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How did you find GeekNights?



  • Whoops. Sorry dude. Thanks for the welcome though!
  • A treacherous old gypsy cursed me into listening to your podcast, I should have married her daughter.
  • Naoza said:

    Well welcome. Though you've inadvertently made me feel old. I'm 26 but I've only been listening for maybe 2 years, if that.

    We do this every time someone new joins. That said, my GeekNights listening still predates three of my best friendships, my degree, and every job I've had that was serious.
  • Get this, I attended the same school as the hosts of the podcast, 8 years after they did. Got out of school, and worked for 2 years THEN found out about geeknights. What the hell happened while I was getting my degree? Why am I a relative newcomer here despite what seems to me like every opportunity to have heard of them prior to this? Hell they attended the RIT anime convention in 2006 which was only 2 years before I started in 2008.
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