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How did you find GeekNights?



  • I found GeekNights when Digg's podcast directory launched. I was just looking around and found it by chance. I've been hooked ever since.
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    Anime Pulse used to be my favourite podcast, and one day some guy was freaking out about how Geeknights put AP on the Worst Podcast list. After that, I listened to the episode he was referring to and thought you guys were awesome. Since then I dropped AP, because your podcast was 10 times better. I liked AP because I thought that was the best podcasting could get, but your review opened my eyes to the flaws of their podcast.
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    I listened to Anime Pulse for a while and they aired a promo for your show. So I listened to one and then subscribed, simple as that.
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    I found GeekNights through I-tunes/Anime World Order. I had downloaded GeekNights off of the I-tunes music store while looking for podcasts about anime, but ended up listening to you guys after I heard you mentioned a few times on Anime World Order. After that, I saw all the other topics, listened to some of those episodes, and now I study Geekery. ^ ^
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    Like many others, I was listening to "Movies You Should See," and they rated you very highly. Since I listen to all of "Simply Syndicated's" output, I valued their opinion. I was right to. I started with Monday and Tuesday, then enjoyed them so much that Thursday came soon after. I don't listen to Wednesday, as I have no interest in Anime, but I am tempted to download all the Wednesday shows just to listen to the bits before the main topic. I have slowly caught up with Geeknights after downloading every single show since it began (except Anime), and I have to say that the guys really do a great job and their Podcast is in my top three favourites.
    Also, before I joined the forum, I sent the guys an email asking for advice on buying a laptop. I didn't really expect an answer very quickly as they are very busy chaps but, within 24 hours, Scott sent me a nice long reply that helped greatly in my final choice of PC. For this I will always be grateful. Thank you Rym and Scott.
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    I have still to hear the show that Rym and Scott did for the aforementioned "Movies You Should See."
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    I found GeekNights via an Applegeeks webcomic news post.
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    Same as commodare nate: I found GeekNights through Ananth's news post.
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  • I picked up something paper-based related to GeekNights in the Artist Alley at this past Otakon (I think it was the Artist Alley), along with flyers/calling cards for about four or five other podcasts. Listened to an episode to see if it was worth listening to more; that happened to be the episode guest-hosted by Movies You Should See. Listened to a few earlier ones to see if it was worth listening to more; those turned out to be special episodes in a different format. Finally listened to a regular-format episode, and I've pretty much been listening ever since.

    This is also the only one of those five or so podcasts from Otakon I still listen to.
  • I actually don't remember anymore. I somehow picked it up while speed surfing the internet and got completely stuck. I mean I started listening and just continued listening for a whole weekend straight. Reading some of the above posts I may have picked it up from Applegeeks, but the timing of Ananths blog entry doesn't fit. I had never subscribed to a podcast before mainly because "all podcasts suck", or rather they are not awesome enough to warrant me spending my time listening to them. GeekNights, however, just works. Thank you for a 100% awesome show!
  • @Soylent

    Aren't you glad we clearly state when an episode is a special episode at the beginning? If we didn't, you probably wouldn't have discovered the awesome! It's surprising how many podcasts do not make it clear when they are doing an episode that is out of the ordinary.
  • I first heard about the show from Ananth's post over at AppleGeeks.
  • I also heard about Geek Nights from Ananth's post over at AppleGeeks as well, and am very happy I decided to check this place out. ^^
  • I was looking for help in getting some friends in to role playing and I found a link to
  • I also heard of Geek Nights in Ananth's post at AppleGeeks
  • Also word of keyboard . . . got hooked from a friend with a link and an email.
  • Raquor mentioned I should check it out and I thought "Anime/Tech etc? Whatever...."

    So glad I wised-up. I've been devouring the archives... all the way back to episode one.
  • So glad I wised-up. I've been devouring the archives... all the way back to episodeone.
    Ahh, but have you found the coveted beta episodes? I've found Scott's ancient "audioblog" post, which is my guess almost an alpha.
  • I have to also put in my vote from Ananth's post over at the great webcomic: AppleGeeks.
    ahhh comics on the intrawebs...
  • I found GeekNights after visiting SITA-con 2006. I was the blond-haired loudmouth kid at Dave and Joel's meet and greet.
  • Geeknights was mentioned on an episode of Movies You Should See so I decided to check it out
  • I had heard about geeknights, but never started listening to it until I heard AP talk about getting put on the worst podcast episode. Props to them for also playing your promo. Since then GN has joined my list of daily shows.
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    I heard about GeekNights while listening to Anime World Order. The first episode I heard was the "worst podcast ever" show, and once I heard you dissing Anime Pulse, I was hooked.1

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    Nice! Haha.
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  • I read a thread about it on another forum, and was intruiged.

    So, well, I subscribed, and I'm glad I did.

    It's one of my favorite podcasts, and I have subscribed to a lot.
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    I found Geeknights on iTunes when I was casually searching for more anime podcasts to listen to. I was only really interested in anime so I downloaded the Wednesday podcast. Then I really liked Scrym, so then I decided to listen to the Thursday podcast also.
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    At Katsucon 2007 they were in the arcade room and I said "Hey! A freebie!" So I got the sample disc.

    4 months later...

    I forgot all about this. I found it in my supply drawer. I was also really bored one night so I put it in the PS2...the rest is history. This is my the first podcast I listened to and it made me check out some others.
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  • AtKatsucon 2007 they were in the arcade room and I said "Hey! A freebie!" SoIgot the sample disc.
    OMG, the free CDs were not a complete waste!
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