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Heroes of Newerth - I have beta keys available to give.

Heroes of Newerth is basically a stand-alone version of the popular Warcraft 3 mod "Defense of the Ancients" (DotA). I got a beta invite about a month ago, and now I have 3 to give out.

You can read about the game features on the website, but some of the extra features the game has going for it are as follows:
-Low system requirements
-In-game voice communications that go to the team or to the lane you are in at the touch of a button
-New heros
-Basic gameplay is familiar to DotA players
-Team-based play
-Newbie-friendly with lots of in-game info on mouse-hover.

If you want a key, let me know. :)

EDIT: My name is Malvorich in HoN, so don't hesitate to biddy me.


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    I definitely want in on the action. I've been looking forward to this game for quite some time, especially since I've had an ongoing love affair with DoTA ever since my High-School days.

    Thanks for putting the offer out there, by the way!
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  • Yay DoTA, formation of nearly all my memories of and a wicked song.......

    Man I wish I could find my Warcraft 3 discs, or be let into this beta
  • Do want. If you whisper me a code, I'd be very thankful.
  • Whisper your e-mails to me and you three get em.
  • I have some keys to give away if you run out.
  • I have one more left. ElJoe, if you want it, I need your e-mail.
  • I can try this out, but probably not until Monday or Tuesday. My brother used to play DotA a lot. Actually, at PAX, I think it was the DotA guys who had a panel right before us, showing off their mod for the new Dawn of War. Though, it might have been some guys from another popular WC3 mod besides DotA, I forget.
  • DoTA (and now ultimately HoN) is actually quite great, and it might be something you can get into, Scott.

    In fact, perhaps we can make some sort of FRC clan for this game?
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    This sounds like it's worth trying. It would be fun to play with some of you people, so, on the off chance this might be playable from across the oceans:
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  • I'm really interested in this game, seems like fun.
  • I've also got two keys and I'm up for a game with any of you lot, whisper me or email if you want one.
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    I have 3 keys and there seems to be 3 new people who want them. I'll send them to the emails in your profile.
    If you've played Dota before, I recommend looking at a Dota-Hon item sheet. All of the items have been moved around, have been recategorized and the icon art is different. Something like this will be helpful. If items get to be too much of a head ache you should give League of Legends a try too. It's free to play.
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  • I've been invited now. Thanks, whoever it was. I look forward to having some fun with you guys, if the ping from Australia isn't prohibitive.
  • It was me! I sent it to you, Scott and Dyingskye. Your welcome, your welcome and your welcome!
  • Thank you very much, Mankoon.
  • Is League of Legends any good, and is it better than HoN?
  • *Bows* Thank you.

    *Waves the flag of Mankoon on top of some rocks, waves crashing violently behind while the sun sets dramatically.*
  • League of Legends is made by the original designers of Dota. Hon was made with permission from the Dota people. League of Legends seems to be really popular among my ring of friends but I've barely played it so I can't tell you why myself. All I can say is the item system is much simpler. Instead of expecting you to study what Item path to go down, they suggest one to you. This is why I say, if you are tired of dota's item system, give Lol a try. Anyone new to the Dota system should play Hon with someone who knows how to play. Hopefully that person won't mind being asked plenty of questions.

    @Dyingskye : Very cute!
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    I sent my last key out to you, Scott.

    EDIT: Betafail, I should have read the whole thread before sending the invite. >_<

    Also, HoN has a "recommended items" tab that changes for every character, and also has a much better 'recipe' navigation system.
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  • Ok, I've got like, two now. I'll probably try it tonight.
  • I will say that the game may not be entirely n00b friendly at first. Getting your bearings will take several plays.
  • Watching Scott being a n00b at something would be rather entertaining.
  • Watching Scott being a n00b at something would be rather entertaining.
    And result in him instantly hating the game. :P
  • I've played quite a few of these DoTA type games, so does this one do anything creative to change it up?
  • It has more maps, new game modes, and while most of the characters are taken almost directly from DotA, it introduces some new characters, powers, and items. It also has better co-op functionality using voice, better graphics, better solutions for disconnects and people being assholes, and the ability tor econnect to a game if you get disconnected unintentionally.
  • Loving this game so far. What are your screennames?
  • EDIT: My name is Malvorich in HoN, so don't hesitate to biddy me.
    Reading is fundamental.
  • I just need to find some time to give it a try.
  • Hot damn, didn't see that. Incredibly lame of me, sorry.
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    Let's not go too far with the apologies. You asked for everyone's screenname, but only got MacRoss's so far.
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