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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic



  • Hasbro is in real talks to buy Dreamworks Animation, primarily to further the My Little Pony animated features and related brands.
  • Ooooh... I like the sound of that.
  • CGI is Magic with Funny Faces
  • I'm catching up on MLP and I just saw the episode where Discord is sick. It really tickled me how adding a backless hospital gown made his backside disturbing as opposed to his usual nude self.
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    It finally happened, combining My Little Pony and Scott's love of Korean Pop Songs. He may never be the same.

    *The Smile Song and This Day Aria is probably still the best of the bunch

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  • Wow, those are really good voices.
  • Oh yeah, sounds like they actually gave a shit and had actual singers. Then again it being korea, I'm not surprised. The Japanese dub singers were pretty good as well from what I remember
  • Also, rym and scott should take a look and give an assessment of this fan made cardgame: Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder. It's been making the rounds in pony conventions since its release last year, and from what I hear tell, quite enjoyable.

    Here's a video:
  • That looks... not my bag.

    "The best part of the game, far and away, is the flavor text at the bottom of each card."
    "One of the games I played had to be abandoned after 20 minutes of empty turns."
    "Every card in the game has an excerpt from one of Twilight's fanfics..."

  • Watched Rainbow Rocks. Sucks just as much as the first movie, potentially even more so. Don't focus on your music if it isn't good or diverse or doesn't even concentrate on the performing aspects of it all. Only good things were fanservice.

    Also, Season 5 announced for Spring 2015. Yay?
  • I'm still catching up on MLP, and I fucking love Maud.
  • Humble Pony Comics Bundle:

    Juuussstt in case people here did not notice..anyone here still interested in the comics should get this. Not all of them are great, but just enough are, and certain ones, like the Luna Micro Series is amaazzzinnngg.
  • I have never been tempted to spend so much on a humble bundle. but I need money for Los Con this weekend... Yeeesh..... Hrm
    ah shit, here we go.
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    Oh man, I had to dig a bit to find this thread again! There's finally something really interesting to listen while we're still in the doldrums.

    If you ever had any interest in the Brony Music Scene, which blew up from a small community in 2011 to what it is now, here is a great interview with Eurobeat Odyssey, who was the FIRST ever pony remixer and musician, and has continued working in the community till this day. Here he talks about and discusses the journey he went through and the good old days.

    Really worth a listen
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    The old names keep getting hounded for pony stuff and are being held to a standard they never even wanted.

    I would never say that I'm anywhere near as fandom famous as Eurobeat Odyssey (if he's A level, I'm G Level), but I still get messages through YouTube and Email and on my Tumblr asking when am I gonna put out another pony thing. My most popular video is STILL that stupid fucking "This Day Aria" cover I did AGES ago and yet my new (non-pony) stuff, the stuff I care about, struggles to get views in the triple digits. [/whine whine whine]

    Anyway, I found this guy not too long ago. Great stuff. Like a more reasonable and funny Nostalgia Critic.
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  • Yeah silver quill is great. He's I guess...part of the new generation of the analysis community? If you can even call it that? It used to be dominated by the likes of Digibrony and BronyCurious back in season 1 and 2, but Silver Quill, Dr Wolf, and Two Best Brothers Bitch About have come to define that scene now.
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    [hipster]I was analyzing My Little Pony before it was cool.[/hipster]
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  • [hipster]I was analyzing My Little Pony before it was cool.[/hipster]


  • [hipster]I was analyzing My Little Pony before it was cool.[/hipster]

    In fact, it could be said that you still are.

  • Churba said:

    [hipster]I was analyzing My Little Pony before it was cool.[/hipster]

    In fact, it could be said that you still are.

    If new episodes of RFE were still a thing, which they haven't been since this time 2 years ago
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    Rym said:

    [hipster]I was analyzing My Little Pony before it was cool.[/hipster]

    I submitted the paper that "Sound is Magic" is based on to academic journals about a month before you put out that video.
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  • RFE came out early, but not that early :P, I would know since I kept trying to promote it on Equestria Daily when it was already a big news source :D
  • The camera movements gave me whiplash, but it was sweet.
  • MLP made it to the super bowl.
  • Is that what happened at the end? Someone said Fluttershy was the best pony, and a Rainbow Dasher took offense and started the last second brawl?
  • They were in a commercial after the first bizarre almost fumble I think. It tickled me.
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