."
  • Pinkie Pie is the only one who realizes she is in a cartoon and exploits that fact.
  • Jesus.... I don't know what to say about this show... I think I'm in touch with my 8 year old female self :-p
  • Lauren Faust. Enough said. Watch it, bitches.
    She does indeed have a great track record.
  • I haven't watched an entire episode of this yet, but if it is good it just makes me a little angry because they probably could have made a cartoon just as good that doesn't have "My little pony" in the title.
  • Well, I found a torrent of the first 10 episodes.
  • Well, I found a torrent of the first 10 episodes.
    They're all on Youtube also. I just watched the first two episodes. :D
  • I don't want this show to go main stream on anime fandom because if that happens someone will have to pull the plug or become another sponge bob square pants :O
  • Image
    I take it that gif makes more sense in context...right?
  • Mostly, I thought the image was funny. I don't need any of your fascist "Context.".
  • This show is far from terrible. I wish I had a daughter/niece to watch it with so I wouldn't feel shame about it.
  • What they really should do is introduce a bigger focus on dragons.
  • What they really should do is introduce a bigger focus on dragons.
    Such could be said for most all of the works of man.
  • What they really should do is introduce a bigger focus on dragons.
    Such could be said for most all of the works of man.
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