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Hurricane Sandy



  • i'll worry if i don't have internet ): and by worry, i mean sulk.
  • I'm not worried, unless that hand puppet decides to swallow Kentucky.
  • Am I the only one with no worries about this?
    I'm not worried at all. Just prepared. But then, we also have no pets and no kids, and the house is full of wool, and Pete is a heater.

    Also, knitting and spinning FTW! Old fashioned industriousness that doesn't require power.

  • You guys are cute. :P
    I'll have you know I'm quaint actually.
  • image

    Yeah, I'm going to hell. No I didn't make that.
  • Boston Public Schools shut down today. Bets are they'll be down tomorrow too. The Superintendent is a particularly flinchy woman from New Orleans.
  • Power is already starting to go out across Connecticut.
  • Manhattan hasn't seen a bit of rain yet, as far as I can tell.
  • North Virginia is wet, but nothing crazy. Supposedly the crazy is still coming.
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    2600 without power up from 1400 a half an hour ago, and it's barely even raining and there's a slight wind.

    During Irene, we had already lost our power at this point. I'm hoping Murphy's Law will kick in and our power will stay on since we spent a mint on a generator and transfer switch.
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  • I'm down on Rivington street Manhatten and we've got rain now. I'm moving to a hotel on 17th st today so I've got to lug all my stuff along.
  • Just jumped to 6300 without power. What the fuck? It's literally just drizzling outside. The bulk of the outages are inland. I don't get it.
  • What are you measuring?
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    Power outages (by household) in Connecticut. CL&P is the worst electrical supplier in the country. Possibly the world if you exclude India.
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  • It's so cute that you guys have an entire thread about this hurricane. Don't get rained on or whatever.
  • We're getting drizzle in North Carolina. That's about it.
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    Dude, I'm not anywhere near the storm (Atlanta) but I get to feel some of your pain. Our power is out on campus at work and nobody knows whats going on. Wireless is working but intranet not, so I can't do any work. Coulda stayed at home... bleh.

    As I was typing this, they just told us on the overhead announcement thingy to get out. -_-
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  • Blue skies here in sunny Orlando.
  • Just got told to head home by the boss. This is the first time in 9 years we've ever been told to go home for weather, and that includes Irene, Alfred, etc...
  • You guys handle hurricanes as well as we handle snow.
  • Our infrastructure isn't hardened for wind at all. Week long power outages are no joke.
  • If you don't live in the Northern half of the US, people probably don't handle snow well either. Even here in the middle where it snows every single year, the first snow is insanity as apparently everyone forgets what that means.

    Good luck to everyone with the storm.
  • Yeah, joking aside please don't die.
  • Got a room full of people with laptops doing work right now. Last night was board gaming and drinking hurricanes. This afternoon will be board gaming and drinking coffee. Bring it on, Sandy!
  • It's pronounced "FRAHNK-en-storm".
    I thought it was Frankenstorm's monster.

    Stay safe everyone.
  • You are only likely to die if 1) a tree falls on you, or 2) you do something stupid. So stay away from trees, everybody.
  • So stay away from trees, everybody.
    Yeah, they said that to Macbeth, and look how that turned out.

  • It's snowing here and no fucks are given.
  • The hospital sent us all home for the first time in 10 years of me working there. The governor is closing the highways.

    Our house is surrounded by 4 story oak trees. Hopefully none will cave our roof in today/tonight.
  • Oaks usually a good tree, my intuition would be that's less likely to fall on you than a giant pine tree or something. Although Nuri is the one that knows trees better than the rest of us IIRC.
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