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The Prince of Nothing [SPOILERS]



  • I'll have to listen. I'm doing a reread and I'm up to Conphas' return from Kiyuth.

    I spotted a few things with the proper knowledge of the proper nouns like early an appearance of Xinemus and references to the Sareots and their Library.

    I also see Achamians flaws more clearly. I'm sure I dismissed Esmenet as Achamian does first time round.
  • Yeah, I spotted some of the names, and certainly the library reference. I just downloaded the next audiobook, and I'm looking forward to the library scene.
  • Oh my god, I love the musing on books paragraph - goes something like "a book is never read, it's a profound gamble, it's to put yourself at the mercy of another's soul." Works well enough out of context but putting it with Achamian's relationship with Kellhus...
  • R Scott said:

    And lastly, things keep dragging on with my publishers regarding The Unholy Consult. My delay turning the manuscript in and the quick turnover of editorial staff in the industry means that no one was up to speed on the series–but six months on from submission, and still we have no word. My fear (not my agent’s) is that they might be re-evaluating their commitment to the series–the way all publishers are reviewing their commitments to their midlist authors. I know for a fact that other publishers are interested in snapping the series up, so there’s no need to organize a wake, but who knows what kind of delay would result.

    :( Sauce. I just really want to know the deal with Earwa.
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    Slight update

    This came after.

    I'm thinking the fans have been calling the publishers following the last post. And then the chastisement Bakker refers to would be something like, "Keeps your fans under control".
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    I am currently rereading the whole series. Almost at the same time Extra Credits has started its Extra History mini series on the First Crusade. I had a cursory understanding of the First Crusade, and I also knew that the Inrithi campaign to re-take Shimeh was largely based on it, but it is quite interesting to see how many basically direct analogs Bakker worked into his books. For those interested, or simply history as a whole told in a funny and lighthearted way I link the start of the mini-series here. The Six parts of the series are up now (with a seventh episode on corrections and omissions coming next week) and the playlist I link to also has the rest of the EH series in it, talking about a lot of other interesting parts of history as well.

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  • I met Bakker's agent. Turns out I have met him before but never made the connection.

    I will probably see him again. What would you ask him if you had the chance?
  • I met Bakker's agent. Turns out I have met him before but never made the connection.

    I will probably see him again. What would you ask him if you had the chance?

    If we could take him to dinner in New York and interview him. =P
  • You never know. He's also GRRM and Stephen King's agent, so I'm sure he appreciates anyone who wants to talk about Bakker.

    Oh, and he asked me where I heard about the series and I was all, "GeekNights." I probably should have been more specific and said, "Every episode of GeekNights."
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    The preorder just popped up on my G+ feed. Amazon is probably guessing the 5th of July as it puts up dumb guesses for a lot of things.

    Interestingly it looks like it may have split into 2 books as we were expecting The Unholy Consult and this is called The Great Ordeal and there is no reference in the description to it being the finale of the Aspect Emperor series. Although it does still call it a trilogy...
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  • Book two down, one more to go.

    Thought I still can't get over how much this series will randomly throw in a bunch of overt sexual scenes.

    And he seems to really go for it most of the time to the point where I almost feel uncomfortable.
  • Three to go, you mean.
  • Only just saw this today. Finally.
  • Everything about these books makes me uncomfortable.
  • The weird sexual tension that permeates these books is a little much sometimes.
  • Starting book 3
  • MATATAT said:

    Starting book 3

    It's the worst of the bunch so far. Do yourself a favor by skipping the glossary at the end and moving right on to the next book.
  • It's the worst of the bunch so far. Do yourself a favor by skipping the glossary at the end and moving right on to the next book.

    It's better than The Judging Eye.

  • Do people actually read the glossary? Or just refer to it as you're going through the book normally?
  • It's at the end of book 3. Unless you buy all of the books before starting, and check the list of contents in each book, it's unlikely you'll find it, let alone refer to it throughout.

    I don't like the encyclopedic glossary because it took a lot of what felt epic and mythic and mysterious in the distance past/backstory, and laid it all out in cold bare facts, stripping all the epicness and mythic qualities and mystery.

    I wish I hadn't read it.
  • There's one in every book...
  • A list of characters, yes. An encyclopedic glossary, no.
  • You don't like finding out all the shit? Man, I want to read The Third Analytic of Men straight up.
  • I like it informing the story and being mysterious. Reading the encyclopedic glossary was like watching Attack of the Clones or Prometheus. Sometimes it's best not to know the back story.
  • Point taken, but those two things both stink. So for those two in particular I'd say sometimes it's best not to watch things that stink.
  • Yeah some of the reviews mention it's a bit slow.
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    Edit: N/M. Just saw the earlier post.

    The Great Ordeal is available for pre-order.
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  •'s out.
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