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How did you find GeekNights?



  • I found Geek Nights through Artist Alley podcast. It was a link on the side of their site. Artist Alley podcast was the first podcast I listened to. Sadly, they don't update very often at all... luckily, Geek Nights does!
  • I did a random search for anime/manga podcasts on iTunes while trying to decide if i wanted an ipod or not. GeekNights popped up. I looked through the backlog and the 2006 review of Ouran caught my attention (that's the only manga that I collect on purpose.) I downloaded it, listened, and subscribed. That was about two weeks ago, and it's currently the only podcast I listen to.
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    I'm 99% sure it was from AWO or Dave and Joel. I can't remember if it was a promo or if it was just them talking about you guys.
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  • A couple of weeks ago I was looking for anime/manga podcasts. My usual strategy of finding a rankings site failed, so I had to expend some additional effort in the searching.

    Anime World Order was the first one I found, and after listening to them for an episode I found a lot of these podcasts reference each other; the obvious thought that came to mind was that
    "If these people all talk about each other, then they must all be pretty good.... or just suck. And since AWO is pretty good, I guess it's the former"

    So I looked around a bit more, and I found GeekNights, and saw that you had, not one, but FOUR podcasts, and I also found out they were awesome.
  • I found Geeknights via Ananth at Applegeeks,he posted a link to a podcast one day, and I had been meaning to listen to one for a while, so I clicked, and here I am today, posting in this forum.
  • Wanted to get my feed my anime hunger so I searched up anime on iTunes, found you guys, loved it and am still listening to even today.
  • It's been a while, but I think I first found you guys when you did your Luke Crane interview.
  • Via Anime Utahime (Thanks Tenchi!).
  • Searched "geek" on iTunes.
  • I was looking for anime podcasts on iTunes. Found out you guys did more than just anime and downloaded a bunch of random eps. The first episode I listened to(I think it was one of those "I'm tired its Thursday" types, I thought you guys were annoying, and really didn't like the show. But I gave it a second chance and I've been hooked. I have a two hour commute to work, I typically listen to the newest episode on the way to work, and have been working on going through old eps ever since.
  • My roommate put a few of your episodes on my Xbox at one time. When I received an Ipod Nano for Christmas, I subscribed. I am currently attempting to catch up.
  • In my case tranceotaku's roommate wouldn't stop quoting the podcast a few months back, so I decided to give it a go. I came for the inside baseball, and I stuck around because it's one of the better podcasts out there.

    At least I hope. It's not all a big trick, is it?
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    Jumping on the wagon a little late here, but...

    The way I found GeekNights is somewhat unique. I stumbled upon the show after my fiance, my roommate, and I decide we would take a swing at being webcomic artists a year or two ago. The original story of said webcomic was, oddly enough, about a group of geeks who live in a large communal house together (for the sake of brevity we'll call it a 'geek hacienda') only to find giant robots buried in their basement. After much back and forth amongst the creative team I got the okay to call the robots 'GeeKnights' because they ran off of things called 'gravi-kenetic units' (or GK-units, yay for stupid pseudoscience). Once that and other crucial bits of plot were settled I, as the head writer, set about ensuring we were not intruding upon anybody else's intellectual property (read: putting a bunch of names into google to see if they existed already) before we went about copyrighting or own.

    Lo and behold when I googled 'GeeKnights' the first response is, in fact, "GeekNights; a podcast which covers a myriad of topics in a self-described 'late-night radio talk show' style." I read this and noticed the word 'podcast', which I had heard about before in radio broadcasting class around 2004 as being the harbinger of an open-source radio revolution. The school I had been going to (Columbia College Chicago) had also been the first school to have a podcast available to the student body. I had helped get the school podcast off the ground and podcasting had always interested me since, but I wasn't very aware of any private podcasts, much less able to invest any time into one of my own. So I gave it a listen.

    Skip forward about four years into the future to the present where the previously mentioned webcomic had dissolved almost completely due to budget contraints. I say almost because once we had realized that in order to maintain a decent webcomic, which had over the course of time had become a comic as well as a supplementary podcast, we would not only have to marry it, but also convert to it's religion and live with the mother-in-law. It also wanted kids.

    After that had dawned on us and we had gotten more into listening to podcasts (AWO, Dave & Joel, Make It So) we decide to gear things toward a recorded geek orgy podcast of our own, which is currently in the middle of pre-production. Until then, sorry to ramble and keep up the good work!
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  • I do a lot of traveling and didn't always take a laptop as mine was really old and I couldn't always borrow my girlfriend's. So each time I subscribed to a podcast on iTunes at home I'd also add it to Google Reader. This let me download podcasts on random computers in internet cafes and listen to them on a cheapy non-iPod mp3 player. On the Reader home page, top right, is a box "Top Recommendations". One day GeekNights was recommended, and recognised the title and the names Rym and Scott from an episode of Movie You Should See I listened to ages and ages ago. I'd found some other podcasts I liked via the "Top Recommendations" so I thought I'd give it ago.

    On the first episode I listened to Rym and Scott talked about RIT. I've visited the campus before to do a show at the RIT Juggle In, a juggling convention that has run there for 20 years or so. I flew in to New York from Europe so also got to spend some time in the city where they work too. I like to feel some kind of geographic connection, no matter how vague.
  • Those many moons ago when AP mentioned you guys
  • Forum user Dutopia recommended the place to me one night.
  • I had discovered geeknight by listening to their interview with Today One (Tarn Adams of the Dwarf Fortress fame), I had just realized what podcasts were (I thought before it was some sort of Internet radio thing for Mac guys) and was looking for ones to listen to (I was going through SciAm archive, the Bugle archive, and for some reason Mysterious Universe). So I listened to it, and though "yeah, that was ok, I should maybe get a few other episodes sometime", but it was only after my second episode (The one about Computer eduction in schools and the story of how they changed the direction of traffic in Sweden) did I completely lost my shit and filled my IPod with the archives completely.
  • I found out about GeekNights from the Dwarf Fortress interview. It was kind of sad how Tarn didn't appriciate Rym's comment about how adding an offline/online multiplayer support would make the game more fun. Anyways, I've been following ever since.
  • I was listening to Anime Pulse and they started talking about how Rym bashes them from time to time... so I'm like hummm geeknights, I should check them out. So I listen to one show and loved it. I too still listen to AP.
  • Hmm met you guys in person at that TMR event at Kino, then saw you guys again at the HalCali event at Kino.. found out the spelling for Geek Nights and then presto.
  • Heard of you guys from a podcast called Daizenshu EX, a Dragonball podcast. Yes. I am indeed a Dragonball fan. Sue me :-p
    But yeah, they happened to refer to Geeknights as "the greatest podcast ever" (or something to that effect), so I figured it would be worth to check it out.
    So here we are, a year and a half later, and now I'm a fan, and now a forum goer. Hazzah.
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    Yes. I am indeed a Dragonball fan
    I recall Scrym saying they like the original Dragonball, but not the ones after that.
    But yeah, they happened to refer to Geeknights as "the greatest podcast ever"
    Do you remember what podcast they said that? That would be interesting to hear what they have to say.
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  • Not sure exactly which episode, as I'm pretty sure they mentioned it in passing. I'll listen around in their archives to see if I can find it.

    Oh, and by "Dragonball", I mean everything. the original series, Z, the movies, and sigh.... GT. Yes, I am aware it is a shallow fighting show with no real plot development and character advancement (especially later on in the series) but it is one of my favorites. It's what first got me into anime, and I have grown quite fond of the characters.

    But yeah, Geeknights, also awesome.
  • I heard the GeekNights promos regularly on Anime World Order, but it was the Patalliro podcast and the Geek Profile on Gerald was what got me to listen to the podcast.
  • I discovered Geeknights a couple years back when I reluctantly switched from Winamp 2.91 to Winamp 5. I saw the podcast directory and not knowing what it was I searched for computers and Geeknights popped up.
    It was the first Zombies episode. The rest, as they say, is history.
  • I found Geeknights way back when linked to it. I started with the first file and have been up to date with the podcast ever since.
  • Much like Kerr, i believe i found Geeknights through Applegeeks. I remember them linking to the site saying it was an awesome podcast. I then forwarded it to a couple of my friends.
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    I regularly listen to the ExtraLife Radio podcast which meant that I discovered Friday Night Party Line when they had Scott Johnson on as a guest earlier this year. It was a short hop from there to here. The excellent FNPL publishes less frequently than I'd prefer and seems to be occasionally rendered dormant. GeekNights' massive archives helped satiate a spontaneous attack of podcast gluttony on my part.
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  • A few years ago when I first got into podcasts, I was heavy into anime at the time, and GeekNights came up on an iTunes search. I also heard the promos or just talk about it from other podcasts like the great AWO. Initially I stayed away from it since I noticed that it was four shows a week, and it seemed like a little much considering the other podcasts I was already listening to. Eventually I gave it a show and I was blown away at the audio quality as well as the actual intelligent discussions. Needless to say, I was hooked and have been listening ever since.
  • I heard of you guys from the Simply Syndicated guys and gals... the Movies You Should See podcast, to be more specific.
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