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Video Game Hype Thread



  • Yes, I am on a phone and both my keyboard and spell check hate me.
  • PSN: RosakM I'm down for Strikes.
  • I forgot about the Queen Armor exploit. That is more of a big deal IMO, I would have really liked to have gotten in on that. There are alternatives to the Cryptarch leveling though which I'm less sympathetic to mostly because I primarily spend my time in the Crucible. I could see it being an issue with PvE players.

    I'm sure you posted your PSN somewhere but I'm too lazy to find so I'll ask for it here or you can just add me xMATATATx.
  • I use the same handle everywhere. If you see HMTKSteve it is me.
  • I sent the request Mat, clearly you are a PvP player. I found a RosakM but the account had zero Destiny activity.
  • MATATAT said:

    It does sorta worry me a bit because they haven't sent anyone the PC copy and purportedly won't until the release date. Seems like they're working to the deadline with it so hopefully it doesn't suck.

    Its really good.

  • Anyone playing on PS3? Anyone :'(

    Add me @ IStillSurf if you do.
  • Played a bit over the weekend with Steve. Thanks for carrying me. I was able to make it to Queen's Wrath rank 2 to get a few guns, but I ran a strike after purchasing the guns and got an epic Auto Rifle that is the one you can get from the Vanguard. No complaints.

    Now I'm working on my Exotic Bounty Fusion rifle. I 8 of the rifles to dismantle from the Gunsmith that depleted all the glimmer reserves. Now I have to perform 200 kills with a fusion rifle in the Nightfall Strike that is way out of my league.

    Now some farm grind for glimmer and ascendant shards for my gear/weapons upgrades when I'm bored. I also played a Crucible control match. Wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I'll play more Crucible down the road.

    I need to make more PSN friends or join a claim. Need more multiplayer action.
  • I did the Nightfall strike this morning, up to 55/200 fusion kills.

    I am on most mornings so if you see me just go ahead and join the fire team. I would be on right now but servers are down for maintenance.
  • It's for the release of the new Crucible Iron something something. Looks pretty cool. I work during your mornings so it's a no bueno unless I am off a day.
  • The event was live earlier. Not worth it unless you excel at PvP AND are level 30. The equalizer is turned off so best gear has advantage.
  • Ah. Well I don't plan on going to that, just the normal Crucible stuff.
  • The gear for sale via the event is much cheaper than what the Vanguard sells it for but is otherwise of the same quality. However in order to gain ranks to be able to buy the gear is very difficult unless you are already high level with better gear than what they are selling.

    This appears to be a common problem with the game. The queen missions gave legendary rewards but Bungie gimped them so that they can not be scrapped for legendary building materials. So once you acquired the gear (or better) there was no reason to do the missions again.

    As it stands now ascendant shards and energy are hard to come by and are acting as the limiting force on leveling up your gear. You can get them via raids and possible from public events but the raids can only be run once a week and only the first public event that you score gold on is guaranteed to drop one of those two resources.

    Another thing I have noticed post loot cave is my lack of class armor resources. The character I used for the loot cave has 200+ armor bits, the others? Constantly behind the curve and lacking materials to upgrade armor.
  • Are you referring to Spinmental, Helium Filaments, Spiritbloom, and Relic Iron? Or Weapon parts and class dismantling materials like Hardronic Essence and Sapphire Wire?

    I find now with the gear I have the materials like Helium Filaments and Hardronic Essence (from dismantling Warlock gear) to be more difficult to obtain. I have a crap ton of Spinmeta from doing farm route on Earth. Spritbloom isn't so bad either from all the time I spent on Venus. I have yet to really mess around on Mars, but I find it more difficult to easily spot vs. the other planet materials.

    So far, Jeremy and I have discovered decent farm routes on the Earth and Moon, but still need to figure out Venus and Mars. As for class gear materials, I just either hope crap will drop from random mobs or run Strikes.
  • The class based materials. I need sapphire wire.

    I can show you an easy farm run on Mars next time I am on. As for Venus... If you head to the green area through the city ruins (not the rocky area) from the spawn spirit bloom is everywhere!

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    Yeah I dunno if doing Iron Banner is worth it at all. I'll probably give it a try and get destroyed. I'll need to play with you guys sometime. I was gonna get back on and play with Steve at a point but then a friend came over and I didn't really want to subject you to us switching off. I was pretty dedicated to doing the weekly strike to get the Achlyophage Symbiote from Xur while it was up. I'm hoping he'll have the Mask of the Third Man or Suros Regime this weekend. Hopefully the Weekly Strike isn't a really annoying one like the previous one. I still actually haven't done two of the strikes so doing the weekly last week was the first time I had done that Mars one.

    EDIT: You guys probably aren't really interested in this but since I needed a group for 26 WS but no one was either on or of the right level at the time I used

    The first group I got in on was just awful. One guy bailed out and the other was just complaining that I kept dying and he had to revive me because he wasn't helping me beat the mid-boss. Finally he left and I got in on another group that actually went really well. So obviously YMMV, but if you need a group for something and no one is on it seems like a decent resource that would be nice if they implemented it in the actual game.
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  • The Iron gear only costs 10 crucible marks and is legendary so.... It could be a cheap way to buy ascendant shards? Or Bungie might figure that out and not let us scrap it for shards.
  • That's cool, Steve. I know of that area with Vex fighting the Fallen. The area behind the Captain with two Vandals is a great place to farm Fallen for bounties with out being bothered, but yeah the area is ripe with Spiritbloom.

    As for farm routes, Jeremy and I look at:
    1) Lots of enemies to kill for possible loot drops/glimmer.
    2) Lots of chests to loot
    3) Lots of planet material to harvest.

    I don't really find a lot of chests on Venus, which is why I said I don't have a good farm route.

    Venus has great areas for Fallen Majors with Vex Majors. Also, I didn't know until over the weekend that you don't have to do Devil's Lair to attempt to get a Fallen Walker kill. You can just go to that area with the Fallen Walker in patrol mode and easily kill him there from on top of the building between these wall like structures sticking out and the Walker can't hit you one bit. If you run out of ammo, you can just kill adds around for ammo drops. That helped with my last Queen's Wrath Bounty.
  • Hmmm, it seems like they're only selling Titan armor right now and it has the same issue as the Queens Guard gear in that it's legendary but has decently lower stats compared to normal legendary gear. Especially in light points.
  • On Mars, you know where the big Cabal base is? That is your farm spot. There are about 15 chest locations in that base. Takes about 4-5 mins to run a circuit and new ones respawn quickly.
  • My queen gear serve as placeholders. They are upgraded via standard materials but not shards. As I find better I replace them.
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    I'm not really putting anything outside of glimmer into my Queen gear because as soon as I can I'm getting rid of it. I'm mostly just using it for the levels right now.

    PS I made a Destiny thread so we don't crowd this thread.
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  • Project Reality spiritual successor looks amazing.
  • I finally succumbed to Star Citizen and pledged for a ship. At least its in the spirit of older PC games which was to try and make something that was directed at PC users, the persistent universe will hopefully be interesting and I'd like to see what the heavily modified Cryengine looks like.

    It will be interesting to have an FPS shooter, with ship combat too.

    I don't know, I'm rolling the dice, probably should have done it earlier.
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    Turns out A)Burch didn't do much of the writing for Borderlands Pre-sequel and B)it's borderlands version of space Australians.

    I might reconsider my previous decision and pick it up.

    11m44s for the start of the devs talking about that, since time-code embeds don't work as far as I remember.

    Edit - also bogan gun.
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  • Andrew said:

    Project Reality spiritual successor looks amazing.

    Thats just Delta Force with updated graphics
  • "XX with updated graphics." is a large section of games these days.
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