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How did you find GeekNights?



  • I came when you got linked by Ananth on Applegeeks.
  • I got into it because Daizenshuu EX the Podcast had no new episode for the week, and the told anyone who would go insane without some new stuff should go check out their favorite podcasts, and GeekNights was there.
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    I, like many others, came when you got linked by Ananth on Applegeeks.

    That guy should get a pat on the back :)
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  • I first heard about GeekNights from a promo on Anime World Order. While I wasn't initially interested, I eventually managed to give it try. Since then, I haven't been able to get enough.
  • I found out about GeekNights via Apreche's footer / signature, on the Comic Geek Speak boards a few  months ago but didn't think it would be appropriate to post till I got a feeling for a few GeekNight's weeks.  Apart from that I was also travelling and doing a lot of job interviews.
  • Here and there, just never really got around to really listening until recently. I got a CD at Katsucon and everything. It just took me until closer to Otakon to actually listen.
  • I picked up a few episodes since Ananth mentioned you guys on Applegeeks, and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Here and there, just never really got around to really listening until recently. I got a CD at Katsucon and everything. It just took me until closer to Otakon to actually listen.
    Heh. As you see for me that's a ditto!
  • You guys were linked on the only other podcast I listen to regularly, DaizenshuuEX The Podcast, a Dragonball podcast.
  • I was searching for information on German board games and came across BoardGamesToGo. The BGTG podcaster mentioned Geeknights. I listened to Geek Nights then dumped BGTG and all the others. I download it now four times a week.
  • Well, the biggest impetus would have been the Podcaster's Roundtable at Otakon this summer. I was already listening to Anime World Order, Fast Karate, and a little of Ninja Consultants, and decided all the podcasts there were worthwhile to check out. Lo and behold, I'm here.
  • Funny story actually. I randomly met Corbin on a greyhound line after otakon 2007 and we ended up talking about macs, applegeeks, anime, and things for the duration of the line and the entire bus ride to new york city. He told me about you guys and how awesome you were. So I checked you out and quite frankly, I am utterly addicted. You guys rock and I feel like a complete loser for missing all of your panels. I'm definitely going to see ya at New York Anime Fest though. :3
  • Thank Ananth, it seems his post influenced quite a few people to check out GeekNights. It was a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to (read: lazy) registering in the forums.
  • I am guilty too of reading Applegeeks all too closely.
    Ananth again.

    (Before him I never knew what a podcast was)
  • Dave & Joel --> Anime World Order --> Geeknights.
  • I was part of the game room staff at Katsucon 2007. Aaron the guy who ran it last year had been saying "These guys from GeekNights are going to be there doing podcast stuff all weekend" and then like 4 months after katsu I started to listen.

    On a side note I think Scott complained that we had the door open behind their table. I think I said something rude in response because at the time I thought he was some ass attendee who was somewhere he shouldn't have been. I didn't find out till later that it was someone who had every right to complain about a door being open behind where they had to stand in the middle of the winter. So it's a bit late but if that did happen to be you sorry, I wasn't trying to be an rude it just comes natural apparently.
  • I found Geek Nights through the Anime Pulse forums. They were talking about the "worst podcast" episode.
  • I found Geeknights through Dave and Joel's Fast Karate for the Gentleman.
  • I found Geek Nights through the Anime Pulse forums. They were talking about the "worst podcast" episode.
    Ahh, Anime Pulse.  We've had an interestingly large number of people "defect" since that episode.  I'm curious: do you still listen to them?
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    Anime Pulse... before, I thought it was the best podcast ever. Yeah, then I was "enlightened." Nah, I just listened to Geek Nights!
    So, to answer your question Rym, no, I don't listen to them anymore.
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  • I heard about you guys when Richard Smith from Simply Syndicated mentioned it in a list of podcasts he listens to. There were also other references to the podcast. I'm glad I did.
  • I found it from Daizenshuu EX. That's the podcast I started with, since I'm an avid Dragon Ball fan, and didn't even think of listening to another podcast.
    They had an episode delay in August, so I decided to check out their 'Favorite Podcasts' section, and found this on there. Decided to give it a shot (starting with the Burger Time special, LOL), and now I'm hooked.
  • I found Geeknights from listening to AWO.
  • Quite simply, my friend told me "Hey, there's this cool podcast you should listen to!" I've never actaully bothered listening to a podcast before, so I downloaded it and started listening. I spent several hours just listening to a bunch of episodes, and thanks to your recommendations I've gotten into Settlers of Catan and Paranoia, and I'll probably end up getting Burning Wheel at some point in the near future. Thanks, GeekNights!!
  • I found it in one of the other podcasts I listen to (A.W.O., Fast Karate) I don't remember which. After listening to a couple episodes, I was hooked. I've been taking a lot of their advice, and am excited about getting a new Linux desktop. Keep up the good work!
  • I found it on Digg while looking for podcasts to get me through the long work day. I was immediately interested when I heard Rym grew up about 20 minutes from where I did, Rochester, MI. Sweet!
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    You can blame Applegeeks for my attendance here. I followed the link, listened to a couple episodes, and thought, "This is relevant to my interests." I've been a repeat listener ever since. I introduced my brother to the show as well, but I don't think he reads the forums.
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  • I also followed Anath's link on Applegeeks. I started listening then to the all-in-one feed, and just recently resubscribed to all four individual feeds to organize them in iTunes.
  • For a while I only listened to one podcast, AWO. After listening to every episode they had out I got bored and decided to give another podcast a chance. I sort of just searched the word 'manga' in iTunes power search and GeekNights wendseday feed was like the sixteenth on the list. I dont know why as the first handful of podcasts were pretty much garbage, save a few.
  • I also followed Anath's newspost from applegeeks. Got me hooked up ever since.
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