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How did you find GeekNights?



  • I first downloaded Two geeks a mic and a podcast, that leaded me to Geekintertaiment, and I tried to type that on google and then i got Geeknights, it was that simple. :P
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    I was at the Otakon 2006 Podcast panel and that's how I found out about Geek Nights.

    I was the guy that stood in front of the speaker with the microphone on. I apologize for that, I was very tired that morning and didn't realize where I was standing. I was in a bit of a daze.
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  • iTunes...

    I did a search in iTunes for gaming podcasts and this one showed up... It was a while later before I found out it was nightly and not weekly...
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    You were on Movies you Should See a while back and sounded pretty interesting, so I checked you out and have been listening ever since.
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  • You can blame the Ninja Consultants. I was listening to their podcast about Otakon and they mentioned the assassination attempt. I decided to listen on your podcast for more details about Daryl from AWO trying to kill you two and I realized the here was a pretty cool podcast that covered all sorts of cool stuff I was interested in.
  • I saw an ad that wasn't too flashy on the flyer table at AnimeNEXT and decided "what the hell it might be worth listen to" so since then I have listened to every episode.
  • I first heard of this podcast when the "Movies You Should See" podcast ( ) started saying how you were the only podcast they ever listened to . I headed straight on over and have been working my way through your archives ever since :)
  • I was on iTunes in Nov 05 when I first bought an iPod, and one of my NCOs told me about podcasts, and I did a search for "Geek" and this was one of them that came up. Then I searched for "Comics" and it came up again, so I decided to download it. Of the first 15 I downloaded, this is one of 2 that I still listen too. The other being "Geekdrone".
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    I've had my ipod mini for about two years but this is the first podcast I've started listening to regularly (it's only been a week yet though ^^).

    A forum post got me interested in podcasting as I realised there were people out there discussing topics I'm interested in, mainly anime and manga. Also, I'd been working on my Rising Stars of Manga for ages and ages, and I was running out of good stuff to listen to.

    The first podcast I tried was Mangacast, but I soon found GeekNights. The rest is one-week-old history...
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  • I originally found GeekNights while searching for anime podcasts on Yahoo podcasts, but the front page didn't looks anime related so I though yahoo had messed up and I moved on. The podcast game up again while searching for video game podcasts so I added GN to my podcast reciever and listened to the latest episode.. but it was about boardgames which didn't interest me so again I moved on.. but I forgot to remove the feed so I kept on automatically downloading episodes. A few weeks later while cleaning out my computer to free up some hard drive space I noticed you guys did an episode on Master Keaton, one of my favorite shows of all time. That is how GN got itself another fan, third time is the charm I suppose.
  • I started off by listening to Otaku Generation. From there, I heard about Anime World Order on OG's 1 year old podcast, so I started listening to them. In one AWO episode (can't remember which one, sorry), a GeekNights thing played, and I was intriuged. I just started listening a few weeks ago (from iTunes) and have been hooked since.
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    Actually, Mookie, the guy who writes Dominic Deegan linked to Geeknights' roundtable at Otakon on his LJ so fans could hear him. I followed the link, and listened to another show, laughed so hard I nearly peed and decided I'd keep listening.
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    AWO played thing, and so did Anime Pulse, so I heard of it though them, which was cool. AWO mentioned some kind whatever you guys have going with them. They mentioned it, so I poked my nose in, found you guys funny, and stuck around.
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  • I heard of Geeknights via Mark Johnson's board gaming podcast "Boardgames to Go" ( Board gamers should give it a listen!

    After Geeknights, natch.

  • Word of mouth. I was at my friend Sarah's house and was looking at her list of podcasts. She told me that yours was a good show and that she was sad that she didn't have much time free to listen to it.
    I listened to the Tuesday and Wednesday shows only for a while, then I pointed iTunes to the full stream and have enjoyed the Thursday and Monday shows as well.
  • I actually followed a link on Aido's LJ and listened to the Webcomics Roundtable from a while back. Now I'm up to May in the archives (been listening while I paint my wall mural which is going to be awesome) and here I am on the forums...

    I'm pretty keen on podcasts now. I don't have an Mp3 player though so I have to listen at the computer. Bit of a shame given my one hour each way commute to uni each day. Been listening to Artist's Alley too. :D Thanks for mentioning it, guys!
  • I was sitting at my computer with my Firefox browser open and I hit Stumble. The site that came up, the name escapes me now, had a link to a thing called "Geeknights" I thought "Huh. That looks interesting", I clicked the link and I've been hooked ever since.
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    I heard about it from Mookie, who was in the round table from Otakon. That, in and of itself, was pretty damn amusing to listen to, so now, every Friday, I devote like 4 hours to listening to the archives. XD

    It's so different, but still, so amusing.
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  • Like a few of the people on here I found the podcast through a promo played on AWO.
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    My friend wouldn't shut up about you guys, so when I was over I dragged all the Geeknights podcasts onto my iPod and yeah...
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    Geek Nights... I saw you guys at SITACon, my first anime convention, so now my roommate and I listen to you when we can.
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    Um.. I invited you guys to SITACon. I think Aaron from recommended that I invite you guys. I'm glad I did: you guys are pretty awesome dudes. Makes me kinda wish I had gone to RIT to see you guys in your senior year.
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  • Back in July, I was looking for a good podcast on gaming at one of the big directory sites. What I ended up with was something far better for me (and easier on my teeth). The first story I had the pleasure of hearing was of Scott's drive back from the beach (20060704 show). Need I say more?
  • StumbleUpon (firefox extension). Haven't looked back :)
  • I meet Rym and Scott and none other than SITACon 2006. My group and I where in the vendor area taking photos. Ya we were that nutty Caffeinated Lifestyle bunch.

    By the way we have photos of the convention online for your viewing goodness: SITACon 2006 Photos.

    I hope to make this the first podcast that I keep up with as Rym and Scott are great guys and extremely entertaining.
  • I discovered GeekNights via Anime World Order, their mini feud with GN, and the link on their website
  • I found Geeknights through another podcast (forgot who). It was an advertisement I think.
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    One of my friends told me about the Tuesday episodes.
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  • I bought an ipod earlier this year and instantly downloaded all the music I had onto it. I listened to music non-stop til about the last month or so and decided expand my horizon of what I listen to. I downloaded a bunch of episodes of anime, movie, music pod casts but have only found a few that I enjoy and listen to on a regular basis. Geek Nights is my favorite for anime and I've decided to subscribe to all nights of GN talk. Keep the fun going guys!
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    I got hooked by Ninjaconsultant. They said Geeknights had only 40 listeners! Check out for a great podcast.
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