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  • Apreche said:

    I do not understand the market for those stupid things.

    Viewfinders are more optics. LCD screens show you what the sensor is seeing 1:1.

    The adaptor allows you to view without strain, and stabilise to an extent. But it mean more appendages for your camera.

    They're used more for budget freehand video more than anything.
  • Except people use them on cameras like mine that have EVF.
  • I've normally seen them as part of a bigger DSLR video rig, with extra handles and controls and attachments, not just stuck on the back of a plain DSLR camera.
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    Messing around with some Pano Stuff. Heading back down to Fl in a week going to get more shots :)

    Tally FL1

    Tally FL2

    Tally FL3

    They decent smaller but if you look close the different pictures don't line up. Taking my new tripod this time to see if I can get a better transition.
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