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Hurricane Sandy



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    Thanks Nuri, I wasn't worried enough about the oak next to my house that is literally 8 times the size of my house...

    Yeah, highways are closing in 30 minutes. They are already closed to trucks. I'm allowed on them because I have a hospital ID badge, but I'm not nuts and I'm not medical staff and for the first time in ten years we've been told to go home and stay home.

    Sandy may not be as bad as Irene in NY except for the storm surge, but it's supposed to circle around CT for like, 3 days...
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  • Don't worry about your big oak trees. They will either fall or not. There is literally nothing you can do except deal with it after if one comes down. We haven't been having 2 weeks of straight rain before this storm, so the ground is not so saturated as it was last year; that makes it less likely whole trees will go down.

    Also the leaves are far enough gone that the wind is more likely to strip them from trees than take whole trees over. Broken branches will be far more prevalent than fallen trees this time, I think.
  • "Sandy" is such a weak-ass "S" name. This should have been named Sauron.

    "The eye of Sauron turns its gaze to Philadelphia."

    I mean c'mon guys. How is a New Yorker supposed to take this seriously?
    Don't you know they alternate between male and female names? Sauron is clearly male, GUH. Come up with an evil S name that is female!

    Slymenstra Hymen.

  • I have relocated to the office nearest my home. I also have my utility exemption card in my car so i can drive on closed roads .

    If it gets bad the office has showers and enough fuel in the generator to run for a month. I love being a utility worker!
  • We are still alive in Manassas Va.
  • Still holding up here in MA. Office was closed today with orders to work from home.
  • I had an interview for an internship with Microsoft slated for later this week that got canceled due to the storm. Screw you, Sandy.
  • Don't burn her name in effigy before she's even hit us.
  • Just remember that climate change is a liberal conspiracy.
  • Just remember that climate change is a liberal conspiracy.
    Going for the climate Godwin?
  • Nice.

    Hey Chruba, I'm gonna take off from work at 1630 EDT, wanna play some BF?
  • Nice.

    Hey Chruba, I'm gonna take off from work at 1630 EDT, wanna play some BF?
    Why the hell would he do that when he has PS2 to play?

  • Just remember that climate change is a mole person conspiracy.
    Fair enough.

    Anyway, brutal winds, heavy rain, and lots of sirens here in Boston.
  • Same sans sirens. Lots of power outages, the toll keeps climbing. I'm relieved that we're not among the first blackouts this time as we were in the two prior major storms, but I think it's only a matter of time.

    Then again my generator purchase may protect us from ever needing one.
  • Welp, we are starting to get power outages in the suburban areas up here. Guess it's starting.
  • weeeee! everything here is woosh woosh tree dance party.
  • We're up to 40,000 homes out, here. During the height of Alfred I think it was over 800,000, so... still a ways to go.
  • We got a brief one. Only a second or two.
  • Nice.

    Hey Chruba, I'm gonna take off from work at 1630 EDT, wanna play some BF?
    Well, we'll have to see. I've got FNPL, and maybe a delivery, but if I'm around, I'll go a few rounds.

  • The building next door is going apeshit. It sounds like an angry wizard is dying in there.
    Is this the same building on the news with the crane hanging off the side?
  • Meanwhile in DC:
  • That actually made me laugh out loud. I love Rachel Roseberry, whoever she is.
  • Rachel Roseberry is now my hero.
  • Alert Issued 10/29/12 at 3:15 PM. Due to a crane collapse at 157 West 57th Street in Manhattan, all occupants of buildings on West 57th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues must immediately move to the lower floors of your building and make contact with your building safety representative. Citizens are advised to avoid this area. Follow instructions of emergency personnel.
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