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Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice & Fire)



  • 2bfree said:

    Game of Thrones Video

    Pretty good but for me it's the music.
    Personally I put it close to to Guile's theme song.
  • Love the INXS cover song.

  • The original, for comparison.

  • All the Fucking Chickens.
  • Neocloud said:


    All the Fucking Chickens.

    I actually vocalized laughter harder than I should have.
  • This show just keeps getting better and better at what it does. The past 2 episodes could definitely be called table setting, in preparation for what will be a wild three-episode arc to close out the season, but they still managed to be incredibly interesting and well-made episodes.

    I'll go out on a limb: this is the best job anyone has ever done in adapting a written work. The show and books are such a fantastic combined experience. The POV style of the book gives you great insight into many characters, and the show gives you great additional scenes with all non-POV characters that would have been impossible to write into the books. The show is just different enough from the books to keep readers on edge while still allowing them to build anticipation for what they know is coming, and there is zero fear of some horrible show-ruining change. There are edits to the story all over the place, and they've all been to the benefit of the show given the difference in medium.

  • Oberyn Martell has been the best thing this season. Pedro Pascal does such a good job making him a more fleshed out character. I look forward to the soundtrack. The guitar music they play during his first few scenes is good stuff.

    I'm getting warmer on the new guy who is Daario. The other gut had more charisma, IMO.

    Also another different dude playing the Mountain? That's the third one!
  • Yeah. First guy was the best, but I guess he couldn't do it. Second guy was not the right build at all. This guy is back to at least being the proper build, but it's very jarring.

    I also still dislike new Daario. He...Is bland.
  • I don't give a fuck about Danny's story line. It's always the worst part of the episode.
  • Mountain 3.0 is awesome.

    Danny's storyline is rough, I agree. I don't give a shit about it in the books, and I don't give a shit about it in the show. To the show's credit, they manage to keep it tied in with some thematic resonance that lines up very nicely with what happens to the other characters (last week: you're in or you're out, week before: serving justice is hard). The one thing we did get to see last week was that her dragons are getting larger and starting to cause her some grief. Hoping for some good scenes either this season and definitely next where she continues to struggle with them.
  • My reactions to episode seven were repeated 'Fuck yeah!'s
  • Video contains.....kinda the latest episode.

  • In my stupid opinion, this series is only consumable as video anyway. In text it's dry as sand. They can change whatever they'd like so long as the story stays good. I'm very happy to be in the camp who hasn't read this particular series and can enjoy the live action as it comes.
  • I'm just as happy in the camp where I read the books in the last six months and then marathoned the show.
  • I'm newly introduced to the narrative from the show's point of view while my Mum is now reading all the books through a second time.
    There is a lot of depth in the show which rewards the viewer who pays close attention (an example of another show would be The Wire).
    The narrative has a device of removing characters from the story who the viewer has invested emotionally with and can relate to. The other major narrative which has done this to the same effect is The Walking Dead comics.

    I agree the change in cast has been jarring and disappointing. I didn't really mind as much with The Mountain but the Daario was a WTF moment.
  • The Mountain 3.0 is actually the closest in proper sizing to the Mountain thus far. 6'10" and 415 pounds. Conan Stevens (Mountain 1.0) was taller at 7'1", but a relatively svelte 315 pounds.

  • The less I see of the new Daario the better. Not because of anything he does, but he blatantly takes me out of any sense of immersion. "Oh right, that new actor."
  • Eh, I didn't care about it that much. He's not a major POV character, and while he does some important things, he's not a "big deal" at the moment.

    And honestly, I don't care in the least about Daenerys' plot. Jorah piques my interest, and that's about it.

    Actually, OK, I also like Grey Worm. But that's it.

    I also want to go on record as saying that Littlefinger is the most ruthless motherfucker in the entire story. Of all the Bad People out there, he's probably the most dangerous.
  • He's ruthless and semi-competent. Whereas Joffrey was ruthless and a moron.
  • I like the new Daario but yeah, having changed actors I think about that a bit more than the plot when he's around.

    Joffrey wasn't quite ruthless, he was simply masochistic and petulant. Littlefinger is ruthless and has some kind of experience and motivation cultivated over at least a few decades to actually be worth a damn.

    Doesn't mean Joffrey wasn't a cold motherfucker, but I don't feel he was in it to win it.
  • Joffrey, didn't know he was playing the Game of Thrones.
  • Man, I hated the everloving shit out of Joffrey, but now he just seems like an aside in a litany of Very Awful People. I almost feel like he was a distraction - something very obvious for you to hate while the actual detestable people get to develop into their full awfulness.
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    For size reference:


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  • His name literally means "Thor of the sea."
  • I watched that strongest man competition afterwards. Holy hell, those weights are insane. Then I read the comments on the video, and like all other comments on youtube, they were pretty damn dumb.
  • He did an AMA where he talked about pulling trucks and planes.

    It's ridiculous.
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