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Attack on Titan



  • More crazy conspiracies, the yeast used to make bread if infecting people turning them in to Titans.

    On a side note, any one know the name of the bit of music?
  • Just finished watching all 25 episodes again, with all my wild speculations I am still no closer to the truth.

    I'm so tempted to just start reading the manga.
  • I still think its a Gurren Lagann sort of situation. I'm guessing there was maybe some sort of great conflict between people and the titans were created as a force to unite humanity. Pixis has a conversation about that sort of thing with Eren pretty early on. I'm just thinking its like how Lordgenome forced humanity underground to protect it.
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    If someone has created Titans, how have they managed to create so many? Zombie apocalypse explanations (viruses, mutants..) Accident or deliberate?

    Could it be that Titans are the Native species, and Humans who once tried exterminate the Titans to dominate the planet, but were driven back. Maybe there was a time when humans and Titans just had a symbiotic relationship, but then there was a divergence between humans who were symbiotic and humans that were independent of Titans. Then war.. yet there were still Titans that allied the independent sect to help build and protect them within the walls. To prevent further generations from choosing to live symbiotically, all knowledge of Titans was destroyed and hidden. Thus conspiracies, corruption and religion.

    Dr. Jaeger has discovered something about the Titans, and has hidden it in his basement. He entrusted Eren with it's protection by giving him the key. What could this truth reveal?

    Given that he's a doctor it's possible it was an accidental discovery he made during some medical experiments. Maybe Titans are some human genetic experiment.

    Maybe it's just an underground tunnel that leads deep underground. Leads to hell, Titans are spawning from another dimension there's no stopping it. =/

    That would be lame.

    Titans vary in intelligence, and can even learn. Why are they programmed to eat humans and who by? The real intelligent Titans are human-titans. It would seem like someone or something intelligent wants these Titans to attack. What intelligent being would want the extermination of humans? Why use titans to do it?

    Also another clue occurred to me about the human-titans. Titans are extremely hot, for whatever reason. Mikasa says to Eren at one point 'You're always so emotional when it gets hot' (episode 3). Eren can turn into a Titan. Hypothesis Being hot + emotional = human-titan. Go to episode 14

    Episode 26 ....where are you!!!!

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  • Should we have a spoilery, here's my Titan theory thread?

    I couldn't wait so I caught up with the Manga, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone avoiding the Manga.
  • As far as we know Eren got his Titan powers via an injection.
  • I thought the injection was just to suppress his memory.
  • I thought the injection was just to suppress his memory.
    If he was born with it he would have been going full on Titan in the streets. Eren was constantly getting into fights.

    Though that might explain why it was so important for Mikassa to keep him from getting too emotional?
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    Or maybe it's an X-men thing, you only start being able to transform when you get to puberty. But you need to have the X gene.

    What I originally thought was Eren some how gained the transforming power, after being consumed by a Titan. His strong will to live allowed him to take control of a titan body. Though when he's shown to first transform, his Titan bursts out from the Titan that ate him. So he's literally spawning a Titan, not just hijacking a Titan body.
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  • I had also thought that sunlight was required to transform.
  • Hanji's test on the captured Titans showed that they defintely draw energy from the sun. Maybe that lightning strike during the transformation is like a solar beam.


    Somehow a concentrated beam of energy can be summoned somehow, and fuels the transformation. Turning energy into matter, so titans can appear out of thin air.

    Maybe we'll start seeing more night attacks from the survey corp. Unless a full moon catches them off guard.
  • So maybe they are so hot because the matter is slowing being turned back into energy?
  • Sorta explains why if a human-titan 'de-titans' they can just evaporate their titans bodies. When titans are regenerating they're all steamy.

    When you kill a titan, by slicing the nape, essentially taking away the control of 'de-titaning' they just combust and turn to ash.

    Still doesn't explain how and why. =/

    Need to find the source!
  • It is a fact that titans are very light. They are not nearly as heavy as they would be if they were human density.
  • Maybe that's why the titans haven't bothered to cross the walls through the river.

    Too light to dive and hot to survive in water.

    They should be fighting titans with water canon! Where all the squirtle at?
  • TeamFourStar Attack on Titan video

    I'm surprised I didn't link to this already. It was a good video can't wait for the next installment.
  • Found that somewhat lacking. Sure there were some funny lines and jokes I laughed at, but the characters, situations or scenes themselves didn't give me anything. I don't think that an abridged series like that works just with occasional funny joke, it should be funny at it's core and that one definitely isn't.
  • Anyone watched Ilse's Notebook?
  • I watched IIse's Notebook. I'm also one of those horrible people that read ahead in the manga. I thought they did a great job extending that short chapter. Anyone heard of if/when it will be on crunchyroll?
  • I think it's locked to the blu-ray.
  • Dazzle369 said:

    I think it's locked to the blu-rPirate Bay.

  • Rym said:

    Dazzle369 said:

    I think it's locked to the blu-rPirate Bay.


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    New manga is up. Many mysteries revealed.
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  • So I've been thinking about committing to a manga for a bit. I enjoyed going through all the deathnote ones a few years ago and I read through some of the Full Metal Alchemist ones that I borrowed from a friend. I didn't really have the money to purchase them before and so I'd pirate them but didn't have anything like an iPad and I fucking hate reading comics sitting at a computer. Now that I have an iPad I'm wondering if the kindle versions are any good? Anyone tried them? I could pirate them but I just don't really give a shit about fiddling with that stuff any trying to make it readable, I'm just hoping the kindle versions will just work. Also, would people recommend Attack on Titan as a good one to get into again? Seems most of the crew is stoked on it so it seems like a good starting point.
  • There's an excellent Manga Reader that you can get on both Android and iOS called Manga Rock. That should sort you out fine.
  • AoT is good. One Punch Man is awesome. Can't really go wrong with that. Toriko is a lot of fun if you can stand 80s style modern day Shonen Fightmans Shows.
  • Where's Attack on Titan!!!!!!?
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