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Horrible Tragedy of Your Day

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"Fail" doesn't cut it no more.

My fucking mix CD is skipping. I have had this CD for a long time. I don't know if I can overcome this.
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  • Managed to accidentally stick duct tape to my bare thigh the other night. Hurt like a motherfucker.
  • This fucking thread. :(
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    8000 people died from HIV today. That's almost double the amount of people who will die due to unclean water today.
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  • About 5500 babies born this day will not survive 24 hours.
  • I have first world problems.
  • My fridge doesn't have a light that turns on when I open the door.
  • Honest to god, that was the worst pickle I ever ate. I don't even have any gum left to get rid of the taste. I actually just brushed my teeth.
  • The internets were down at work today and now I've got a backlog of work to plow through tomorrow.
  • Jed is playing Xenosaga AND WONT TURN DOWN THE VOLUME!

  • Loads of people have gone to PAX, so the forum goes to shit for a week.
  • I just realized yesterday that I could have fucked myself legally by talking about the car accident, despite being vague about it. Fuck the legal system. It's paranoia, but we'll see in a month.
  • Loads of people have gone to PAX, so the forum goes to shit for a week.
    But, but, I'm still here...
  • This fucking thread. :(
    I'm glad I could do this for you.
  • Loads of people have gone to PAX, so the forum goes to shit for a week.
    I hadn't realised it would be this bad.
  • My computer overheated in the middle of my gaming session.
  • Could not fall in love with a mouse I bought (Logitech M705). Back to my trusty 4-year old G5. Feeling better.
  • I have to walk in the rain.
  • Loads of people have gone to PAX, so the forum goes to shit for a week.
    I hadn't realised it would be this bad.
    It happens every year, sometimes twice a year.

  • It was once bad during Otakon. Not anymore. And man talk about some really silly threads.

    Sorry for those who aren't going to be at PAX. :P
  • Of course, the week of Otakon and the trip to the shore. FRCF hell week.
  • Waiting for Luke in kc. Then to PAX and Seattle where scrymily and friends are. This is going to get interesting.
  • Hmmm.. Hopefully we can get the trip to the shore going again, didn't do it this year.
  • Well you did go to Alaska and other areas this year. :P
  • Maybe this will help me break my addiction of refreshing this forum page.
  • 6.75 hours of sleep today.
  • Having dinner at The Bier Abbey in Schenectady tonight. Its menu is too large - making a decision is difficult.
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    Had to take my bike back to the shop for the third time in as many days.

    Day 1: went for a flat, found out the nut for my rear wheel was stripped. They put on a nut that was just a pinch tight and told me that they tightened it so it would probably never come off again. I was okay with that. I only need this bike to last me until January. $17 for the new tube and labor. Awesome.

    Day 2: Went riding to school. Halfway there my rear derailleur fell off. Fell. Off. Had to call my dad to get the bike and drive me the rest of the way to school. Took it back to the shop that afternoon. They told me that they noticed the wheel was spinning funny. Upon further inspection, inside the hub was pitted and the bearing weren't rolling right as a result. He'll see what he can do, but the wheel might need replacing.
    "Do whatever you have to do to make this work until January, " I said, "If the wheel needs replacing, fine. " The guy said he'd look though the parts he had to try and get it fixed for a little as he could.

    Today: I get a call in the morning that my bike is ready for pickup and that it cost $5. Apparently he rebuilt the hub. Great. I go there, pay the cashier, and take my bike out for a ride in the parking lot. It's hard changing into 3rd and the rear cassette is wobbling ever so slightly. Take it back, get it adjusted, gear changes just fine. Start riding to school. Get on campus and suddenly the bike slows the fuck down. I look down and the tire is wobbling so bad that it's rubbing against and moving the rear brake. I sigh and get a ride back to the bike shop.

    The bearings are fucked up, the hub is pitted, and the axle is bent. They'll see what they can do to fix it. If they can't, they'll call me and let me know what's going on. Sigh.
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