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How did you find GeekNights?

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You might notice there is yet again a new poll up at This time we're asking how you discovered GeekNights. Whether you select "other" or not, this is a good thread to let us know how you found us. This will help us determine the most effective ways to get new listeners. Once we do that, we will have a better idea of what direction to push in.


  • It was fairly random, I was reading Slashdot (it must have been a discussion about podcasts) around the middle of December, and some guy talked about the show and posted a link to here. I listened, found the show to be mildly entertaining, and so here I am today, purely by word of keyboard.

    The guy from Slashdot sounded tentative about continuing to listen, so I wonder if he did keep listening. Perhaps he's on the forums? If so, I'd like to hear from him. Hopefully he knows who he is.
  • Basically, up until this point, we have never advertised GeekNights beyond word of mouth. Starting just this past weekend with Animazement, we're going to start an actual advertising campaign (mostly at conventions) that will culminate in our show at Otakon.

    I'm really curious to see what kinds of people appear in the forums and how much listenership increases with actual effort. ^_~
  • I found a flyer for it on a table at Animazement last week. So your effort with that paid off with at least one person.
  • I ticked 'Podcast directory', but more specifically, I found GeekNights while browsing the directories available in Juice podcast receiver. I thought the name was interesting and gave it a try. The first episode I heard was How to not suck at driving, and have listened through most episodes since.
  • Alex posted a link on the Wesnoth forums.
  • Well, when I was in Egypt trying to discover the secrets of the ancients I found a manuscript and spelled out a riddle and after many years of searching for the answer, I finally figured it out and it said “listen to Geeknights” So here I am…..

    Yes that was lame. I heard about it from word of mouth.. namely Rym and Scott’s mouth.
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    I picked 'another podcast or blog'. By blog, I meant Scott's blog. Which I found by word of mouth.

    EDIT: Damnit, didn't pick the html checkbox.
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  • I was itching to get back into video games, but I had been out of the scene for so long that I decided to search under "video game podcasts." GeekNights came up. True story.
  • I got interviewed by Rym. Thought I'd check it out to hear what he had to say, ended up liking the show.
    Sweet and simple.
  • I had just found out about podcasts, so I was searching yahoo directory, and there it was. Funny, cause yahoo really sucks when it comes to posting your RSS.
  • I was just going through the internet and I was looking at slashdot and I saw something about podcasts so I went to go check them out and I saw something that said GeekNights and I was like lets ckeck it out.
  • Your show was mentioned on Mark Johnson's "BoardgamesToGo". Tried it and loved it. And I'm even listening to the Anime stuff though I'm really not into that - it's just a pleasure to hear you guys communicate. Keep it up.
  • Found you on itunes while looking for more anime podcast around your 3rd or 4th podcast, and found out you guys talk about more stuff i like.
  • I did a search for "Transformers" on iTunes.
  • TORA-CON, that's it.
  • I was looking for some technology related podcasts. I found Geeknights in the Yahoo! Podcast directory. I enjoyed the tech episodes so I decided to give the other ones a try, even though I'm not into anime or video games.

    After I started listening, I put some anime films in my NetFlix queue and have enjoyed them. I haven't started playing video games yet though. :)

    I enjoy listening to the banter between Rym and Scott. They are more enjoyable to listen to than most of the "professionals" on the radio.
  • Upon getting an iPod I randomly searched for anime podcasts @_@ Boom Bam!
  • Some asshole kept bothering me to listen to his podcast.
  • Movies You Should See pointed me here. I was sent there by some other podcast that ended up being crap and I unsubscribed from (honestly don't remember the name). I was sent there by the guys from The Dragon Page who were referred by Geek Fu Action Grip who I first learned about from a PA newspost.

    And there you see that Penny Arcade really is the center of the entire internets.
  • You were mentioned on the Board Games to Go podcast.
  • I am a geek, so I was searching around for a geek podcast, when I found this!
  • I'm stalking Scott.
  • Mike Pfeffer (who is a college buddy of mine) was interviewed on Geeknights....and I haven't stopped listening since.
  • itunes directory, I was searching for computers I think.
  • I was cruising around looking for something to do online and came across a podcast subscription page. Geeknights caught my eye so I listened to the episode, subscribed in Itunes and downloaded every episode that I could find. This is an awesome show.
  • I got a flyer at Connecticon and met Rym and Scott.
  • I was searching the itunes directory for manga and geeknights showed up.
  • Hello everyone! I found GeekNights when I heard both Rym & Scott on Ian Levenstein's GeekSpeak podcast. I listened to the first couple episodes and was hooked! Thanks a ton for a great quality podcast guys!
  • I know them. Sadly, I've also seen both in nary a thing but a towel.
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    I downloaded iTunes for Windows version 6.0.2 but hadn't got around to using the Podcasts menu seriously until around February 2006. When I first used the podcast directory in the iTunes music store I was searching for video game and PC audio podcasts and a weird black rectangular image with "Geek Nights" in blue italic script appeared. I was rather perplexed that Geek Nights came up on my queries more than once during my searches, so I finally gave in and browsed the episode listings.

    In the Science & Tech feed I found a topic that I was VERY interested in; a three-part series on how to buy a computer (December 12, 19 and 26). I had planned to begin building my first computer within a few months and though I had researched the topic, subscribed to three PC magazines and read countless reviews on motherboards and AMD's Athlon 64 processors I felt it could be interesting listening from a vocal point-of view. Though every component that you discussed were facts that I already researched it was still the most entertaining. I subscribed to the "All Geek Nights" feed on my PSP, my Presario SW4020M, and my Optiplex at work, finally joined the forums and here I am.

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