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Video Game Hype Thread



  • Churba said:
    Collecting all the free games I'm never gonna play. Awwww yeah.
  • I have Payday 1 and never played we should play it some time.
  • I've had payday 1 for a while and never played it. But I have played a lot of Payday 2.
  • One of the cool things they did, that was also carried forward to PD2 - if you know someone with the DLC packs, you can play those heists with them. You don't get the guns or one skill tree - but the game is complete without them either way. Smart way to avoid splitting the community.
  • Since I don't want to spend an hour watching the video... What makes this different than Civilization?
  • I'd tell you, but it'd take about an hour.
  • Sunset Overdrive. :-/

    Is like Dead Rising except in rainbow colors and with mutants instead of zombies.

    It has character customization, silly hats, crazy weapons, and a pretty environment.

    It had every single required element to be an incredible and awesome game.

    But they screwed up the gameplay by trying to be too clever. You need to earn "style points" in order to charge up your character and avoid being tossed around like a limp rag in every fight. You CANNOT defeat enemies without bouncing off of car hoods, grinding rails, swinging from poles, and so on. I get that they wanted a fast paced and exciting game, but I'd rather just run around blasting stuff, thanks.

    What I wanted was Dead Rising but without the gross (and played out) zombies and gore. What I got was Jet Set Radio Dead Rising, which is probably great for some, but not for me.

    This could have been this generation's Total Carnage or Smash TV, but it's not.

    Disappointed. :(
  • I think its pretty good.
  • If you liked Jet Set Radio [Whatever] then you'll probably like this. I like to wander around appreciating the scenery in open world games, and in this one you really can't do that. Grind a rail constantly or die gets repetitive and, to me, boring.
  • Not sure why people compare it to JSR(F). Beyond rail grinding there are no similarities. Maybe I guess the flashy colors.
  • I think there's lots of similarities. It's what it reminds me of. Granted it's been a long while.

    What I dislike about SSO is that the absurd skater parkour is absolutely mandatory during 99% of play. It's a nice mechanic that they shouldn't have quite so strongly enforced the constant use of.
  • I'm actually gonna put that to the test and see if anyone on GB forums can convince me that they are similar at all beyond colors and grinding. I put up the comparison of Bioshock Infinite as a more apt comparison for the traversal.
  • I think you're nuts, but I guess we're just not gonna agree. :)

    I'm not talking about the absolute technicality of the mechanic. I'm talking about the spirit of the thing.
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    That's the thing though. Grinding is only a part of JSR in the same way that its a part of the Tony Hawk games. Its a pseudo extreme sports game. You need the elements of roller blading sports game in there. You can also do tricks off jumps in JSR, you ride in half pipes. It's not a direct means of getting place to place, its just there.

    If you're talking about the themes being similar to JSR minus the grinding I would have agreed more if you just stuck to Dead Rising. I see a lot more in common with that, especially the second one.

    EDIT: Somebody explained it more explicitly.
    @matatat: The combo multiplier and style meter are what I think drive a lot of that Jet Set Radio comparison. You're most effective when you're always moving and maintaining your momentum, and doing that requires a lot of active input. Unlike something like Bioshock Infinite that is largely just a binary system of pressing a button to attach to a rail and another button to jump off, SO requires you to constantly be doing stuff to maintain your momentum and raise your style/multiplier. You're constantly jumping between rails, using moves like air dashes and wall runs to chain them together.

    Also, there is tagging in the game, but it's essentially just a collectible.
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  • The need to spend 99% of your time grinding (or die) is what prevents it from being like Dead Rising (or any fun.)
  • It sounds like JSR(F) + Bulletstorm. My interest is peaking.
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    Even later Tony Hawk games (and all of them really) allowed you to slow way down and roam or even walk, that's clutch to a game like that. THere's also Mirrors Edge which often encourages/forcea constant running and keeping momentum, though it too offers zones of calm.
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  • I played some more this weekend. There are definitely times and places where you can kinda just check things out. Like outside of missions you can generally walk around without having to fight anyone. I dunno though, there's not really a reason to meander around in the game. Unlike GTA or Skyrim there aren't things really happening outside of missions. People aren't wandering around and doing stuff of their own volition.
  • I was killing time in Best Buy while my wife was getting a new phone, and the Wii U demo kiosk now has playable levels from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

    If you played Super Mario 3D World, then you already know this, but Captain Toad is going to be fucking awesome. As expected, it is just more of the same 3D box puzzle levels, but the formula is still solid. I'm looking forward to seeing what more than can do with the concept in later levels.
  • I've been trying to decided if I would like it because I personally thought those sequences were just an excuse to get free stars and nothing more.
  • Bethesda already said its a hoax. Also that name is shit tier so I'm glad it's not the real name.
  • Could be a DLC name.
  • That was actually my first thought when I heard it
  • It is confirmed to be set in Boston, right? I look forward to acquiring my "Wicked Pissa Rocket Launcha" it will probably be hidden in the trunk of a cah located in Hahvad Squahe.
  • Sorta, there were Bethesda employees taking pictures of Boston area which they also did for Fallout 3 around DC. So it seems like it will be in Boston. But they haven't really officially said they're making a Fallout game I believe.
  • I am not a big fan of the Skylanding of Nintendo games.
  • It is a hilariously bad plan. The figures are like $13 each and are shit quality (when compared to the GORGEOUS prototypes shown at E3 and in all of the marketing materials).
  • Overwatch looks like DotA2 mixed with TF2. I'm cautiously optimistic.
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